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Miss Read..author...Friends of Thrush, Christmas Village, Farther Afield, Over the Gate, Village .affairs,
No Holly for Miss Guinn..etc.

Simon Brett..author..Mrs.Pargetter, mysteries

Ann Perry..all
Elizabeth Peters..all

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Please your favorites so we can start a Quilter's Library...
E.F Benson ..The Lucia and Miss Mapp books..(1930). Gutenberg.nst.au/ebooks. Funny!M
More of my favorite books...
Mignon Ballard..her Angel Books;Grace Livingston Hill..Christian stories; William Harwood..The Willow Stories;
Fanny Flag; T Davis Bunn..Christian; Mary Steward; M.C.Beaton; Richard Evans; Laura Childs..PG Woodhouse,
Nancy Atherton;.,Joan Aiken;..Karen Harper, Marion Chesney...Mary Higgins Clark..
The names I recorded were some of my favorite authors..these books were given #8&9 out of 10. Enjoy!

I have read Grace Livingston Hill, Richard Evans and Mary Higgins Clark.  Fannie Fagg is in my list to read.

I mean Fannie Flagg.  :(

Vilma-Aren't her books a HOOT!  Did you read the one about heaven?  If you did, I'll make the next comment but don't want to give any spoilers.  I just say Tupperware.

Love her books!..I spent 20 years living in Charlotte NC, and that is the way they think!

Here's a start!

For light reading:  Louise Penny; Susan Wittig Albert Pecan Springs; Laurie R. King (Russell and Sherlock); Anthony Trollop: Diane Davidson Mott; Earlene Fowler; Joanna Fluke; M.C. Beaton; Alan Bradley: Jaspar FForde: Terry Prachett (Discworld);   Joel Rosenberg: Rhys Bowen (the Royal Spyness series); Anne Perry (William Monk); Gail Carringer; Elizabeth Peters (these are in no particular order-just as I remembered them)

For guidance the gospels, the epistles of Paul, C. S. Lewis; Elizabeth Eliot;  

For love of the language: the gospel of John; Shakespeare; William Blake; Willa Cather; Elizabeth Gaskell; Emily Dickenson; 

Always ready to discuss these or others.  Being a literature major and having taught literature, I've read a lot of classics, but they aren't necessarily my favorites.

Ellen, i just finished a bible study of the last 9 kings of Judah.  It was so timely right after we got back from Israel.  I am re-reading my lecture notes and hand-outs to really understand God's plan for His people.

Good for you!  I'm so awful remembering history but being in Israel certainly helped.  Have you read any of Chiam Potok books?  My Name is Asher Lev is about a young man wanting to be a painter.  It was very insightful into the modern day New York Jewish community.

Another author is Alexander McCall Smith.  He has three different series.  One is about an apartment house where bright little boy lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.  It is so charming.  He also is writing a series about a woman philosopher who also lives in Edinburgh.  He also writing about the warmest, smartest woman who runs a detective agency in Botswana.  He is a marvelous storyteller.

I love his books! Fortunately, my library has them. I also love Georgette Heyer's Regency novels. She's a lot like Jane Austen, especially her humor.


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