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New photos

I have added some pictures of some of the quilts I have worked on this summer/fall, some of which hung in our Guild Show in September.  Most were for friends and clients.  It was especially fun to finish Mary's Hearts for a friend whose aunt had made the quilt before she passed away so now the family has a finished quilt to remember her. A similar situation applies to the Blue Star quilt which I finished for a family; this was the third top they had had me finish for them.

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September -- What???

Oh my where did the summer go?  Well, for the most part I think it melted away; like many of you we had a very warm one and it continues today.  Good news is that 'they' say it will be cooler next week.  Yea!!!

Overall, it has been a busy summer.  Our oldest daughter and family moved to Indiana after school was out in June; their son spent three weeks with us in June while he took part in Niabi Zoo's Junior Zookeeper Program.  He had a ball and was very appreciated by the zoo; they…


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Joplin Guild Member????

Does anyone here know of a Joplin MO guild we could contact re sending quilts to aid those who lost so much this weekend?  Our guild does a lot of charity quilts and have sent them to Japan and Alabama groups so am looking for a contact in Joplin.  Thanks for the help.  Can e-mail me privately at quiltinana@quiltinana.com if you prefer.

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Catching UP

Have not posted for a while or loaded any photos.  Decided to get a few newer pictures uploaded since I had them in the camera from prepping for a recent quilt show.  Has been a slow arriving spring but rather hectic with helping ED pack and prepare for a move in two weeks.  Am finally getting back in the quilting groove after the hip surgeries so have been attacking the pile of UFO's -  several table toppers have moved to new homes as completed projects as well my own table (surprise) and…


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Kari went home today (Wednesday) after removal of her dialysis stent!  Praise that there is no ongoing heart problems, her lungs will recover with rest and exercise, her kidneys are improving and no further dialysis is required.  Now she is home to recuperate and grief - they thank for their prayers from all around the world and ask continued support through this next phase of their recovery.


It is so good to know we can ask friends we have not met to help with these needs…


Added by Arlene Parker on April 6, 2011 at 8:30pm — 5 Comments

Latest update on Kari

Update from Pastor John:  Kari's kidneys are producing urine and generating new cells.  However, they haven't figured out how to filter yet and her numbers aren't impressive yet.  John said alot of fluid has been taken off in the last 24 hours - 4,000 cc's.   This is very good.  At her lowest her output was 100 cc's.  Kari's current insurance was for her and the baby so the hospital is unsure if they release her whether ongoing dialysis will be covered.  It is special insurance coverage that…


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Order received

My first Essential Pro thread order came yesterday and I am so excited.  My niece was here and we can't wait to get our first quilts loaded to try it out.  She even convinced me to let her take one of the spools for a quilt she had waiting at home to be quilted.  Love the feel and look - Kiwi and Orange Spice were the favorite of the colors ordered.


As an update on our Pastor's daughter Kari, she is still having to undergo dialysis and she has her up and down days.  She was…


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Kari Update

The latest we have heard is they plan to start dialysis today if her kidneys did not start functioning overnight. Josh's parents work with missionaries in the European area and apparently are coming in so prayers for their travel would be awesome.   They are all very appreciative of the prayers and support from everyone.

Added by Arlene Parker on March 27, 2011 at 10:18am — 5 Comments

Major Prayer Request

I haven't been posting much but have a request that can use all the prayer warriors available.  Our pastor's daughter Kari fell Thursday night resulting in an emergency C-section and losing their baby daughter two weeks prior to delivery. She had major issues getting her blood to clot and when that seemed to be controlled she has developed kidney failure which has worsened this morning.  She and her husband live in LA with their 2 y/o daughter; her parents finally got a flight out there last… Continue

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Off to the Mississippi Valley Quilt Show in Davenport IA - Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds on West Locust Street, 9-4 Friday and Saturday 24-25th September. Always beautiful quilts and great vendors. Stop by the Nolting booth and say hi.

