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woo hoo

Finally we are escaping town. Talked to the other half and he and I are headed out of town for the day, tomorrow. He likes going to the Soap Lake area and I get to go to the quilt show in Ephrata. This will be a first for me as I've never been to a show other than our local fairgrounds. Hopefully I will get to see a few people from QWU that have said they will be there. I can't wait!!!

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Good morning all

Good morning everyone.

Surprize, surprize, I'm still on vacation this week. Some of you will remember last month when my vacation was cut short because my replacement didn't show. So this is the week that makes up for having to go back to work. I wish it were warmer outside, Ok yes I do worship the sun god. We get so little of it in the Northwest. So instead I have been working on a quilt for a friend, I don't know how she talks me into these things. LOL I had planned to work on my…


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I only turned my back for a minute, I swear.....

Ok Honey wanted me to run to wally world for a spark plug for the lawnmower, I come back and danged if I wasn't moved again. Over the weekend he had gotten most of the work done on the new sewing room. This morning he stayed home from work and laid the carpet put up the molding and a few more cabinets and sent me on my way to the store. I've posted the pictures on my page. I have a counter top for laying out the material and cutting. The embroidery machine now has its own space on the…


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Here we go again!

As some of you may recall I have been moved from room to room in the house. I went from one room in the house and my Longarm in the garage to ALL of me being moved into the garage. Then I was moved back into the house and occupied more territory than the other half. I have two rooms. Ok I had two rooms. So now the garage/ family room was going to be a small apartment but he has decided that the back half of the garage is being converted into an actual sewing room with walls and everything!! I… Continue

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And a happy birthday to all who have a birthday today.

I don't know how many of you live near washington state, or if you remember that Mt. St. Helens blew it's top today, 30 years ago. When they first started talking about the mountain erupting I kept telling everyone it would do so on my 21st birthday. It was the only exciting thing I could think of that would be happening then. Back in the day you could go out drinking the night before your 21st birthday and not get into trouble, so when the mountain blew the next morning, I was sound asleep.…


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You know I've often wondered how it is that so many of you can get these quilts done. Bing bang boom and you're posting pictures of two three quilts at a time. The answer has finally come to me this evening. You don't live with my herd!!!!!! I have the BF, the lovable wonderful tollerant man that he is, has limits. Doesn't give a wit about quilting. Example, He thought that my fan quilt was going to pieced together to look like the front of Charlie Brown's shirt. You see, you know what I am…


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Rainy days and mondays, don't always get me down

HI to every one. Hope mothers day was a happy one. Yesterday I worked but the other half made dinner for us and it was nice out, we couldn't have asked for more. Today its raining but I don't care, it's my day off work. So it can rain all it wants to. I have been working on a quilt with fans to replace the one on the bed and it's coming along nicely. I should have most of the blocks put together today and finished up by tomorrow. Hey with any luck at all I could get the thing pieced together… Continue

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Hi to everyone,

Just wanted to post an update. I was working on the BF's daughters quilt and finally got it finished and sent off to his daughter. She loves the quilt. At least she said she did. I got the text message anyway. Ok kids today just aren't into talking on the phone. So my stupid question is what does "mmk" mean in a test message???? I realize I am behind the times on all this but I am just curious.

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Pardon me for ranting

I just may stay on vacation. I found out that I am suppose to work, not my usual shift of early morning, run on auto pilot and not think about how awful this job is, but three night shifts for the person that they were going to borrow to fill in. Lets do the math: I won't work on Wednesday which would be my monday so I would have to use a vacation day just to keep my hours for the week. that leaves three days vacation time IF I use the one day of vacation, and I don't want to because I want…


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bye bye vacation

It wasn't even 8 hours into my first day of vacation and I get the call. Some one didn't show up for work. Turns out the person they had to borrow went to work at their store because of a family emergency there and never bothered to call our store. I just got the call from my manager that my replacement can't make it this week. I should have gone to Bora Bora, they would have had a hard time getting me back even after my vacation!!!!

For those of you lost in translation: See below…


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vacation time!!

