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Moving along

Just thought I would share and update since my last post in Feb.

I finished the quilting on the Blue quilt in March and it is just waiting for me to stitch on the binding.

In February I went on a retreat with all the girls in my family - Daughter, Daughter in law, Grand daughter, Step daughter and SD's mom. It was fun and I pieced another weekender quilt top for my mother in law, who is now in a nursing home.

I quilted that in March and finished up the binding in April.…


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February 2015

Goals for 2015 -

Do I dare make goals?? I have tons of WIP's to work on. Not to mention the quilts I haven't started that I want to start.

I do have one quilt loaded on my long arm. It's the blue and white squares and I try to put in about 15 minutes to 1/2 an hour, couple of times a week on it, but I am slow and easily distracted.

If I do make goals it would strictly be for quilts I want to get done, not small projects like table runners, or hot pads.

 But how…


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Year in Review - 2014

This year as far as quilting goes has been a complete bust. I don't think I have completed one quilt this year.

I am currently quilting a quilt for a friend but that has been it. :( I have made some scarves, a couple of baby outfits and I do have a baby quilt ready to be bound. I just remembered I did quilt a baby quilt for my step daughter's new baby. It was a chevron panel with minky on the back. Cute and super easy.

I think ever since I had to go back to work several…


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Happy Holidays

Hi there,

Ok, so last weekend I went to Minneapolis to the Ikea store and got a new sewing table and a new cutting table. YAY!!! I love them both and they cost me around $200. YIKES!! 

They are my Christmas, anniversary and birthday presents from my husband to myself because those events are all in this month and next month but now I just checked out the clearance section on the CT website and am wondering if $100 worth of fabric is asking to much to add to my gifting to myself…


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Happy August 2012

Thank you to my friends that posted comments on my April post.  I really appreciate your comments.

Usually I just throw stuff out there to see what sticks. :) It's nice to know someone is reading these blog posts. Funny thing though I have been posting since 2009 but only once a year for the last 3 years. This post is breaking that streak. ;0

I posted some new pics so take a look.

I am finally on days now, though I am not sure that really gives me anymore time, it just…


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Happy April

Well it hasn't been quite another year yet and I am posting again. I thought if anyone was looking through their friends pages to see who was still on I wanted them to know I still get on here every now and then. I have been working a full-time job for the last year and working on my sewing studio in my spare time. I haven't been quilting as much as I would like to be but still plugging away at it. I haven't finished anything in quite awhile and am hoping spring fever will kick me into high…


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July 2011

Wow, I can't believe a whole year has gone by. So much has happened.

I bought a Gammill Long Arm sewing machine last July and it arrived in August. After quilting True Blue on my domestic sewing machine I decided that was way too much work and it took forever to get it done. It also occurred to me that there may be others  who had tops pieced but didn't want to struggle with a full sized quilt under their regular machine as well so I started a Long arm sewing service in October…


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New Post YAY!!

Hi Everyone,

Since I haven't written a blog post in a long while I thought I would put something up. I added a list of completed and uncompleted projects to my page. It is nice to see it written down all in one place.

I finally got True Blue all quilted and binding on. I quilted it on my regular sewing machine and boy was that a bear. It turned out really nice so I can't complain though it really has pushed me to look into getting a long arm machine since it appears the…


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Book - The Healing Quilt by Lauraine Snelling

Wow, What a great book. If you are looking for a good read I highly recommend this story but be sure and have a box of tissues close at hand.
It's a story about survival and renewal. I loved it.If you have already read it I would love to hear your comments. If you haven't I say go to the library or you local bookstore and get it. You'll love it.

Added by Nancy Alberts on December 6, 2009 at 3:36pm — 2 Comments

Happy Day after the Day after Thanksgiving -Sat.

Hi everyone,

I am getting ready to make pumpkin Bars to take to a family get together on my husbands side of the family. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving day with my parents and two of my children with grand children. Hope You all out there in blogland had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

Here is my Mom's pumpkin bar recipe:

2 . sugar - 1 t. cinnamon

1C. salad oil - 1 t, soda

4 eggs - 1 t. vanilla

2 C. pumpkin - 1/2 t. salt

2 C. flour

2 t. baking… Continue

Added by Nancy Alberts on November 28, 2009 at 6:00am — 3 Comments

Birthday Quilt

Hi Everyone,
I gave my dear daughter her birthday quilt on Sat. and she loved it. I was so happy. Now on to other WIP's. I have 2 quilts I want to practice my free motion quilting on. I have been practicing on mu quilt sandwiches. I have also practiced with just paper and pen. I am still fearful of trying it out on something but I am working up the courage to do it . YAY!!! You will see something soon. :)
Have a great day.

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After the show.

Hi everyone,

I went to the DM quilt show this year and had a great time. So many beautiful quilts to see. I took too many workshops but I learned a lot and met a lot of very nice quilters.

Now I am home practicing my free motion quilting. YAY!! How liberating, to be able to quilt my own projects. I'm still in the practicing stage, but someday (cloud over my head , dreaming of completed projects).

I did look at the long arms and REALLY would like to have one. I think… Continue

Added by Nancy Alberts on November 1, 2009 at 7:31am — 2 Comments

Spending Time.

Yesterday i went to my youngest daughters house, Casey, to work on her baby quilt. I am also teaching her how to sew, which is challenging since i am really not a teacher. It does give us some great time spent together though and for that i will continue to try and teach . She is a willing pupil and funny too. we got the top all done except the last border and it turned out nice. It isn't the traditional baby colors that you would think of. Her baby room is going to be neutrals with little bits… Continue

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New to site

Hi everyone.

My name is Nancy and I am new to this site. I have been sewing for many years but only recently called myself a quilter. I have made several flannel comforters this last 6 months and tied them. I pieced a top years ago in a strip quilting class i took back in the nineties. Started quilting it, then set it aside and haven't worked on it since. The pattern is called Burgoyne Surround or Surrounded. I recently made a baby quilt for my new grandson to try my hand at quilting… Continue

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