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About Me
I've been married for 42 years. We have 2 daughters, 37 and 39 years old. We have 3 granddaughters, a 13 year old and 2- three year olds, and a 9 year old grandson. I'm a homebody. I enjoy quilting, gardening, and cooking. I especially enjoy baking bread. I was born and raised on a farm but have lived in town all of my married life. I still feel like a farm girl though. I have babysat for over 17 years. I love antiques and country decorating. I love to plant lots of flowers in the spring but I don't like Kansas summers. Fall is my favorite season.
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quilting, machine quilting, gardening, other

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Just wondering

Posted on November 13, 2015 at 11:56am 7 Comments

I was just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with not receiving notifications when someone writes on your page. I don't get an email and it's not going into my spam either. Has anyone else had this problem?

Brotherly and Sisterly Love!

Posted on July 16, 2014 at 4:38pm 14 Comments

Here's my 6 year old grandson and 4 month old granddaughter.  I hope they're always this happy with each other.

Beach Baby

Posted on June 14, 2014 at 9:30am 14 Comments

My DGD is ready for the beach with her new hat.  I told my DD that she looked like Minnie Pearl with the price tag still on.  Of course, she didn't know who Minnie Pearl was.  Guess that shows my age.  …


Baby #2 Has Arrived!!

Posted on March 31, 2014 at 9:30am 13 Comments

Our second DGD arrived Friday night at 11p.m. weighing 6 lbs. 10 ozs.  She had a hard time coming into the world but all is well now.  Her name is Kenadie.  This grandma is just too old for all this excitement.  I also put a picture DGD #1.  Alexandra is 3 weeks old now.…


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At 7:42pm on September 20, 2018, Joanna liguz said…

Hello there,, Ok so here is the story, First I will say I'm sorry. I don't even get on here very much,,since we got our phones....But things are way too small for me to see it.I did get your letter,, but didn't know how to write back, and if I did..I guess you didn't get it...Don't know how to do that much either….lol

Our garden went crazy, He retired, and most of the time we are out on the road, or working at home.

I got into my craft fairs and we haven't been home too much. I haven't been on here at all....sewing like crazy and I have had lots of orders.

We took up a soap making class in August,, I absolutely loved it,, it was easy and now we will probably go out tomorrow and get some supplies.

I finished my quilt top, the one we did on line,,,it is grey with white and it looks like your looking thru a window..  I made 25 sets of placemats and napkins,,they are selling down here like crazy.

We go to the farmers market almost every Saturday morning,, from 7AM-1pm. Our Wednesdays are really busy from the time we get up to when we go to bed. My golden Age Club meets at 10Am-11AM. or we go out to eat like we did this past Saturday. We were to go to mount Olive, but the hurricane tore up most of the eastern side of the state,,, everything is flooded. :(  They got it really bad....We got some rain but no wind,,and a town above us got tornadoes,, they even touched down, a few of them did.! It was scary for a while.

I switched quilt guilds. Because of the shooting last fall, I am going to one up in Virginia,. I'm thinking it's better, because its in the day time. but it takes time to drive an hour to get there..

I'm gaining weight!! not sure why,,and my sinuses are killing me. I'm going to a Specialist in October.

We are fine other than that..

Hope your ok...miss talking with you,,,. When I make my bread I think of you every time..Be good...talk to you later...My husband got me on here...this new Computer 10 is hard to understand...

I'm sure you know

miss you,,write soon.

At 6:53pm on July 31, 2018, Joanna liguz said…

Oh dear..! its been way too long and yes we too have retired,,have been going since the beginning of May. 

I'm happy you got your eyes done,,but I'm sure its scary at the same time. Yes old age is a bugger.!

Its raining here this week..it's been so dry the past month. And it's been so hot too.

We went traveling to Pennsylvania, When he first retired. To the "tabernacle" and bought fabric there. then we went to Ohio, then off to see Paducah Ky. to see the ark encounter, and the museum. Oh my that was crazy big...it too us all day to go thru it.! I also stopped by the "Quilt in a Day" but it was closed.! it only opens during "Quilt week"  I was disappointed...