Added by Arlene Parker on September 24, 2010 at 5:02am — 1 Comment

Fall in the Air and Quilts in Progress

It has been a windy weekend but cooler temperatures and no rain!! I LOVE IT!! Spent some time Friday in the yard and got more of the weeds out and trimmed up some of plants that need to cut back before winter. Sadly some of the garden is looking ready for winter but I am not - I plan to enjoy more of this gorgeous fall weather. It would be a bit better though if the wind would take some of this pollen elsewhere - itchy eyes today but thankfully not like they used to be.

I have my… Continue

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Party Day

Have been working on Miss Chickie getting back in the quilting mode for the last few weeks and things are beginning to look better = amazing how much you lose when you have not quilted much for the last year. I am trying to help my niece get some things caught up since show season is coming up for them rapidly as well as learn some new techniques in the process. Have done some pantographs, motifs and stencils and am having a ball = yes, will try to get some pictures up soon. Finished a baby… Continue

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New Machine Quilting Show

http://www.MMQShow.com/ Check this out for the Milwaukee Machine Quilting Show to be held in August 3-7.

There are classes scheduled with some fantastic teachers - Karen McTavish, Sue Patten, Dawn Cavanaugh, Pam Clarke to name just a few. These are both hands-on and lecture/demonstration and the prices are more…

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What a Day!!

Woke up to a phone call early this morning asking if we were okay because SIL had heard there was flooding all around us; ED had school canceled in Geneseo IL because of flash flooding. We have lived here over 30 years and I don't think this had ever happened before - the highway through town was closed at both ends because of flooding of a small creek. Several shopping areas/businesses were flooded as well as one trailer park had to be evacuated. It sounds like the highway is back open, at… Continue

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Saw my surgeon today five weeks after surgery for hip replacement. They took x-rays, which looked good according to him. His verdict - Go Have Fun and see me in 4 1/2 months, work in the garden cause the plants won't grow without you. I am going to do four more sessions of PT because I think it will help build some more strength in the muscles which have been so misused the last year. I can tell a huge difference in the last two weeks so know a little more is going to be beneficial; of course,… Continue

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Gorgeous Day

I am now three weeks out from my hip replacement, as of tomorrow, and I am feeling great. Yesterday I felt like I was really back to walking normally for the first time in months. I am still using my cane but have 'forgotten' to grab it a couple of times in the house. I went to our guild meeting last night and it felt really good to get out besides to a doctor or PT; tonight we are going to grandson's spring band concert. I am looking forward to it because I have had to miss several of his… Continue

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Happy Easter to all and thanks for the recovery wishes

I have been home a week now and things are progressing very well. I started therapy last Monday and am finding muscles which have been laying down on the job for too long but they are doing well. Stretching and building strength are the main orders of business - have been using a walker but tried out my cane today at the end of therapy. Surprisingly since I felt stiff it went fairly well but I am only going to practice at home for now and work on getting more strength and confidence, mostly… Continue

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Home and Recovering

Surgery went well though I did give the doc a bit of a challenge since there was more deterioration in the joint than he expected. He just said it gave him more of a challenge. Gotta sayope to he is a character but did a great job., Came in yesterday dressed in "yard boy attire" and said GO HOME. I actually was out of the hospital in less than 2 hours from then., Have been resting and am slowly beginning to feel more human. Grandsons and SIL got in last night from IN with granddog Bella so it… Continue

Added by Arlene Parker on March 27, 2010 at 9:07am — 8 Comments

Say good bye to the troublesome hip

By this time tomorrow I hope to have a new hip well on its way to being in place and ready for use. Today I am trying to get things together for the hospital and hope remember all the little things they told me to bring, Fortunately we don't live far from the hospital so someone can always retrieve anything my brain forgets. I am just praying that the blood pressure continues to behave itself and stays low enough to get this job done. All are saying the variations are because of the pain and… Continue

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But I Needed That Hour -----

I am more than ready for spring, i.e. sunshine, flowers, warmth, but I really could use that extra hour this week. Surgery is ten days out and I am trying to get a few clothing items done - robe, pjs, comfy slacks - ready to have. Two more pair of slacks to hem, pjs and robe to assemble so hopefully I will make it in the next couple of days. It is just getting harder and harder to stand and get much accomplished, and when I sit too long I can barely walk. That new hip cannot come soon… Continue

Added by Arlene Parker on March 14, 2010 at 11:19am — 6 Comments

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