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The ideas here are abstract.  Where they may lead you, know one knows...yet.  Use the list below to come up with creative thoughts and make something.  Share your reactions, thoughts, progress, and finished items on the general discussion board.  This discussion is merely to create a list for you to access any of the ideas at any time. 


June 15th (late):  That's the Ticket!

July 15th:  See Clearly



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i am thinking I am on a roll.Posted my Aussie swap to my secret partner this morning and have 2 for my hostess gifts ready to be sandwiched.The centre of a Bow tie quilt ready for me to come up with a scrappy border.I have abandoned my attempt from last week on the Pond challenge but have pulled out different materials and I am ready to go again.
I am on a roll, so to say, am making bonnet girls and men on wallhangings, have 2 made, but maybe just attempts to practice as do not like either one. have plans for a  wedding one and a school teacher one and a best friends one.. . are made with iron on steam a seam and then add fabric border and put flannel on back. then whom ever has it can either add personalize the wedding couples names, date of wedding, etc and the teacher one can put teachers name, the school, etc.. was going to put that clear plastic on them to add a photo, but then would not be washable, am unsure yet.. here is one made so far, called summer..
Would a hidden pocket, of fabric, solve the problem, Ruthann?  It could be hidden in the side/top of the house, the horizon, or side of the block?  Just an idea.  I have been hiding things behind fabric doors, and playing with pockets this year.
Forgot to say how charming this is.  What a great way to use up scraps.  The dress bows are darling.  Crocket (sp?) is one of my favorite games.  Just my speed at this age.

never thought of a pocket. wonderful idea.. spelling is croquet, what a strange word for sure, just like mosquito, would not hink was proper way to spell it either, ha ha makes life fun


Thanks Ruthann.  Crocket was at the Alamo.  End of that story came a long time ago.  LOL
Boy, Ruthann and Linda, you are moving along.  I had quilted yesterday.  The 12 Days is looking so good with each inch of progression, I just hate stopping.  I was forcing myself to the machine, and catywompus 9 patch blocks, when I dedided to get on here and get up to date.  Go girls!  You are moving along so well.


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