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Tell me what books your children enjoyed hearing you read/or they read?..so I can pass on the same joy to children, reading your books to them in the school library, come Fall.

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I love this discussion.  Through the eyes of my 2nd grade granddaughter I am revisiting favorites from my own and my children's childhood.  The Ramona series by Beverly Cleary ranks among our favorites.  I believe the first might be "Ramona and Beezus".  There are probably a half dozen or more in the series.  Oh my, I may just have to read them all again.

Just about all the Dr. Suess books, The Pokey Little Puppy (Golden Books), The Little Engine that Could. 'Little Engine' is a great book for discussing how to over come challenges.  It gives positive encouragement, it lets the kids know it is o k to 'unburden' (seek others out to help you achieve your goal), the load to succeed.  

In fact, working in a nursing home, I use references to 'Little Engine', to encourage my residents.  In an adult way, of course.

I love my Golden Books.  The Color Kittens.  I just got the book I Learned Everything I Need to Know from Golden Books.  It is a sweet book full of memories.  The illustrations are all from the original books.  I'm very blessed right now because I go to the library weekly with my grandson (6).  I'm also helping my granddaughter (10) to fill her bedroom with books-her request.  I didn't have many books growing up and no one to guide my reading besides what we read in school.  I liked my Dick and Jane readers.  I found the childhood books through my children.  I love the stories by E(dith) Nesbit.  I also liked the stories by LeSeig-The Bird's Nest and Are you my mother.  Zack love the stories of the Frog and Toad.  Of all, my favorite story is The Little Red Hen.  

Golden books (I saw the Golden Book exhibit at the Smithsonian last fall!), the Wizard of Oz books, Little House on the Prairie, Ramona, Good Dog Carl, Shel Silverstein....some of these I read as a child, the more recent ones are favorites of my children.

Today was library day with my DGS (6).  Since I help him find books, he finds books for me.  Today I got to books on tape and a Dr. Who.  He's sharing his favorites with me.

Being a lazy reader, as a child preferred to play outside than read..

Junior high lvl :Black Beauty series

                       Bobsy twins series

High school: Anne green gables series by lucy Montgomery

Flowers for Aldgernon

Author: Sidney poitier

Senior high: "Go Boy!"  book 1 & 2.. (Life of an inmate in federal institution, lifer.)

                     Has gory sights.. Cruel events..

Much of the junior lvl our school issued novels for us to read, and my mother would read them to me due to my attention span being so short. It is an effort for me read a book.. You mentioned your a teacher? I found computers prompted me to read more.. It is the hand/eye coordination that will set of the concentration in the brain, as opposed to just reading.. If you notice some students trouble reading have them walk back/forth reading outloud which will get your busy body settled down to really enjoy the book.. Just trained advice from a poor reader who became better..



Dr. Suess is fun to read and the children love his books, too.  Let's us "act up"!!!


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