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Got back in to quilting/sewing after a 20 year break. Didn't know how much I missed it until I started quilting again. Can't get enough, unfortunately work takes up about 50 hours a week . Raised 6 children, all but one is out of the house so my non work hours are for hiking, quilting, and cooking.
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quilting, applique, machine quilting, general sewing, knitting, other
My pets are awesome!
Puma the cat.

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At 1:23am on June 13, 2010, Mary johnson said…
Dear Friends

The challenge is out, lets see how many of us can join the wonderful new campaign called Stitching for Pink !!! Starts today until 30 October. Its gonna be so much fun with 10 projects to complete. Come on Embroiderers lets unite and join the fight against Breast Cancer !!!

Go sign up now and let the fun begin.


Hope we see you there


At 5:50pm on April 13, 2009, Suzanne McGurk said…
I saw your blocks 7 and 8. They still are my favorites because I love the fussy cut kitties in the centers. I can't wait to see your finished quilt! My Sassy has been such a bad girl, 3 months old now. I am sure Puma never did this. I shut her in the hall bathroom not knowing she was in there. A little later my husband tracked down her very distressed meows. Somehow she had opened up a drawer right next to the door and there was no way we could get the door open past 1/2". Not enough room to do anything! My husband ended up, after we tried everything else, sawing a big square hole in the door so he could reach in and close the drawer and open the door. It didn't help that she was sitting in the drawer until he started up the saw. We bought a new door this evening and he has to put it in so, needless to say, I have a very unpleasant and unhappy husband right now who has not a whole lot of use for me or Sassy! Someday we will laugh at this, right?
At 5:37am on March 17, 2009, Lauren Eberhard said…
Cheryl, You are welcome....Glad you had time to spend with your granddaugher!
At 9:20am on March 5, 2009, Lauren Eberhard said…
Cheryl, I'm so sorry that I didn't make myself clear on the directions for a 12" square block.
I've added the size of squares that nee to be cut for a finished 12" square and they are underlined. PLEASE ASK if you still have any questions
OK here are the instructions for making the Carpenter's Square wall hanging. If you have any questions, please ask.
God Bless.
CARPENTER’S SQUARE by Lauren Eberhard
Size 12" x 12" will be underlined
Size 24x24 will be the first set of numbers.
Size 32x32 will be the second set of numbers stated in ( ).
Size 40x40 will be the third set of numbers stated in [ ].

May I suggest that you print all the directions and highlight the size numbers that you are using to avoid using the incorrect directions.

12" x 12" block size finished 1 1/2" x 1 1/2"
Fat quarters should be enough for this size

24" x 24" Block size finished 3” x 3”

dark corners and binding 1/3 yd
background 2/3 yd
color 1 outer star 1/4 yd
color 2 outer star 1/4 yd
color 3 inner star 4" x 16" or 1 FQ
color 4 inner star 4" x 16" or 1 FQ
batting 28" x 28"
backing 28" x 28"
32" x 32" Block size finished 4” x 4”

Dark corners and binding 1/2 yard
background 5/8 yard
color 1 outer star 1/3 yd
color 2 outer star 1/3 yd
color 3 inner star 5" x 25" or 1 FQ
color 4 inner star 5" x 25" or 1 FQ
batting 36" x 36"
backing 36" x 36"
40" x 40" Block size finished 5” x 5”

dark corners and binding 1/2 yd
background 7/8 yd
color 1 outer star 1/3 yd
color 2 outer star 1/3 yd
color 3 inner star 6" x 27" or 1 FQ
color 4 inner star 6" x 27" or 1 FQ
batting 44" x 44"
backing 44" x 44"

Just a note before you get started. I am going to use slightly oversized pieces for the half-square triangles , so after sewing them you will trim to exact size needed. I find that this is easiest for beginners, and since many different level of quilters are making this wall hanging, I chose to give the directions that I feel will help everyone have a finished project they will be proud of. If you are an experienced quilter, you may cut your pieces at the block size + 7/8”. You may also use Thangles or any other method to make the HST.

Cutting: Cut 4 squares from dark fabric 2" x 2", 3 ½”x 3 ½” (4 ½” x 4 ½”) [5 ½” x 5 ½”]. Label these A.
Put aside the rest of the dark fabric for binding.

