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Here is a picture of the new sewing area we are re-building after the flood of '08. Please give me suggestions on how to set it up. The other end of the basement is the same size, but it will be a sofa and TV area. The area is 14 ft x 17 ft. We will set up two machines with a possiblity of two more in this area.

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If you wish to view the TV as you sew, you then must keep that in mind as you arrange. I put in kitchen cabients with doors to store my fabric and supplies. It has been a blessing and I can always find what I am looking for. We also used kitchen counter tops over the shelfs my husband made. This also has worked. I use folding table for sewing and sometimes cutting. The tables were the ones that you can postion for the height you wish. Look though all the pictures posted, I am sure you will come up with ideas. Someday I will post my pictures.
Janet, go back to your basic graph paper and draw your area to scale. Include where your outlets are, as well as any other items you might need to cope with (such as floor or wall vents for heating/cooling). Also keep in mind where your lighting is, as you may need to add additional light for some areas. Then measure every piece of furniture you plan on putting in your area, and make a "to scale" cut out of that item. You said you have two machines, but did not say if they are long arms or regular machines, are they in cabinets or totally portable. What kind of quilting will you be doing, as your table/space needs will be different depending on your answer. What kind of storage space are you wanting, for fabric, batting, thread, accessories, etc. Are you planning on a design wall, and how big? Will you have a designated cutting table? What about ironing surface, just a plain ironing board, or will you have a "big board' equivalent?

Once you get all of your scale pieces collected, then you can start moving paper furniture around on your graph paper, taking into account where your outlets and light sources are located. Try to keep some tasks in the same area, just like if you were designing a kitchen. You will need a definite area for cutting, for sewing, and for pressing.

It is amazing how fast a large "empty" area fills up when you start adding some larger pieces of furniture.

These are my thoughts just to get you started.
Sorry to hear you lost all in the flood. I have a new sewing room after a move, still don't have it the way I want it and I spend a lot of time thinking about it. I did order kitchen cabinets for my sewing machine and supplies, I had a cutting table so we worked that in and I have a couple of closets for material supply. I like the idea to do it to scale first. Make sure you have enough lighting and plugs. Are you getting a new sewing machine? quilting machine? think were you want them if you have a whole other side you could put you quilting machine there with cabinets etc. Good luck to you, let us know what you do maybe you could put a picture up of you scale drawing and we can all help with the details.
I have two items in my sewing room I could not live without. They are stainless steel kitchen islands that have the shelf underneath. I have one that is 24x36 that fits a cutting mat perfectly so i can cut on that table. Then I have a 24x30 that I have a portable ironing board and iron. I dont have room for a traditional ironing board and this gives me more room for projects and my go cutter. My space is small but very functional. I bought my stainless steel tables off of ebay, they have great buys and I got free shipping on both tables they go together in minutes and are the perfect height for standing and working.
Vicki, do you have pictures of these islands? I'd love to see how you put them to use, and how big is your sewing room? I need to rearrange and figure out a better floor pan for a small room. Going to measure...
Linda C - What a great size you have to work with. I don't like to sit at my sewing machine with a wall right in front of me. Do you? If you don't, try to place your sewing machines at right angles from the wall. I like my pressing table (24"x30") to my right so it's always placed at an 'L' with my sewing table. The pressing area is only a 'swivel' away and very convenient. I've just complete designing a new sewing room for myself and I only had an area of 9.5'x10.5' to work with but I've ended up with very workable plan. You have a lot of space to work with. So many people set up a sewing room and later they say, "Oh, I never thought of that!". Don't let that happen to you!
Dottie, I have an "L" also, just made sense to me... but I have a mish-mash of storage and need to regroup... do you have a picture of your room? Mine is about the same size so Im curious what you have done? Care to share?
I haven't forgotten you and your request. It's taken me longer to make my move than I had anticipated but it's all finally coming to fruition and should be in the picture taking mode soon. I'm too old for this moving bit plus not being able to sit back and let others do the moving part just isn't me. I have to be involved. Doubt I'll ever learn any other way to live.
I'll surprise you one of these days! I like to the piecing part better than the finishing. I know, I'm weird! Happy Quilt Making! Dottie


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