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First concept for this category will be on July 1.  In the mean time, try out the Mid-Month Concepts discussion.

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I remember a show called Hawaii Five-O years ago. 
They are showing a modern remake of this now over here.I would "Book him Danno"
I used to watch Hawaii five-o too.. and Miami vise, Ironside, adam 12, my favorite was Chips, totally wonderful men on there.. ha ha

September.  Already.  It seems like it was January only yesterday.  If I had made some small item for each of these bi-monthly themes, I would have a total of 16, and begin the 17th for today.  I can say I have finished at least that many items this year.  Some were quilts (lots of babies this year), some dolls, and many of weaving/crotcheting techniques.  Collages have intermittantly wandered through, and embroidery fairly often too.  Where will you take this topic?


For September 1, our topic is a fun one, and a challenge.  I hope it stretches your imagination, without Esther Williams (swimmer and actress).  Does that give you a clue?  Well, today's topic is Synchronized.  Synonyms include:  harmonious, blending, well-blended, in accord, in concert, agreeing, consistent, uniform, equivalent, corresponding, proportionate, and compatible.


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