Cut 12 squares from background fabric 2" x 2",3 ½”x3 ½” (4 ½”x4 ½”) [5 ½”x5 ½”]. Label these B.

Cut 16 squares from background fabric 2" x 2" , 4" x 4"(5”x5”) [6”x6”]. Label these C.

Cut 12 squares from color 1 fabric 2" x 2", 4”x 4” (5” x 5”) [6” x 6”]. Label these D.

Cut 12 squares from color 2 fabric 2" x 2", 4”x 4” (5” x 5”) [6” x 6”]. Label these E.

Cut 4 squares from color 3 fabric 2" x 2", 4” x 4” (5” x 5”) [6” x 6”]. Label these F.

Cut 4 squares from color 4 fabric 2" x 2", 4” x 4” (5” x 5”) [6” x 6”]. Label these G.

Piecing: On wrong side of all C squares *draw a line, ( I use a #2 pencil) from corner to corner. Also
draw from corner to corner on 6 D and 2 F.

*HINT: Use a sand paper board so your fabric won’t move when drawing lines.

Take 6 of C and the 6 D without the line on the wrong side and place right sides together
with C on top so you can see the drawn line. Sew a scant ¼” on both sides of the line on all six
Repeat with 2 C and 2 F without the line on the wrong side.
Repeat with 6 C and 6 E without the line on the wrong side.
Repeat with 2 C and 2 G without the line on the wrong side.
Repeat with 6 D and 6 E. D will have the line drawn.
Repeat with 2 F and 2 G. F will have the line drawn.

Pressing: PRESS -- DO NOT IRON! First, press all the sewn pairs flat to set the stitches. Now cut ON THE
SOLID line to make 2 blocks from each pair. Place darker colored fabric on top and press
block open towards seam. Repeat for all sewn pairs.

Trimming: Measure each block and make sure it’s 3 ½” x 3 ½”. Trim if necessary.

Assembly: Following the picture, start in upper left corner with a dark square and go across the row.
Lay out the complete quilt on a quilt board and make sure all the pieces are in the correct
position. A picture with your digital camera can be a great help here. Once your blocks are
all placed correctly, sew together in rows, and then sew rows together.

Layering: Lay backing RIGHT SIDE DOWN on table. Gently stretch and secure. Lay batting on top and
smooth out and secure. Place quilt top right side up and smooth over backing and batting
and secure. Baste in your desired method. Quilt. LABEL!!! Post picture!!

Send me an email on what you liked and DISLIKED about this project at
At 6:30pm on March 4, 2009, QuiltDragon said…
Hi Cheryl, thanks for the message about the Southern Stars quilt top. When I look at it in the pics, the white background is a lot brighter than it seemed in person, but I like it very much anyway.

Go for it! If you're in the mood to finish, then knock yourself out.
At 4:57pm on March 1, 2009, Lauren Eberhard said…
I was just wondering if you ever made the carpenters square in the 12" size. How did it turn out - if you did? Any problems? Inquiring minds want to know!!
At 5:43pm on February 18, 2009, Quilty-Louise said…
Just the ASG (American Sewing Guild) that is the ONLY
one I belong to, and if it weren't for the 10% discount
card to Joann's I would probably drop them.
Might have to drop them this tear anyways since I am
unemployed at the moment.
At 9:35am on February 18, 2009, Suzanne McGurk said…
Hi Cheryl, Thanks for the comments. You have a beautiful family and your granddaughter is so precious. Bet you are enjoying yourself with her. Buddy is a cutie too but that kitty of yours is like nothing I have ever seen. He looks like part tiger, part leopard. I want him! I got a little tortie siamese 2 days ago. She is so tiny and I forgot what to do with a kitty. We hold her all the time so I am not getting too much done around here. Keep using the cats in your quilt blocks. It is unique!
At 5:15am on February 18, 2009, Lauren Eberhard said…
Cheryl, I reread your question - duh! Your half-square triangles would finish 1 1/2" square.
At 3:40am on February 18, 2009, Lauren Eberhard said…
Cheryl, Do you mean a miniature 12" square? Let me know and I'll get you the sizes you need. Lauren

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