Then came home thru the mountains of North Carolina to see the Dixie stampede..Now that was fun too..

so we came home and fund our garden blew up with veggies,,so we are canning relish, and pickles, we even borrowed some larger cukes from a neighbor and made cinnamon pickles,,Oh my are they good,,,and so much that we like them,we made 2 batches...Oh dear why are we making so much food? Now we decided to make sweet gherkins and they are on day 3 of day 5..

We also go to the nearest pool to go swimming most days, and I am trying to get my Dh to relax,,,,its been quite a while since we did things for fun.

we are also painting our kitchen, and our calendar looks so busy most of the time, I'm not sure I know where I am supposed be half of the time. LOL...

I think I may have been infected with my phone so we haven't been on here very much...Hopefully things will have calmed down.

Our DD calls us a lot more now than ever with the DGS..Jackson is 2 1/2 and you can carry a conversation with him,,he is so funny, He told us " Grandpa....don't take a nap.." and Grandma "Your funny" He is so cute,,and so grown up for such a little boy....and so full of expression!!  We love it..!

Our DS Chris, ended up in the hospital, with a heart that wouldn't  go back into rhythm...so they had to hit him with the electric paddles.! Yes well we were ready to go up there in case anything had happened....it was hard to sit here and wait for them to tell us everything was ok...Whew! thanks goodness it worked, He is fine...and back to work.

I finished the top for the NQC, waiting for me to finish it...no time...it's summer!

I also joined another quild,,in Virginia. lots more to do and more friendlier ladies,,most of them are from other states,,not just from NC. I quit the other one in December. These have a lot more going on...and more interest in each other not just themselves. It's almost an hour away but it is so worth it.

Well I'm sorry I haven't written. it seems we have lots of to and..it doesn't get any better with any season.

Good luck with retirement,,it is fun but watch out! your days will get full regardless.

Have fun finishing your blocks..I know I had fun with them...so pretty with what ever color you use...

We are both well,,,healthy,,,and happy...but way too busy...

Take care,,write when you can...bye for now..

At 7:24pm on March 6, 2018, Joanna liguz said…

Hi Janette, 

It was good to talk with you the other day,,and Yes I missed you,!

No one to talk with anybody,,,

I was sick too but my neighbor lady gave me some liquor,,yes Liquor! Rocky Road,,take a teaspoon with some tea,,,and go to bed,,,I did it 3 times and I was feeling better in not time..Frank got it first! He gave it to me,,,

Yes I am doing the challenge,,I got so crazy with all the comments...it was nuts,!

Our pastor and his wife are coming from New England next week and we are getting ready for them to stay with us for a few days,,,

My socks are on hold for a while I made them too small I can't get my foot in them...so I wait to take them apart,,,,

I'm also making a crocheted afghan, there was a girl from one of the churches we went to when we first moved here,,she got into a car accident with her MIL, and her MIL died, and she lost her left arm up to her shoulder she has a 3 yrs old daughter...I feel so bad...

I am not doing shows,,I have 2 to do in April,,,and getting several to do in the fall..I made tons of bowl holders I think I'll go crazy if I have to do more of them,,but I do keep selling them..My sister from California ordered 10 of them...!!!

So who is this cutie in the photo's ? this dark haired little girl? she's cute....

New England is getting another Nor'easter...the poor people up there,,so happy we are down here..I cleaned up our yard, picked up branches,,,my daffodils are all up and blooming.! and it was 75* the other day!..

DH made the flower bed our of concrete blocks - just like the one in our front porch.

Now all I have to do it fill it up,!

the garden is planted with beets and spinach,,but they are really kind of little,,it got really cold here,,it was only 20* UGH!!!

I have now joined the "Golden Age Club" it is a club where other women older than I am,,,I must be the youngest or close to it...We go on trips and out to eat.. once a month,,and them we have meetings...in between...Its run by the town..of Henderson, NC

Our 6 week bible study is over,,I was doing 4 of them a week,,it was nuts for a while.

