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ABC's (Auto, Birthday, Chemo)

Hi all, 

Thought I'd pop in with an update from the Nile Valley.

A. This week my brother delivered a 'new to me' vehicle to replace our other vehicles that have a lot of years and enough miles on them. I now have a 2012 Ford Escape that is in very very good condition and should last me a long time! I'm very excited. Favorite feature? Why the heated seats, of course!  Winter is coming and no more cold tush! LOLOL…


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70th birthday party

Saturday we had 70+ people over to celebrate DH's 70th. It was a perfect weather day.... plenty of food and sunshine and fellowship. All of my family was there. Feeling blessed. Thought you'd enjoy an updated pic. It is our four kids, two in-laws, and Miss Bailey (8) along with DH and me.

Either later this week or the first of the following DH will start 6 weeks of 5 days a week chemo and radiation. Another new chapter begins....…


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Update from BJ

Hi everyone!

I can't remember if I did an update from the Aug. 11 post or not, so bear with me if I repeat stuff.  

What we thought was rapid onset dementia (DH) is actually Glioblastoma brain tumors (the same as what Sen. McCain had). DH had surgery Aug. 16. We are home now (he was in the hospital for 12 days) and getting ready to start outpatient PT as well and chemo and radiation. The outpouring of love and support and help is so amazing. God's goodness has no…


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Update on my DH

Hi all. Life has taken quite a turn. What we thought was dementia turned out to be GBM (glioblastoma) tumors I. His brain. If you can choose what type of a tumor to have, this is NOT it. He has surgery on Thursday. They could get 70% of the front lobal tumor, the other was inoperable. He will get chemo and radiation which will give us more, and better time, for several months. 

It has been quite a rollercoaster taking it all in, but God has given us such comfort and peace. We are…


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Greetings my friends!

Hi all -- it's been way too long since I last posted here. It's so nice to see so many 'faces' I know as I scan the posts.

Honestly, I can't remember when I last posted, so some of this may be old stuff but other will be new. I have managed to do some quilting/fiber art over the last several months, but my time is mostly filled with other things of life these days.

Last November my husband and I moved from working for the Retreat (which is no more) to full time volunteer staff…


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Merry Christmas!

Hi all!  Hope you didn't fall down when you saw a post from me. Yes, it has been a while.

This has been a year of change.  In the summer we learned that the lodges (where we work) were going up for sale, either all together, which would mean a business deal, or individually for personal use.  That left us a bit up in the air. With some other things that have gone on we felt it was time for a change for us.  We did a lot of praying and talking and both felt we were being led to a…


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Family Time

We had a really good time with family here over the last week. We celebrated two birthdays, including our Miss Bailey who will soon be 7 years old. Several requested to see her picture so I'm including one of her at her birthday then one with her mom and dad.…


Added by B J Elder/WA on January 30, 2017 at 12:13pm — 14 Comments

Happy New Year

Hope you were sitting down when you saw I actually posted! LOL  I've been pretty AWOL from here. Life has been so busy for me.

In case no one has posted, Annie Shaw, one of our CT family of bloggers, has died.  I do not know the details, but found out on Facebook.  Please keep her family in prayers.

I actually have made three things already this year ... a fiber art lighthouse picture, a little vest for a baby gift, and something else that currently escapes me. Oh my... where…


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Wrapped in a heavenly quilt

I just saw a post on Facebook that one of our members, Suzanne Lefevere, from Kennewick, WA was hit and killed in a head on collision. I had the pleasure of meeting her a few years ago. She was a wonderful woman and much beloved teacher and lover of all creatures.  Please keep her family and friends, students and fellow teachers in your prayers.

Added by B J Elder/WA on May 15, 2016 at 6:59am — 8 Comments

Proud Mom

Yes, this is a bragging post.

Yesterday DH and I went to some friends in town to watch the Seahawks/Cardinals football game. Living here in the northwest we are, of course, Seahawks fans.  Our son Adam lives in Arizona and one of his contract jobs is at the stadium where the Cardinals play. He paints the field for the football games ... all those yardage lines, etc.  It also means he gets to be on the sidelines during the games, just in case.

During the 2nd quarter yesterday a…


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Definitely a white Christmas here this year.

Added by B J Elder/WA on December 21, 2015 at 3:31pm — 15 Comments

Aloha & Home again

DH and I got to spend 7 days in Hawaii (Kailua, Oahu), missing all the snow, melt, runoff, floods, bridge and road washouts in our area.  Our youngest (Adam) took us (and others) over for the week to celebrate a wedding vows renewal for him and Jenna ... on the beach.  They were married by a justice of the peace 5 years ago and this was their wedding of their dreams. It was wonderful! In addition to the ceremony we did a lot of sightseeing. We hiked to an overlook near the southern tip of…


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Our Fairy Granddaughter

Finally got a picture of our Miss Bailey in her Fairy dress. She is growing up so fast.  The next picture is her with her dad ... pretty handsome fellow if I do say so myself.…


Added by B J Elder/WA on November 2, 2015 at 2:10pm — 18 Comments

Microwave 'Bowls' & some Personal Insight

Got four microwave 'bowls' made:

They were easy to make and go together pretty fast. Hope our kids enjoy them.…


Added by B J Elder/WA on October 26, 2015 at 10:49am — 14 Comments

Gift Making time

Today I had some time to actually venture to my (much neglected of late) sewing room to get started on some gifts for Christmas.  Today's project was camera straps for our 'kids' who have SLR Digital Cameras (drool). They went pretty fast and I'm pleased with the results.

Earlier in the year in…


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For our not so little 'fairy'

Yes this is for our "little" Miss Bailey for Halloween. She wants to be a "light pink and purple fairy".  Our little 5 year old DGD is now 43" tall and 79 pounds (remember when she was a preemie?).  First problem ...…


Added by B J Elder/WA on October 3, 2015 at 10:34am — 14 Comments

Fire update and a bit more

The fire near us is now 25% contained - which is excellent news!  Our cooler temps this last week or so and a little moisture in the air has helped. It is up high in some inaccessible areas. We've had 400 firefighters working on it and 4 helicopters dropping water, etc.  No structures have been involved and it looks like it should be out by the end of the month. What a blessing. Had it started a couple of weeks earlier it would be a much different outcome.  The really maddening thing is that…


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Heating up, so to speak

I'm sure most if not all have been aware of the terrible fire season we're having this year. Our state of Washington has had many major fires ... and now there is one more ... in the area where I live. It started on Saturday and grew from 15 - over 700 acres by this morning. It is still several miles from us, but depending on weather is could get close really fast (we often have a lot of wind out this way).  Rain dances and prayers would be greatly appreciated!…

A wide view of forested landscape with smoke risking generally above a forested ridge. It's a sunny day and distinct green trees are visible in the foreground.


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Thank you!

Words can't express enough thanks I have for each of you with your love and support over the years as I cared for my mom, and through her homecoming.  The service on Friday was great. My BFF came and officiated. She knew Mom, so that made it extra special to me. I'm intentionally changing my weekly routine, not going to town on the days I have been to help adjust to a new normal.  I think about and miss Mom greatly but am so happy she is healthy and whole and in her eternal home.  I would…


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Gone Home

Just two weeks ago Mom got to spend the day celebrating her sister's 100th birthday. Yesterday morning she had another celebration ... she got to go to her eternal home! I'll greatly miss her. She's been a huge part of my life these past 7 years especially as caregiver to her. Thank you for your prayers and support -- you have all helped me and encouraged me over the years. …


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