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I have scraps in many forms, strips, squares from previous projects and then the odd shaped pieces. In trying to reorganize my sewing room, I'm wondering what other quilters KEEP and dont keep... and how do you store those pieces.  Care to share??

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I love making scrap quilts. I have made so many I lost count. I cut all my scraps to different sizes, put them in a ziplock bag and label what size they are. I had so many different sizes that I gave up on that Idea and now I only save strips that are 2 1/2 inches the rest I donate to the local nursing home. I got tired of looking at the same old scraps that I used in two or three scrap quilts, that I had to buy new. A pineapple quilt is a great quilt to make with 2 1/2 inch strips. Good luck.
Thanks, I also have scraps which are cut in squares... I guess from cutting too many at some point? 5" or 6" squares...so I'll have to do something with those...but even putting strips in ziplocks... then where do you store the ziplocks? I found them to be slippery... ?
Thanks, I'm hearing this more and more... i MAY have to follow suit. Thanks! Oh, and then how do you store them? ziplocks or ... ?
I have a 3 drawer plastic container for med. lights, med. drks, & drks. Have one container for lights, & have a bag full of strips. That's how I broke my scraps down, just can't bear to throw them out. Try to keep scraps no bigger than 1-02 inches.
I have a bunch that are 5" or 6"squares... so I may need a project where I can use those up... ideas?
I just love those scraps too.. All the members of the quilt guild that I am in laugh at me. I can't even get rid of the smallest piece.
I too store mine in plastic bins with rollers. They work the best for me. Although I can't put alot in each one they don't get all wrinkled that way.
Mmmm, I just joined this group and I was reading through the posts. I have started saving scraps that are about 4" or larger. If they are smaller than my hand out they go to scrap heaven. I read in a magazine about making a quilt as you sew onto a scrap to keep your bobbin thread from tangling up. It said to cut squares as you cut a quilt and then sew the seam of two squares instead of sewing onto the same little scrap over and over again. So you make a quilt without doing more than you already do. I was thinking of 2 inch squares, but I might do 3" instead. It would kinda be a charm quilt, & it would really be a record of all your fabrics over a period of time. I'm NOT going back for 25 years though... just start now as I cut. But there might be a snowy day where I just open up my scrap bins and cut a bunch. As I sew them together I'll just toss the pairs into a basket. At least that is my plan!! Whew, too long of a post!
That is the method that Bonnie Hunter (of Quiltville fame) recommends for making scrap quilts. She calls those squares, and other shapes, "leaders and enders." You might want to check out her site:
This was an awesome site... I didnt get it til I read it thru and was amazed by the quilts she shows...thanks!
Ok, well I just got lost at this site for a couple hours...ha. Thanks! Lots of good ideas. I was just trying to figure out what to do with my scraps, how to sort them, what to use them for etc... I started with something but I think I need a plan before I start doing that and this gives me some ideas.
Not too long a post.! My friend Sue uses Bonnie Hunter's method - "leaders and enders" ~ she gets my scraps!! In fact, she gets most of any scraps that we throw out! She even checks all the wastebaskets after we have a sew day!!!! She makes stunning scrap quilts! Someday, I may try but I'm just too anal!! The post from Cat Lady has Bonnie's link - check it out!
Wow, the Quiltville site is neat. That must have been what I read about! Thanks!


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