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Strong woman within

I miss my sewing machine and fabric!!!!  We've been apart over three months, but I am teaching myself something new...tatting...So my hands are still busy.

April 11th, I had signs of Cellulitis infection...My leg was hot, red and my fever was 103.  Off to the hospital via 9-1-1....and as the tests started coming back, I was sicker than I thought...anemic, very malnourished, A-fib was out of control, kidneys were shutting down, heart rate was in the high 100's, and the list…


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It's my birth month....

Even as we age and get older, I think we tend to look forward to our birthdays - wether we admit it or not.  We hope that we will be fondly remembered by family and friends alike.

This year has been especially difficult because it also signified the first anniversary of Wayne's death.  He was the positive in my life and I miss all the goofy surprises he would bestow on me.

Last Friday the dining room staff pinned a corsage on me, a few residents wished me a…


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Hats, hats, hats....

Both my parents died in November 2011, within 18 days of each other.  While I was going through that grief my quilting took a major hit.  Instead I started reading all the books on my shelves.  Then about six months later I sat down at my machine one day and within a week had another queen sized quilt top completed.

All of 2012, Wayne and I were looking for a new house with an open floor plan.  The incurable disease in my legs were making it very difficult to get around and…


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Seventeen months.....

It has been seventeen months since I left my house and so much has happened.

There were the three months in transitional care, trying to 're-learning to stand and walk...which never really happened.

After Wayne died in April 2013, I didn't come up for air until about September.  Had I not been so lost in grief I could have moved long ago.

As I think back, I only needed assistance for the first twelve days that I resided in Assisted living.  If I…


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Missing Quilts - Update

It's been over 2 months that Wayne slipped away in his sleep....the pain is so deep that sometimes I just want to curl up and die.  

Wayne's family agreed that each of us would get back what we had given him.  I didn't want duplicate household appliances, tools, or gardening items and gave a list to his sister of who might like some of these items.

All I wanted were the quilts I made him over the 37 years we were part of each others lives.  I thought all was…


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Missing Quilts

It's been over a month since the "love of my life" died....unexpectedly.  Most days - it's easier to think that he is still 'just on vacation'...so much easier to face than reality.

His siblings all agreed that whatever each of us bought or gave to Wayne we would get back.  I provided his sister with a list of items and told her that all I really wanted back were the FIVE quilts that I made him over the last 37 years.

Wayne's nephew - Joseph had been living with…


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Broken Heart.....

I'm so thankful that Wayne was able to spend Easter Sunday with me!  Those 8 hours we were together were so precious to me....especially now.

Over the winter Wayne (my significant other) had been in touch with "Bill" from east of Tucson, AZ.  They had the same interests in Astrophotography.  Wayne was heading to Arizona on April 5th for some "fun in the sun" and was anxious to be able to view the southern night sky again.

The evening of April 11th - I received a…


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Morons on the loose......

Last Saturday night, I was out wandering the halls....everyone disappears after the evening meal and this place is B-O-R-I-N-G!   I was looking for a snack in the small kitchen....

One of the Med-nurses walked by, sat down and asked 'How are you?'   Fine......

Then she said, How are you really?   Why?

Someone from 2nd shift told her that they had over-heard me talking to my son on the phone, said that I was fed up with this place and that I was…


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National Quilting Day.......

National quilting day was on Saturday - hope you all made an effort to stitch a seam or two!  

Someone donated some fabric to the Assisted Living Center, that I'm temporarily living in.  The Activity director stopped by with a HUGE bag and said to take whatever fabric I wanted.  Found some yummy Homespuns, which I will save for another time.  There was also 12 different Spring fabrics - which I cut up into 2-1/2 inch and 1-1/2 inch squares.

Saturday I sat down…


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Good News....

Monday the old REALITY bubble got burst....a few tears were shed and then I sat down and began to create a "to do" list.  

Tuesday morning - a new day.  Before I even rolled out of bed I told myself it's going to be a better day!  Start with some positive attitude, throw in a bit a humor and see where it takes me.

I had ONE item on my "to do" list and I accomplished it!!  Woo Hoo....I'm on a roll!  LOL

Before lunch, one of the nurses knocked on my…


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Old Challenges.....

It's been awhile since I checked in and the challenges continue to be part of my daily life.  On Nov 4th, 2012 I headed off to the hospital with a suspected stroke, as I lost all feeling in my right arm.  The MRI proved that I did NOT have a stroke, rather I damaged my Brachial Plexus in my Axilla (something snapped in my armpit) and left my right arm use-less!

Nov 8th I headed off to Cerenity Care - Transitional care unit and began a lengthy exercise program with Physical and…


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Therapy Update

Weekends are usually filled FULL of visitors....except today when our first snow fall of the year came!  There was at least 10 inches of snow by 3 pm and it's been a constant factor all through the day....beautiful to see and glad I don't have to deal with it (shoveling or driving in it).

Thursday afternoon I learned a new "trick" in Physical therapy.  I was receiving a weekly evaluation and when they brought me back to my room, asked if I had ever transferred myself from the…


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Cerenity Care

Finally have a wee bit of online access....


Nov 4th I lost motor skills to my right arm and an MRI proved that I did NOT have a stroke.  But I did short circut my "electrical system" in my arm.  Nov 8th I was transfered to Cerenity Care center to strengthen my arm and to re-learn how to walk.  My crutches used to keep me upright and now I will not be able to use them, because of the problems in my arm.


Re-learning to walk at age 60....scary!  Not exactly how I…


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Dad's Toolbox

My Dad's Toolbox

Is a lot like him...sturdy.

Been through a lot.

Made for hard work.

Held more inside, that you'd ever guess...

Sometimes, he'd ask me to pass him a tool,

And I'd know what he knew...

How it felt to set things right,

To make things better...to care.

Over the years, my dad's toolbox

has gotten heavy....

Heavy with memories.



Each perfect in its own…


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The Glue......

Through the years, it was my mother that was the glue that held our family together.  Then in December 2010 she started having more problems with her Osteoporosis.  With 5 breaks in her back, her spine became quite curved and her breathing became labored.  She walked stooped over, which pushed on her lungs and she was placed on oxygen 24/7.

There were times that she seemed almost childlike, often paced because she didn't know what she should be doing.  Dad took over her care and…


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Blended Fall Trip

Have completed two queen sized quilts in the past couple months (just uploaded the pictures). The "Blended Trip" was last winters project ~ as some of you might recall, my 'Three-thousand, Six-hundred Twenty-one' pieced quilt! The blocks were 3 inches and I included a close-up picture to show off the quilting.

I have primary Lymphedema and can't sit for extended periods of time, at my sewing table. But even an hour a day can produce the results I want & when I start out my day… Continue

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