We will be taking a trip up to Pennsylvania to get some paint, food and some fabric at the stores up there. things we can't find here,,oh yeah also we will be going to see" Sight and sound " the play that is on now is "JESUS"!!! I cannot wait.

My king size quilt is at the long arm person,,I should be getting it back at the end of March...

Oh dear,,some sad news,,our pastor that was at our church for the last 3 yrs,,,has left and is moving this Thursday, Friday,  and is leaving to go to Camp Grace on Saturday,,,Frank is suposto be driving the truck...they were the only friends we had,,,who we really got to know well enough to have us over again...We're about the same age,...they are a little younger..  so sad. and their daughter who is about 25 yrs old is really a sweet girl,,we kind of took her on..when her parents went to go certain places...we would invite her out to eat with us...I made her a set of flannel pillowcases,,made out of 

the Ninja Turtles,,she loves them...sweet girl. We are going to miss them.!

I have our golden age girls tomorrow morning then sew more walker bags,,and bowl holders,,, Whew! I am so tired,,,some days...

Hey listen !!  Do you take naps..? I took a 2 hr nap the other day and still slept well at night,,how does that work? But we did spend the day out side cleaning up the lawn,,I was on the lawn mower and he took the blower,,,the place look great,! Our grass is so green,,, it pouring out right now and has been for  the last 24 hours...

at least it isn't ice or snow.! sorry your running out of wood,,and you used up more than last year,,,,I so remember those days...it got really cold here in January,,2 weeks below "0" ----UGHUGHUGH

spring is co

At 8:35am on February 13, 2018, Joanna liguz said…

Hello there,,I know life is busy with us both. I don't get on here much because I am in my sewing room from morning to evening. We got accepted to 2 craft fairs- both in April,,,So I'm trying to get my stock ahead.

My e-mail is :  Jliguz@hotmail.com

Writing me there is easier, and I may see your letters sooner.

DH is now retired,, We got most of everything finished in the house that we needed to get done..Whew! He is happy to be home.! Me too!

Well I need to get back in my quilting challenge, it's NQC = National Quilt Challenge, the girl that is doing is isn't quite sure on how to write out a challenge so there are a lot of mistakes in the directions,, we get one a week. I like it but it takes time for me to figure it out as it changes every week....but they are really pretty and a lot of people are doing them so you can see everyone's color choices.

Well have a great day as it is cool and rainy here...Hope your all doing ok,,I haven't heard from you since Christmas..!

Stay warm....Summer is coming.......!

Have a blessed week.!

At 7:13pm on December 27, 2017, Joanna liguz said…

Merry Christmas! and a Happy New Year!

Irene Gallaway, texted me first thing Christmas morning so that was a big deal for me...we only got text from our children,,,no phone calls,,must be too busy.!

We watched movies all day and then the next day we went outside to burn paper and all the branches that were our side. Our lawn is all clean now.

Today we went to our friends business to help them pack up because their business is closing,

and they are going to do it on line. They have until the end of the year to pack up..

I still have my cold, but it comes and goes, I didn't take the cold meds at night because I wanted to sleep with out it...but I'm back on the night time meds again. UGH!

Well the fabric I  bought several years ago.........Yes, several years ago,, I figured out how much fabric I need and I'm going to make a "card trick" for OUR BED. I have never made one quilted before,,

But, I have my hand sewn one...this one will be black with dark colors and gold in it. Hopefully it will be big enough.! 

DH has now retired..!!!! Yay! Now we will never be home,,but that's ok..as long as we're doing things together.! Ill be fine..He is already planning the garden for next year..LOL Oh my..but that's how he thinks...

I had a big craft fair at my house and I did really well...and I also went to a craft fair and we did really well there too. The things I thought wouldn't sell did,,,and the things I thought would sell- didn't!

Ok I'm going to tell you something - I hope your excited as I am...

If you ever get the chance..would you like to meet me in person? Well now that DH is retired...I would like to meet some of the people who has made a difference in my life...

and one of them would be YOU. So on our travels I would like to meet up with you some day...Wouldn't that be fun.? I don't know when,,but I would like to see some of my quilting buddies.

