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Like to quilt. Learning FMQ
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quilting, machine quilting, embroidery, knitting

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At 2:53pm on June 1, 2016, Marianne said…

Hello Catherine, just a courtesy hello, hope you are well and managing to do some quilting.  I am now so much better! We have actually just booked a cruise, it's a first for us, so hope I will enjoy it, we go immediately after new year, so have a lot of prep to do before then.  Hope to hear from you when you have time.

At 4:41am on June 17, 2015, NC from PA said…

bags, and have taught tote bag classes.  Your quilting is very nice.

At 4:41am on June 17, 2015, NC from PA said…

I see you make bags, too.  I have made all types of

At 2:15pm on February 14, 2015, Marianne said…

Hello Catherine, i was just wondering how you are and what are you doing at the moment.  I have been rather busy trying to fit everything in.  I am continueing to have vocal therapy every two weeks, but have to travel about an hour to Harrogate, it seems to be helping, my voice is getting stronger and friends tell me its almost back to normal, i know i have a way to go, but, we r on the right road though.

We are having a new kitchen and other work done at home, what a mess, but it will be lovely when its done.  It will take them 2 weeks plus the extra time for the granite to be cut and fitted.  We are expecting an australian rellie she is almost 18yrs old, the idea she has work experience here before going to uni in Sydney, to study law, then she will be back in uk to do a Phd at oxford, she will be helpful to me for a short time to get the house back to normal.

Spring is definitely on the way here, bulbs a pushing through, its lovely to see the new life coming through.  Look forward to hearing from you.   Bye for now


At 1:08am on December 18, 2014, Marianne said…

Good morning Catherine,

Lovely to hear from you.  Will i have had an operation on my vocal chords to remove the cyst.  I went to a hospital about 200 miles away for a World renowned consultant to do the op.   Mr McGlashon said it will be a year before he will know the measure of success.  I am going for vocal therapy and am told that should help a lot.  I am happy and have Confidence with her, but there is no guarantees that my voice will be as strong and crisp as it was.  I am having great difficulty acquiring my theatre notes and getting my questions answered from the original hospital, it all sounds very odd that they have or wont release them.  I just want to know exactly what happened and so did the throat consultant.  It is the law here in uk that patients are allowed to ask and get their notes.  Well enough of me, how are You and are you all ready for christmas.  Do you stay at home or visit family and friends.  The Weather here is very unseasonally mild, its lovely, but, just not very Christmassy.  I am finished wrapping pressys, cards, house is looking lovely with all the twinkling lights, i do love Christmas, the carols, nativity plays and the celebration on Christmas day of the Birth of Christ, to see the childrens faces, it brings a leap to ones heart.  we will go to my sons home on Christmas day he has two children 2 and 7 years, he live only 3 miles away, they have a farm with lots of livery, so to watch all the girls getting ready for the hunt looking so Regal is a wonderful sight, then the horn and they are off.  Well enough of all that, i look forward to hearing from you, but would like to wish you and your family a very happy and blessed Christmas and a renewed strength as the New Year dawns. Regards, marianne

At 11:33pm on October 13, 2014, Marianne said…

Good morning Catherine, well we are home again after a wonderful holiday in France, the weather was great as was everything about the holiday, a really good rest.  Now home i have the date for the throat operation, its 21st October, that is next Tuesday.  I am not looking forward to it, but it has to be done, so remember me in your prayers please.

I think you must be very caught up with the Ebola Virus, it sounds as though It is going to get more serious, how involved are you?  It sounds a difficult one to contain, with so much travelling especially the illegal emigrants entering countries, there is no screening of them, i just dont know how it will be dealt with, it makes one feel, you dont want to go anywhere because you dont know who you are mixing with....oh, i must not become paranoid...smile.

I hope you had a wonderful holiday too, it always prepares us for the busyness of the Christmas Season.

Well, i must go, i have a busy few days getting things done before next week, i dont think i will have to talk for a while after the op...how difficult that will be.

Bye for now, regards, Marianne

At 12:45am on September 11, 2014, Marianne said…

Good morning catherine,

Its a lovely morning today, it is uplifting after my trip to nottingham to see another consultant mr mcglashan.  He told me the diagnosis from the local ent specialist was incorrect, it is not a granuloma, its a cyst on the vocal chords.  He showed us the pic on the screen and asked david if he wanted a picture, which he did.  He said he could operate and remove it, but i would need some voice therapy, the local ent specialist was going to laser off the granuloma he said, what a good decision to have a 2nd opinion.  I am very nervous

at having it done, but have No option.  We go on holiday 20th so will have to have it done on my return.

Well enough of that, i have been adding borders to A childs quilt made sometime ago, i embroidered on my machine fun alphabet blocks, i want to get it finished together with some other things UFO,s, it sort of clears my mind.

