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Whimsies and Wonders

Find inspiration for creating whimsical and wonderous things from fiber.  Themes are offered frequently to jump start your creativity.  Use your favorite method, or try some a suggested one, then share through us.

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Bi-monthly (1st and 15th) Inspirations and Opportunities

Welcome to a group where ideas are proposed, and you get to share everything you come up with, past and present, on the given idea.  No deadlines.  No ending dates.  A new themes and ideas will be put forth on the first and fifteenth of each month.  Feel free to share your thoughts, concepts, progress, and completed projects on the various themes at any given time.  A running tally of themes will be kept at the top of these pages, so that you can visit any of the ideas at any time, and more than once.


The theme for the first of the month will be clear.  It might look like:  apples, running water, shapes, etc.  It could be a combination of words.  Whatever appears at that point will be something you have a clear picture of in your mind.


On the fifteenth, the game changes.  Your motivator will be something more abstract, and usually come in the form of a phrase.  As this group is starting after mid-month, we will start with an abstract idea. 


Whatever comes to mind, that you can apply to creating will be worth exploring.  You may not accomplish something with every idea, which is ok.  Discussing what comes to mind, your visual images and reactions will stimulate all of us.  These may lend a hand in helping someone bring an idea full circle.


Welcome to a world of whimsies and wonder.  Share your dolls, your quilts, your collages, your beading, whatever fiber arts you create with, share it.  Along the way, new techniques will be shared to enhance your imagination.  Welcome, welcome, welcome!

Discussion Forum

First of the Month Concepts

Started by Robbin Neff. Last reply by Robbin Neff Sep 1, 2011. 28 Replies

First concept for this category will be on July 1.  In the mean time, try out the Mid-Month Concepts discussion.

Tags: bead, weave, dolls, more, quilt

Mid-Month Concepts

Started by Robbin Neff. Last reply by Robbin Neff Aug 17, 2011. 19 Replies

The ideas here are abstract.  Where they may lead you, know one knows...yet.  Use the list below to come up with creative thoughts and make something.  Share your reactions, thoughts, progress, and…Continue

Tags: quilting, art, fiber, creations, ideas


Started by linda harriott/UK. Last reply by Robbin Neff Jul 25, 2011. 3 Replies

talking to my hubby on Sunday about the up and coming aussie swap and I mentioned that I could maybe make a collage with Australian bank notes I have and some stamps then scan it and print out on…Continue

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Comment by Sandy B /AUS on March 11, 2012 at 5:04am

Very good Linda. I like that one. I am more typical with my thoughts- becoming a grandma!!

We are off to Sydney for a few days so will catch up later in the week. 

Here is my phrase - Sydney harbour - what does that bring to mind?

Comment by linda harriott/UK on March 9, 2012 at 11:42pm

We loved to play cards and board games,still play solitaire but do that on the pc.My brother was  a terrible loser so most of our family sessions ended in tears or a board being upended.We played for my mams threepenny bit and halfpenny collection,not for keepsies just so we could bid.

I still have lots of our original games,my favourite was an old

)fashioned newspaper game where you had to dial on a telephone card and could win stories or adverts for your frontpage.

Nobody puts BABY in a corner....   .(dirty dancing)

Comment by Sandy B /AUS on March 9, 2012 at 2:53pm

Board games - reminds me off hot summer afternoons lying on the lino trying to keep cool, playing draughts hoping for a cool change.

My DMIL loved board and card games and was whizz at them too.

Comment by Ruthann on March 9, 2012 at 6:29am

intresting how such yucky creatures can make such stunning things, or do some amazing things. the webs make for good settings for scarey movies or haunted houses.

I am not on the computer on weekends, so guess can continue where Robbin left off .. have a couple ideas to laSt till monday. is time spend cleanning house, gardening, sewing, etc


board games like monopoly sometimes still play with friends , alot of fun, is mostly luck to see if you get the property and have the money, reminds me of real life.

also play chess( my DS taught me, alot of concentration, ) checkers, scrabble, scattegories, aggravation  are my favorites

fish and 500 rummy like to play, my Dear grandmother used to play with us when we were children,


Comment by Sandy B /AUS on March 9, 2012 at 4:23am

HI Ruthann I saw that photo too - amazing - evidently they are baby wolf spiders which spin some silk hoping the wind will catch it and the spider can float to a new locality. Its called ballooning.

Dew drops on spider webs - so pretty, Walking into spider webs - yuk. Spiders catching the slaters that wonder through our house - more sweeping to be done!

Friends - QWU and CT - what a great site to meet people of like minded interests.

Friends - feelings of warmth and support - missing lovely Robbin. I will have to try to contact her through her webpage. I agree about with you Linda too - my DH is my soul mate and best friend.

How about Baby as a prompt?

Comment by linda harriott/UK on March 8, 2012 at 11:43pm

My best friend is my husband.Always there for me.

Spiders- saw a lovely embroidered golden cape on TV woven from the silf of Golden Orb spiders.(I think) also really tensile ropes made from their silk.

When on holiday I was walking in a bushy area and walked into a web and a hand sized spider landed on my boob.I brushed it off and still shudder when I think about touching it.The web that was left on my t -shirt was so sticky and I couldnt get it off the front so had to dump it.

Comment by Ruthann on March 8, 2012 at 1:19pm

I thought of a good word for the weekend.

FRIEND or Friends- tell your innner most secrets to, share laughter and sadness with, chat about anything with each other, share thoughts

and thought good one for monday SPIDERS-

saw where there are huge masses of spider webs in Australia where Sandy lives that spiders are making webs in fields to get away from the flooding, smart creatures and are chowing on all the mosquitos the water will surely be bringing to life..

Spiders, creepy, big, tiny, hairy, long legs, only like daddy long legs, afraid of any other kind. there are yellow garden spiders around here, always saw those pretty webs never knew what made them, are huge yellow/black spiders that make them. eeekkk!!!

Comment by Ruthann on March 8, 2012 at 12:46pm

we could add our own inspirational words or phrases and comment on them , if sounds like good idea,

any other ideas, or should we just forget this group.





Comment by Sandy B /AUS on March 6, 2012 at 10:14pm

We will miss you Robbin - how are your hands? We will just have to keep checking your webpage. 

Comment by Ruthann on March 6, 2012 at 10:28am

so very sorry to hear this Robbin, am sure someone here would like to take over, you take care and if the group is still here, check back with us.. you sure were an inspiration to us all, well needed thoughts to certain words and phrases.. take care and enjoy your life.


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