Christmas sounds like fun at your house.! 

We have no snow, but up north where we usto live got about 5"-8" We don't have a drop of snow...So happy for that.!

Your quilt sound pretty! with FROZEN and all, I bet you did a great job..did you take pictures with her in it? How sweet.!

My meds are kicking in...I'm sorry I don't keep up as often as I usto but I can't get my "quilt with us" on my phone,,so I don't get on here often,,,and sometimes this computer doesn't work all that well.. We'll have to get someone who knows how to clean up this thing.

and your right....Quilting and sewing is a lot more fun than watching the lady that I was working for....LOL! Yes we are very busy...but that is a very good thing..

Have a blessed week.....I pray you and your DH have a great New year and looking forward to meeting you...Hopefully real soon...

I'm really blessed to have you write to me all this time..I love this..

At 7:07am on December 20, 2017, Joanna liguz said…

Hi there...The old computer is not working half the time so I don't go on here much,,,

we just finished munching up the leaves yesterday..it was 70* 

I made some fabric bowls  actually about 60 of them.! Made them for my craft show at the house here and we did really well.. I also did a craft show later on in November, did really well there too.

Now I'm making curtains for the spare room, fish tail swags. We'll see how they come out if I can only remember how to cut the angle on the ends,,LOL.

I also had some orders for come coasters, now I am done with those...and now to get somethings done for us...I do try and not sew before Christmas,,but it seem hard when someone orders it.

I sent clothes and food for the kids up north..they really love our cooking so it really made it special...esp...when our daughter says that Jackson the 2 year old loves the fudge,,,! Oh yeah! 

We are not going anywhere for Christmas but I bet your house will be full or your going to go to the kids house. Have fun...they don't stay that small for long.

Oh I have some news..I am NOT allergic to dairy! It was my stomach, extra heartburn,acid reflux,,

Oh my! really how exciting! I am eating all kinds of foods, I now take this pill and my stomach doesn't hurt so much...You have no idea how many times my tummy would hurt after eating, it was just so hard.! It took about 2 weeks to get into my system....but it was worth it...I had chocolate last week!

I'm going to make a crock pot dinner now, I'll talk with you later.

It seems the older we get, we are more busier than usual, how can that be.?

Have a blessed week..................

At 8:18pm on September 20, 2017, Joanna liguz said…

Hello Hello....So glad your here..and doing well...

I'm not working!!!    So I have been home since the beginning of  August. They wanted to get someone who doesn't make that much money so they let me go..Its fine - I'm not looking any more...

so enjoying this time at home,,I got so many things done...I started rug hooking again...so very happy with that,,,

We put up a bushel of peaches,,,We went to Mt Airy..Oh it was so pretty and we saw so many shops.!

that's where we bought the peaches...They were so good...Now in the beginning of October we will go over there to Wilksboro, NC and get our apples...for apple sauce.

We ended up painting our living room, and my DH made our fireplace mantle..it came out really  nice.!

Wow the baby is going to school.? What how time flies! That must be giving you some relief...I know they get you so tired. lol!

I still haven't done any sewing,,but our Guild has a farmers market in November, so all of us are pitching in to give some of our homemade gifts and hopefully make some money for us as a group.....I don't remember but do you go to any quilt guilds? or any sewing groups?

Well my class for rug hooking is tomorrow, and my bible study on Deuteronomy is on Friday morning.

DH may be out of work sooner instead of later,,,He's only working on Saturday mornings....then we can do what we want...!

Garden is almost done, wealmost got the last of the tomatoes....more juice or pasta sauce,,,!

Have a great week,, write soon......................DH turned 63 on September 1st....

What a crazy weather patterns we are having with all the hurricanes HUH!

At 9:38am on July 19, 2017, Joanna liguz said…

Hi There,,Got on the computer today really easy,,,My day off so I am cleaning like crazy.!

We are having a cook out with our Sunday School class, at our house,,but it's suposto be 100* by then, and the humidity will be up there too. So I am trying to organize my house..it is coming along.

