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If you could write a book (or if you have) what would it be (genre) and why??

I'm curious because I've always thought it would be fun to write a book.  :-)

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I've been working on a book for the past two years. It is the history of our lake, where we own a summer cottage. I have been collecting pictures and stories from as many people that I could. It is at the editing stage. Luckily, I have a new college grad who majored in publishing who is walking me through this. After this is completed, I will attempt to write the book about my grandmother. I made the memory quilt about her and sent it traveling along with a journal to all her friends and family. It traveled 8000 miles over a year. Many stories came home along with pictures. It's fun to dabble in the writing field, but it is truly a lot of work and I can sure appreciate a good writer. I'm a better story teller than writer.

If I could write a book, would be about my family ancestry, about how life was in Europe where they came from, the trip on the ships to America, their life here up to the present, their good memories, hardships, their friends, their lifestyle, how things have changed from many years to the present. like how big home was, what made of, how cooked, how farmed, or traded goods, their children getting married or grew up, etc..

I have always wanted to write a book! I got serious about it for about a year. It is a young adult novel. I had the characters all sketched out, the plot nearly figured out, tons of details, really most all of it but I couldn't figure out a ending I was happy with and it sort of fell on the bottom of the U.F.O pile. I still have my whole binder filled with all my progress and I intend to finish it someday.

If I wrote a book, it would probably be about all the crazy and fun times we had owning and running a B&B..the crazy part is..no one wanted to leave..they checked in and stayed for years! In fact, my husband and I had to get jobs, just to escape from the house guests!..

I want to read that book!

Oh my goodness, I saw a reply to this discussion and was shocked to realize how bad I've been about posting here. *face palm*  Since beginning this thread, I have written several books, self-publishing 4 of them since July of 2013.  Craziness!  If you get the urge, I write under the name of S. H. Pratt and you will always find a shamrock on the cover of my books. :-)

Do you have a picture of your books to post on this site, I'd like to read them, are they in stores?

Here's my idea, life is like a piece of fabric.

ie my upholstery fabrics when turn over, it reads: SAMPLE ONLY not for sale..

My life is a sample not to be copied by anyone.. Unique just saying..

be great novel subject to develop into a series like Emilie Richards..

I'm working on 3 quilt stories right now: Hope's Quilt (Civil War), Sherlock's Quilt, and a western based on a true historical quilt. Sherlock is the easiest characters, but the hardest plot. Hope's Quilt is also built on a true historical quilt and has an AMAZING plot, but I've never been to the South - LOL I can't write Southern dialogue. The western is also on hold until I can make a research trip.

My local writers group is very encouraging. I've grown so much from their commentary. They are all different kinds of writers; poets, sci-fi, hardboiled female detectives, historical, military.  And they don't mind learning about quilts ;)

thanks for asking


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