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First concept for this category will be on July 1.  In the mean time, try out the Mid-Month Concepts discussion.

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While waiting for this group to be approved, Maps/Travel was an idea being proposed.  It was unofficially the July 1st theme.  What would you create?  Have you already created something along these lines?  Share.

Gee Robbin - the first thing I thought of was the route or map we saw in the Maritime Museum in Hobart, Tasmania, showing the route from England to Tasmania by one of the first fleets - it was old and brown. A collage is an great idea, Nancy. I could use one of my old strip maps with photos or sketches of the family when young camping.

This so fits in with my sketching classes, Robbin. Our teacher wants us to do a memory piece - because it is memory it contains distortion - which is what the theme of the term is.

I save all the maps in brochures, because they show the historic maps, although tiny.  I put them into all kinds of crafts.  See Karen's comments to get an idea of just a few of the places we like to use them.  I want to do a fantasy map.  Ok, I want to do a lot of fantasy maps.  Of course they would have to be treasure maps.  I know one treasure would have to be tons of quilty things.  Hmmmm, sounds like a theme for a quilt pattern.
Since I will be away from my "crap" room, I think I will create a collage.  I will be visiting my granddaughter, and we always do something crafty.  It will be a joint project.  I hope

What a sweet idea.  I have my grandaughter (DGD) with me for the summer, for just that kind of thing.  Maybe we should compare our joint projects.  I look forward to your creations, as they come around.  If you want any ideas, sing out.  Having been a Girl Scout Trainer of Leaders, I have a few ideas to share.  I think I did them for because I liked doing them, and sharing was icing on the cake.

My DGD gave me this concept.  She was playing with her grandpa, locking up a building.  He kept "accidentally" locking her out.  Locked doors became the theme of the month...without reference to intimate moments please.  There are lots of other locked doors, and gates, to stretch your imagination over.  Of course The Secret Garden is one of the first which came to mind.  Use that, if you cannot think of something; but, try to first.  Good luck with this idea.  You don't have to make anything.  Sketch and draw out ideas.  Later you may have the opportunity to grow them.  Start adding your thoughts about them here and in your journals.
So Locked doors/gates/just locks? is our theme for July - I am going to have to ponder this. What about a locked chest? They have found chests of gold and jewels in an Indian Temple just recently. Imagine them spilling over - using beading!

Any opportunity for beading sounds good.  Especially if cabachons are involved.  I love making them.  A temple such as you describe could involve so many lucsious batiks and watercolor fabrics.  Just imagine all the color schemes you could run with!  Here is a cabachon I finished this weekend.  It is the face of a doll.  I need to paint, write on, and stamp the doll's body, before embroidering.


Sumptious looking cabachon Robbin.What a rich colour.


Thinking about locked doors and I came up with the principal of keyholes and what could be seen through them,animals behind bars,fields with barred gates and loads of pics came to mind.I am trying to keep a journal on the go with plans and themes for whenever.

Ironic.  When I thought of locks, I thought of keys.  I have a fabric with lots of skeleton keys on them, and have wanted to do a key piece for about a year now.  It won't gel yet.  I want to show keys through the history of their use.  No time to research it yet.  Getting there. 


Hmmmm, that's why I am sharing these ideas.  I just don't have time for all of them.

Broken foot.  Will be back with updates soon.

Who has been doing what Robbin? Take care. Non-weight bearing??? Can be tough!


I had not thought of that Linda. I tried to sketch what could be behind a series of locked doors. The end of the passage thru the locks was a bit sad though! I will see if I can finish it a bit more to show  here.


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