My you have been busy..Summer is way too hot and with no rain, its not any better than what you got.

Yes I am still working, job is good..old ladies are still crabbie....... and DH is still working too..but not for long..He may be out at the end of the season...He just wants to be home doing things here..and going places..We went to Raleigh and saw a concert with Jeremy Camp, Mercy Me, Natalie Grant, and 2 other bands..it was a great night!  then the next day we went to a play-"the Wizard of Oz" Really nice...had a great weekend, that was for my birthday a few weeks before. We are still celebrating. LOL!

Our garden is good but slow..no tomatoes,,,well green ones...cukes..we will make relish tonight. The big thing we did this year was my herb bed,,,it rurned out really well. and we put stone in a lot of places so we wouldn't have to contend with the mud and dirt from the garden..everything seems to come in the kitchen.! My rosemary is really large and basil, lavender, chives and lemon balm etc,,,,, and it seems the humming birds are all over the place..along with the butterflies.We spread mulch out on one of the hottest days of the year and it was nuts,,We were so tired, but the place looks great.

Life here is good,,,time to slow down for a bit though...We are very busy with everything going on,,,and to think if we had grandkids life sure would be different. A friend of ours told us he had a field of verggies and to come get them.. WHAT? Ok so we got corn, cabbage, tomatoes, cantelope, watermelon...That was nice,,I may not grow so much in our garden next year if that's the case.

He just plants rows of it with his tractor...How sweet is that? You see God provides.!

We planted the rhododendron's and now we have to water them...Bad move when it's this hot out! Hopefully we did ok with the herb bed,,but he covered everything with newspaper before he put the mulch on.

Well I need to get back to cleaning,,No sewing here,, I'm out side way too much..and work is getting in the way again...oh well..

Enjoy the grandchildren while you can,,,,kiss them often,,hug them a lot and take pictures, they grow up before you know it..

Have a safe summer and be good..............write soon.

At 2:13pm on June 12, 2017, Joanna liguz said…

Hello Hello,,,My computer isn't working very well....So I haven't been on...Yes with work I have been very busy..Dh has been too...Still working at the nursery,,but probably not for long...it may be in the fall that he will stop working...

Ok for the bad news: We had to go to Connecticut again...My God-Father Tom, passed away,,,We just got back home..and we are so tired..I almost fell asleep at work,,,and I still have to go to my quilt guild meeting..UGH!

Oh no a hip operation! That's one that will make all things new..you'll feel better is what a lot of people are saying..

Wow I did hear of your storms..but the computer gets down every time we have a storm..

At least your working at sewing,,I haven't been able to get there..sat down last night and did one seam..its too hot!

We have a lot of yard work to do,,,we started making a herb bed in the back of the house,,Haven't finished it yet.

Our son gave us a rhododendron, so something else to water when we are already in a drought...it was 98* today

Well I need to make supper for DH...Have a great week............

At 7:41am on May 20, 2017, Joanna liguz said…

Good morning, I am so sorry I haven't written in so long...But my new job part time has gotten me so busy I don't have time to cook either.!  So what's up? you ok? I haven't heard from you in a while...

I started my new job just about 2 weeks ago, my other lady friend died.:( --This lady is a joy to work for,,,she doesn't talk much but none of them really do. Easy company and the son and Dil who hired me love that I'm able to come sit with her, and the house is really clean, and kept up.

I haven't sewed in about a month...This job keeps me so busy and with it being around the corner from the last lady, (1/8th of a mile) so I'm still traveling the same...and I'm not in the heat anymore...They were sad that I left...but they knew I was always looking for a caregivers job.

Our bedroom is done except for the shutters and curtains...and the decorating, but that will come in time when I know what I want to put in there.

I got sick again but it was only a weekend cold...that was crazy. I

I also went on a "Women of Joy Conference" That was fun and inspirational.

We are trying to plan a trip for our anniversary. in October...Not sure where we will go yet.

Well I do hope your fine..I'll have to see if I have your phone #...

Have a great weekend..........


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