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Summer UFOs finished...

I have had these tops in storage for years...it was time to get them finished. The one set on point will be added to the youngest grandson's wedding box. The other is for friends house warming gift when we visit on Thanksgiving.…


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FYI Thimble sizing


There are several ways you can measure your finger to order the right size thimble to fit you just right. The thimble sizes are based on US ring sizes.

Measure the finger at the base of the nail on the finger that you want to wear the thimble. For taller thimbles, measure between the base of the nail and your first…


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Skinny fingers...

I have been dieting since Thanksgiving. My 45th nursing school reunion is in the Fall. Just my luck, the weight came off my fingers!!! I can't keep my trusty ole thimble on. It keeps flying off. I scotched taped it on! 

What thimble do you find works best for you. I still love the metal ones...probably cause, that's the kind my grandma used and taught me to use.

We have had some spectacular sunsets this…


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Need I say more....

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Where does the time go.....

We have been busy with opening the lake house. The weather is finally turning to the good. Getting flowers in and feeding the birds! We have a very rare bird feeding at our feeder...it is an Indigo Bunting. My hubby remembers seeing one when he was a little boy. Sure hope they nest in our bushes and stick around!…


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Hello Ladies...

Just dropping in to say hello...

Really enjoying all the beautiful quilts lately. I have been designing a quilt for the lake, just need to get home and start making it!!

This week was our 44th anniversary...we have been dieting since the day after Thanksgiving. No sugar or carbs...we have done great...but miss a few favorite foods. So, hubby says do you want to go out to a fancy dinner oorrrrr grab a six pack of beer, a loaf of french bread, and a bag of chips!!! Can you guess…


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Out of the loop....

I went online to check out quilt classes at the local quilt shop....it has been a longgggg time since I have taken a class. They want $65 for a two hour class plus the cost of pattern and fabric. This is by a licensed instructor...what does that mean??? Is that the going cost now? Geez...

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Always an amazing site...

Yesterday, the launch was postponed. It went off today. We were about 10miles away. Tonight is the Blood moon  just beautiful over the ocean! Nature and man sharing space....…


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Look at my discovery

  • We arrived at our little cottage in Melbourne Beach. It is absolutely adorable! Look…

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Warm and sun

We arrived in Fl. Spent the morning with friends at Blue Springs Park. Over 300 manatees came in to warmer water quite a site along with other wildlife! Orlando is a crazy place to drive, but it is so torn up that it is dangerous driving  if, they ever finish it’ll be nice.…


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Fresh Start...

Good morning ladies-

I always look forward to a new year...mainly because we will be leaving for two and half months to Fl. It is a time for reflection and planning. Last year was good... but we lost dear friends and family members. We all know how difficult that is. Hoping this year will just be quiet and without so much drama in our lives as well as the world. 

We are spending New Years stripping out three rooms of our house. Have contractors in while we are gone to upgrade…


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What 30 minutes does to a room on Christmas Eve!

Good morning and Merry Christmas-

We opened our gifts last evening with the grandsons! They are definitely entertaining! They seemed to like their quilts but when there are toys to play with.....

We are getting blowing snow and dropping temps. Enjoy your day!…


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We would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday! It's a busy week and the elves are putting in overtime. Safe travels for you and your families! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!…


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A Picture sometimes is all you need...

This happens everytime...

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What was your favorite Christmas or Hanukkah gift as a child?

We had the grandsons this weekend,and we are dragging!!!! lol The topic came up, what was your favorite gift.  Mine was this gorgeous bride doll. I cherished her...she went everywhere with me. Hubby's was his first BB gun.

The question today is...tell us about your favorite toy!

The difference between a gift and a present...

A gift is something you want the person to have.

A present is something they want and you bought it for them.

Added by Pam/NY on December 10, 2017 at 10:13am — 15 Comments

A Christmas story (I'd like to forget)

We bought a new car this past summer. We didn't notice it didn't have mud guards on it. I would've made that part of the deal(darn). So, yesterday we drove down to the local garage to have them installed. When I went to get into hubby's toyota truck, we discovered I couldn't get my knee under the dash. I had not been in it since I got the new knee. Soooo, stop laughing...we get the bright idea... I should ride in the back of the pickup! If, I were 5 that would have been heaven. We only live…


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Calling all QUILTERS...

Good morning-

I hope everyone is busy getting those holiday projects finished! BUT...let's take the time to post a message! We are a wonderful group of ladies and gents who share a passion. QWU has given us a site to share and make new friends. We don't want to lose this site...apathy has done that to many. I was off the site for a few months, but am so glad to be reunited with friends near and far.

So, ladies and gents let's hear from you...It doesn't have to be all about…


Added by Pam/NY on December 6, 2017 at 6:36am — 9 Comments

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