Ok so my day didn't start out so great. Got up and made it to work on auto pilot just as I always do. Checked in collected stock for my little box on the corner fuel station. Arrived at box and unlocked door admiring the fact that I am no longer going to work in the dark. Enter said box and forgot to turn the alarm off. Now there is an eye opener for you. WHY, and I repeat Why would security put the alarm siren on the inside of the building especially in a 15 by 20 foot room. Do you have any…


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break time

Ok I've been sewing fan pieces together for the last couple of hours and it is time for a break. I'm working on a replacement quilt for my bed. I hope this quilt last longer than the one on the bed. Wait a minute. the one on the bed has been there for 20 some years. Ok it's only the last couple of years and the three yorkies that have kind of torn it up with their scratching for a softer spot to lay on. I've cut pieces to repair the damaged quilt but I can't work on it while I'm still using…


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Just a little overboard

It was just a little overboard... Ok Joann Fabrics was having a sale and a 50% off coupon- how could I refuse the offer. It was payday after all and I did pay all my bills before I even went to work this morning. I did forget to gas up the car to get to work for the next week but I remembered before I left work so I figure I'll have to work next week too. I couldn't remember what was on sale but I look around and found the cozy flannel on sale for $2.00 a yard. The temptation was too much. I…


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my first customer????

Humm, what do you do when your friend calls and says she has a quilt that she sold and wants to have it quilted quickly? A friend of mine has been making quilts and quilting them by hand. she just sold a quilt to one of her friends at work but it isn't quilted. she wanted to know if I would do it on my longarm or if she could use the machine herself for a few hours a day during the week. This could get interesting. She has never done machine quilting which alot of us know is a whole new world.… Continue

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I may have gone around the bend...

I've decided that sence Pearl gets to stay and drive me nuts, first of all I am getting her fixed. (I couldn't begin to explain to my Vet's office why Pearl's father also became Pearls mate and fathered more puppies) So having settled that, I have also decided to repair my double wedding ring quilt, the one the little monsters have been clawing at. Surprizingly, I found the same material at Joann's this afternoon that I used some 20 years ago. While repairing said offending quilt I will add… Continue

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fool me once shame on you

Trying to fool me twice, I wish I could call the police. Many of you know that I have the yorkie puppy Pearl. She is now 4 months old and very much the trouble maker. Last week she was chasing our retriever Zeus and I think she bit him in the family jewels. He went after like I've never scene. Both of them are fine but I have had enough. I put an ad in the newspaper to sell her. I got a TTY call giving me an email address for someone wanting to buy her. Ok I send the email and I got a long… Continue

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Finally time for me

afternoon to all.

All the projects promised to everyone else are done for the moment. It's my turn for a quilt. I've used up all the quilt tops that I had stashed away on practicing with the longarm quilter. The double wedding ring quilt that I've had on the bed for more years than I wanna think about is in serious need of repair and time to be set aside. Now the only problem I have is what to make for me. I've got a design that I've been working on but I want to finish that one for a…


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what did I do to deserve this

Hummmm..... I get home from work and there are roses on the table. What did I do??? What did he do????

Flowers just because.... Such a novelity for me. Then he offers to go to the fabric store... I do believe that he is coming down with something, he must be. Granted he wanted a couple of things from the store but he didn't say a word when I did an about turn and scoped out the flannel on sale. When I found him again he was looking at a tote rack on wheels. Yes I could use that. (He's…


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Good afternoon to all.

I was just going through my emails and found that Sharon Schamber has gotten her new website up and running. If I knew how to put it on here for you to link to I would. You do have to register to use the site but she has alot of information on the site plus her classes if you want to take them. (I will be in the near future)

She also has a general chat section, I know that gets us all into trouble!!! You can post pictures of your quilts and ask questions…


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Can one really work well under pressure

So today is my only day off work this week. The boss is on vacation this week (hooooraaay). Hump that puts me in charge...... (Personally I would give everyone the week off. :) )

That being said, I got up this morning, determined to recharge the cell phone as it is also my alarm clock... danged if that Pearl didn't chew up the phone charger... I did explain that her father did the same thing and shocked the heck out of himself. That apparently didn't stop her, she chewed the lamp cord…


Added by Kathy/WA on March 29, 2010 at 4:17pm — 4 Comments

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