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Thoughts on becoming a grandmother

I just found out I am to become a grandmother for the first time! My son & his girlfriend (yes, I wish it was his wife - I already sang that song to them 2 years ago when they moved in together but they were not listening - I refuse to punish an innocent baby by withholding my affections because they are not married) are going to be parents in September. I am really excited and thank the Lord, I love his girlfriend as if she were my own daughter - he's had some doozies, but happily, he… Continue

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I just updated my photos - and I just realized that if you move your cursor over the bottom of the photos, there is a navigation bar that pops up with a tab that you can click for information on each photos. Seems like I learn something new about this forum every day!! I love seeing the photos just to re-live the fun weekend.


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While at my retreat at Caroline's Sewing Room in West Branch, MI this past weekend, the soon to be owner of a new quilt shop came in. I also learned of one other shop that will be opening soon, and a third that has just opened. They are:

Quilt Inn (tentative name) - Frankenmuth, MI -- YES!! I've been saying we need a shop in this town for a long time! According to the owner, it will probably not be until the summer. She will have overnight space for retreats as well as the shop &… Continue

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Weekend Quilt Retreat At Caroline's Sewing Room - West Branch, MI

What a great weekend it was! I took Friday off from work and took my time packing & heading north. I only had to go back once after I realized I'd forgotton my camera & my refrigerated food! Luckily I was only 6 miles down the road.

I made a pit stop at the Prime Outlets in Birch Run for a little retail therapy, stopped & got a Chai Creme Frappucino at Starbucks and got back on the road. The weather was blue skies all the way. I arrived at around 3pm. Got everything… Continue

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SIgns of Spring, Vet Visits & Spending the Night in a Quilt Shop

Today on the way home from work I saw two signs of spring. #1 was a guy on a motorcycle - on February 26 in Michigan!!! And the other was a Mustang convertible with it's top down in a car dealer lot. I don't think we're done with snow yet - but 45 felt really nice.

On a different note, Shorty, the new Mi Ki in the house (he came on 2/10) had his first visit to the vet to get checked out. Bobbin, his 1/2 brother, came along too. He shook a lot, but Bobbin, who gets groomed there &… Continue

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FInally got some shots of the newest addition to the household - Shorty, a 5 month old Mi Ki - he has the same dad as Bobbin but different mom. Bobbin is a year old & I thought he'd like a playmate. Shorty has been here a week & a half and they get along really well - both boys. What a great breed - rarely bark or chew, don't shed, calm and loving - they have been called cats in a dog body & I believe it!! It's really good to have animals again. I grew up in the country & we… Continue

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Bright & Fun Part 2

I went to my pattern drawer to see what my pattern is called - it'snot the same as yours, Edith. I guess I sound like the quilt police but I'm really not - I just know how much work it is to design a quilt so I hate to see things like this happen. Most of the time it's innocent ignorance on the part of the offender. I did not write the laws, but I sure follow them!!

Unfortunately, Rebecca, I would not know where to buy another pattern as the shop I got it at is not selling it any… Continue

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Bright :& Fun Quilt

Out of all the pictures I've posted, #10 & 11 have gotten the most comments - the story behind this quilt is I saw a sample hanging in a quilt shop & asked to buy the pattern. The shop had sold out of the patterns & ordered more. I bought one when they came in and it was then that I realized this was really just a hashed together pattern. I called the "designer" & found out she was not really the designer. She was a woman who saw the quilt (an original design) at a quilt show,… Continue

Added by Mary on February 20, 2009 at 9:01pm — 4 Comments

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