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Home Sweet Home......in Oregon

I am home bound now as our governor issued a ‘stay at home’ order this morning.  We can go to the grocery store or medical appointments or certain jobs. My husband is still working because his company is considered essential, they make parts for military and medical equipment.  My mom is in an assisted living facility and no visitors have been allowed there for over a week.  I call her daily as well as some of my siblings and my sons.  I have a quilt that I…


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   I’ve been meaning to post on here for quite awhile and with Pam’s nudging, I’m finally posting!  

For starters today is our 30th wedding anniversary.  A big milestone, and like with any marriage, we’ve had our ups and downs!  We didn’t really celebrate today other than getting high speed internet installed at our house.  We are in a rural area and were told by our old internet company that they will not be installing new lines…


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House Fire and A Shop!

Hello All,

It's been a hectic fall around here.  I started back to work (at the middle school) on Sept. 6 after a somewhat relaxing summer.  The Saturday after school started, Sept 10, I was home with my youngest son.  The breaker for the washing machine flipped off,  there was no wash going at the time, I reset it only to have it flip off again.  My husband was out working on the shop he's building but happened to come into the house for a drink of  water.  At that point, the…


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What To Do With The Quilt?


I haven't visited this site for quite some time.  Looking over the blogs, I see some of the 'old friends' on here, it's been good catching up.

I'm not sure if this picture will download, but here is my dilemma.  Our youngest son, Colin was engaged to be married.  The engagement lasted 11 months and they were to be married June 4, 2016.  Problems arose…


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Spring Has Sprung!

Happy Spring to All!  We are on spring break here in Oregon, at least the part I live in.  Instead of snow, we've been deluged with rain, but there are promises of nice (even sunny) weather at the end of the week.  I have this week off from work (school), I was busy over the weekend finishing up a quilt for my co-worker, Carol.  Carol was recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Three other co-workers and myself decided to make her a quilt (none of the others are…


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Comfort Quilt for My Sister

It's been awhile since I've posted on here.  As with everyone, life gets in the way too much.  We are in the middle of remodeling our kitchen, that was started the day after Christmas.  DH is doing all the work himself (I assist where I can).  With both of us working FT, it seems to be going at a snail's pace, but half of the kitchen is now done!  

My sister, Katie was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in November.  She had…


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Plum Jam

Since I don't have a quilt to show, I thought I'd share my day's work yesterday.  My 2 youngest sons and I picked plums from our loaded plum tree last weekend.  After giving away as many of those gems as we could, I still had a bounty of fruit.  I loaded up on sugar, pectin and 4 1/2 cup containers and ended up with this.  I now have Christmas gifts for co-workers and neighbors!  I'll be glad in December that I spent the time doing this!…


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And my summer is almost over!

Well, here we are...the tail end of summer. I work at our local middle school, we start back on Sept 2, the summer went way too fast. I did get one quilt done this summer for my oldest son's friend. I still need to post a pic of it completed. My goal was to get a queen size quilt done for OUR bed, but that is only in the beginning stages.

I tackled cleaning out many of our closets. I've decided that some sort of hobbit brings things Into this house at night and dumps it all in my closets!… Continue

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"Oh by the way, Mom"

I'm trying to post....again.  I'm having quite a time getting the picture and entry to go together!

I wanted to share the story about a quilt I finished a couple of days ago.  My son, Cory is out wildland firefighting.  The day before he left, he was telling me about his recent trip to Idaho with his buddy Kevin and Kevin's fiance, Ellie.  They were attending a wedding of another college friend, Alison.  Cory had a wedding gift quilt for Alison in tow.  He threw it in the…


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Quilt and Fabric Find

My Son and DIL have a dear college friend, Alison, she was married yesterday.  Here is the quilt I made for Alison and her groom, Matt.  I made a cinch sack to put it in that matches the border of the quilt.  The cinch sack is sitting on a church pew that we have in our home.  The story behind that church pew is that our family always sat in that row at church.  The pews were A-Z and my dad "claimed" the L row for our family, stating the L stood for Love.  When the…


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About my son......

This is another post not related to quilting, but it's all about family.  When I was pregnant with my second son, Connor, one of the blood tests indicated either I was carrying twins, I was much further along than thought or he had spina bifida.  I had a series of tests done here at my local doctor's office and all but the spina bifida were ruled out.  I was then sent up to OHSU (Portland) to have an extensive ultrasound for further testing.  The ultrasound was not…


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Thank You for the tips, Ladies.....Quilt Top Complete

A few days ago, I posted a picture of these quilt blocks with a request for advice on what color to use for the lattice.  I got some great suggestions and went to my LQS leaning towards using brick or barn red for the lattice, but I couldn't find just the right shade of that.  Next I looked for pale yellows, but none of them seemed to fit.  I tried for fabrics that had most…


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Advice Needed

Hello,  I need some advice on a fabric choice for putting this quilt together.  I'm going to use lattice between the blocks.  If the picture isn't clear, there is navy blue and dark green and the complementary color is tan/off white.  I was planning on going with a solid navy lattice?  What do you think?  

This quilt is for some dear friends of my son and DIL, they are…


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Now It's Our Turn

After reading/hearing about all the snow the East Coast/Midwest has been getting, I guess it's only right that we get a dose of it here in the Northwest!  I work at the local middle school here in Jefferson (Oregon) and school was scheduled to be in session yesterday.  There were dire warnings of a snowstorm coming in, but no one knew how bad it would be.  At 8:15, our principal announced that school would be closed for the day.....the kids were thrilled, and after arranging rides for kids…


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Two Sets of Twins!

Happy Super Bowl Sunday!   All 3 of my sons (and DIL) came home today to watch the game together, it's nice to have the whole family here! 

I'm making some progress on the quilt I began last August, maybe I'll have it done by August 2014!  

I wanted to share some other…


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Happy New Year (Pam)

Well, I don't have any pictures of my quilt projects.....I've been in a bit of a slump lately, I can't seem to get motivated to sew!  My goal tomorrow is to spend most of the day working on a quilt I started in August!  We'll see how that goes!

Since I'm lacking in quilt pictures, I thought I'd post some of our flock.  These ewes deliver lambs to us every year. Happy New Year to All! …


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Prayers for DH

Good morning.....My DH, Mike is having surgery this morning to remove his gall bladder. We have heard from many that it's such an easy surgery/easy recovery, but it's still surgery. We've had a bit of a roller coaster ride with this issue. Mike travels frequently for his job and a couple of weeks ago, he was in Ontario, Canada. He was flying home and had a 2 hr layover in Denver. He was texting me while there and was anxious to get home. About an hr after that, I got a text stating he missed… Continue

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He Graduated!

This is not quilting related, but I wanted to share some exciting news!  My oldest son, Cory officially graduated today from OSU!  He had his final final in physics this morning.....he is done!

This is a picture of him and his lovely bride, last summer at their wedding.  I am so proud of him, he persevered through some tough times and made it!!…


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Wall Hanging and Placemats

I finished up this wall hanging last night.  I used the book, Pioneer Sampler by Eleanor Burns and chose 6 of the blocks I liked the best.  The book has 12 blocks total, but that would have been too big for a wall hanging.  My plan is to hand quilt this project.  I haven't done that in a few years, so I'll be rusty, but maybe it will come back to me like riding a bike!…


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