Today i am going to assemble the holiday things in the guest bedroom, to make a start, as next werk is going to be a busy one, our company have a large stand at stokesley show, the staff and my sons decide how it will look each year and sort it, but we like to be arround for support, the day is always fun, meeting up with people not seen for a while and enjoying the show jumping etc.  There is a fair that takes over the whole of the high street, thousands come to it, its very exciting especially for the Young ones.

Well better go and make a start, hope all is well with you.

Ttfn  marianne  oh dear just noticed, i have already told you of my 2nd visit, just cannot be bothered to delete, i pads are slower with the typing if you know what i mean, never mind you have it twice,  no i am no loosing my marbles..smile

At 6:37pm on September 8, 2014, Marianne said…

Hi catherine,  well as you can see from the time here in uk, i am finding sleep hard to find tonight.  I have been to another consultant about my throat for a 2nd opinion.  He was 3 hrs away, so been a long day, i think i am over tired.  Also, what he told me was different from the local consultant.  He said i have a cyst on my vocal chord it is usually caused by traumer, i think that confirms to me it was the changing over quickly of the tube during the operation.   He says it should be removed by surgery not laser, he is very qualified and at The very top of his tree and profession.  I think i have no option, but, to go ahead with the op.  Its going to cost me a lot of money as i will go Privately to get it done quickly.  Have you heard of this sort of operation.  I feel so tired, but just cannot sleep, mind over working.  Bye for now.

At 12:27am on August 31, 2014, Marianne said…

Good morning catherine,

I think we both have the travel gene, like you we have Had some wonderful holidays.  Last year we were away for 2 Months, visiting my sisters in brisbane australia also some of davids rellies who have massive farms 300 miles inland from sydney, we had a lovely time staying in central sydney with a view of the opera house from our window.  We also visited penang in malaysia, i used to live there teaching english before we were married.  Penang had changed so much almost unrecognizable, but enjoyable.

We were in canada the year before, travelling by car from the ice to the heat from glaciers to vancouver and on to the island it was wonderful too.

We had some property in florida for 19 years so would Visit each year and travel to many states, your country is so big, we found each state like another country.  Visited lancaster county enjoyed learning and seeing the armish culture, we sold the property last year the offer was too good to turn down.

We are off to france  in mid september, looking forward to that, we are ready for a break, had too much to deal with, between health, having workmen in the house for sometime, a break will do the trick.

Enough of all that, i have been trying to finish several small projects, lap quilts etc, like you i am trying to get to grips with free motion.  I dont find it easy, think i am too tense, my friend told me, i should have a g & t then do it.....i laughed at her suggestion, could she be right...

I went to a craft quilt show yesterday and watched a demo of a new type of ruler, it had a groove in the middle of it, you put your needle in it and just moved the ruler, it looked great, dont know the name, perhaps you have seen them they are from usa, but cost about $90

Something to watch out for, well, must get a wriggle on, hair to dooooo and meeing friends for sunday lunch then back here for tea.

Bye for now.


At 4:02am on August 29, 2014, Marianne said…

Hello Catherine,

What a very interesting job or is it a vocation.  There has been such a lot of work with MRSA we had a terrible time in one of our local hospitals, but all seems ok now (I hope).  I would imagine that it must be very exciting when a breakthrough is apparent, but frustrating when doing lots of work and a breakthrough is long awaited.  There are so many schools of thought for injecting against some of these things, it can be rather confusing for us non medical portals....(smile)

Yes I have now retired from full time paid work, although I still do some of the HR for my husbands company and I do lots of volunteering for the Samaritans - Have you heard of the Samaritans, we do get calls from the USA and lots of emails together with texts when someone is finding themselves is a situation when they do not want to go on living.  I worked for many years in child protection, that was very rewarding, frustrating, alarming, distressing and disgusted sometimes and the speed that the authorities move.   Yes I have 4 grandchildren, 3 girls and 1 boy, they all live quite close - 4 miles one way and 4 miles the other way, so we are equidistant for them, good for babysitting...smile.  I have not been well, in fact have just had a hysterectomy and the anesthetist during the operation has scored my vocal cords, so am now seeing a throat specialist.  He said it is a granuloma and it could be taken off with a laser, but I have no knowledge of this so hope to get a 2nd opinion.  i AM AWARE THERE IS OFTEN MORE THAN ONE WAY OF DEALING WITH THINGS AND i ONLY WANT THE BEST WAY TO GET MY VOICE BACK TO NORMAL.  i SOUND AS THOUGH i HAVE A COLD AND A LITTLE CROAKY.  i DO SOME WORK FOR OUR LOCAL bbc rADIO, SO THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR ME, i USUALLY HAVE A STRONG CLEAR SPEAKING VOICE - oh dear just noticed the capitals, sorry, dont want to type it over again, being a little lazy.  I am just beginning to try a pattern from Marcia Baker - Tumbling blocks, she is an American lady, I sent for her book and ruler, so now just need to commit time to exploring.

Thats enough of me, hope to chat later, I am off to do some interviewing for the next training in October for the Samaritans.  You can put it up on the web to see what the Samaritans do.

Bye for now

Marianne North Yorkshire UK


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