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talking to my hubby on Sunday about the up and coming aussie swap and I mentioned that I could maybe make a collage with Australian bank notes I have and some stamps then scan it and print out on material.

He says that is a big no-no as money has a copyright.Sure enough our English notes do have a written copyright on them.

Is it a myth that I am also not allowed to deface the notes by sewing them direct.I do not actually want to as their notes are plastic but am now unsure.

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Some countries are very spevific about if it defaces it. If you could remove, and use it, that might be ok. Other copyright stuff I know more about. Does anyone else know about this topic? It would be good to know. When in doubt, don't, is a good adage. If you did not design it, do not use it without permissiom. That is law. Changing some of it, is never enough. Not selling it is not the point of copyright law. Copying is copying. Stear clear.
I am not sure Robbin if this is an against the law. I will ask my DS - he might have an idea. Our notes are a plastic type material.
Good idea.  The laws vary by country.  I don't think our country cares too much, but I have heard others will prosecute.  Better to ask.  Share please, when you have an answer.  It would be nice to know what Australia expects.  Someday, just someday, I may get to go there.  It has been a dream since about 13 years old.  A cruise down would be the ideal fantasy come true.  I think it would take a big lotto to pull it off.  There are so many other bills in line ahead.  (Heavy sigh)


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