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The ideas here are abstract.  Where they may lead you, know one knows...yet.  Use the list below to come up with creative thoughts and make something.  Share your reactions, thoughts, progress, and finished items on the general discussion board.  This discussion is merely to create a list for you to access any of the ideas at any time. 


June 15th (late):  That's the Ticket!

July 15th:  See Clearly



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Postie has just been with a parcel of goodies and some Halloween material is in there.Witches on a broomstick - Ticket to ride. I might get nothing else done today.
I love Ticket to Ride.  What a wonderful song that was.  Ah, your ticket took me on a time ride.
I immediately think of travel.  Whenever I travel someplace interesting, I keep all my tickets for trains, museums, subways, landmarks, etc.  I never know what do to with them, but now I'm thinking I could collage them on the scanner to create a fabric sheet for each country or location.  Then I can incorporate each sheet into postcards or something.  hmmm creative juices are flowing now.  I also try to purchase some small, flexible souvenir, like fabric coasters, chopstick sleeves, etc, that can be cut up or incorporated into projects,  I have quite a lot from Asian countries that I always imagined turning into a wall hanging.
Great ideas Karen.  I would buy your collaged tickets for projects I would think of.  Some people sell their images for downloading, with a signed limited use agreement, so people can purchase the image cheaply and print it on paper or fabric for their uses.  I would love the print on fabric for my Willie Nillie dolls.  Of course, I would add a million other uses, like on lamp shades, especially the glass ones, which take collage easily.  See what you started.  I've got a dress form I am collaging with any label I can find from sewing.
Have you thought to use the selvedges with their writing or colourful spots etc.I passed on all my scraps and trimmings to school but now have started to save these edges again for me.
I did once I saw someone else's quilt made entirely of them.  I now add them to the Willie Nillies regularly.

Rereading this and thought of a saying here,when someone asks how you are, we sometimes reply" I 'm tickety boo."

Meaning I am well.

I am working with grade schoolers today, taking photos.  I think I will use this for the perfect get-them-to-smile word.  Thank you.

Mid-July is posted above.  As you think about this one, not only think figuratively about word application, but physically as well.  Think of the clear plastic magazines come in, report folder plastic fronts, and of course accetate.  What about using bubble wrap?  I could see that used to multiply meaning.  Where will this idea take you?  When I get back from vacation, I have a nice piece of pixilated plexi glass, (for cabinet insertions) I am going to cabachon on.  I think I will put it over one of the tiny mirrors I have, so the viewer's image comes back to them less than clearly. 


See y'all after Disney.

Hi Robbin,its strange but I was outside and took out some sewing to do,being a lazy thing I thought I would get away with just my sunglasses.Oh no had to come in and get my working glasses to thread the needle.As I am threading the needle I am singing to myself"I can see clearly now,the rain has gone."

1/2 hour later here I am reading the concept. 

Have a fun time at Disney.

Does this mean great minds think alike, lol?

It's time.

It's time.

It is time.


Are you ready for another mid-month idea?  I am.  These are the ones I am really trying to get something done on.  On our daily topics I look at what I have already done.  I am beginning to take these ideas for the first and the fifteenth, and create a page size piece, or smaller, based on the idea.


Today's idea is On A Roll.  Immediately coming to mind are the fabric beads I have been making from rolled triangles.  They are fun and easy to make, and I have been accumulating a very small quantity.  This will give the the impetus to do something with them. 


I will only alot 24 hours to get the mini quilt done.  No more.  I have lots of irons in the fire already, and just need an exercise that uses the materials in the 12 scrap bins, and the boxes and containers of goodies to attach to quilts.  Ok, there are beads and buttons, ribbon, and more.  It needs to be used up, and the holidays are coming fast and furious.  It will be fun to have fun little creations at hand, to give freely, knowing they will be sparkles in the lives of others.  Let's see if I can get this done before bed, and share with you.  Who knows what will happen when the clock is ticking.  We managed with our school assignments.  I think I can manage with this self set assignement just as well, and lots more.


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