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Trying not to laugh!

Being a bit early for work this morning I was checking email on my ipad when I came across a "Going Out of Business!" email from Hancock Fabrics.   I moaned "Oh no" and my male coworker asked what was wrong.  I explained that a fabric store was closing and he (trying very hard to work up some sympathy for me) shook his head slowly and said "Oh, and that's not something you stock up on!  Is it?"

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Question on long arm machine?

Having earned a place on the MIA list here on QWU, I would like to lay to rest the rumor that I am dead, having suffocated under a pile of fabric in my sewing room!  (Okay, I came close but managed to crawl out from under my stash just in time.)  Work takes more of my time than it used to, which allows me a little extra ca$h to play with, but less time to play.

I am trying to actually quilt some of the tops that I've made.  I came across a very good deal (almost makes me feel…


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O rings on a Cruise Control

I've been trying to get "back into" quilting after a brief start and a long absence.  I have a Pfaff Grand Quilter (midarm) machine on a Grace frame.  To use with it I have a (red box) Quilter's Cruise Control.  Even tho I haven't used it a friend has, so I know that everything is (was?) in working order.  Problem is the O rings for the CC rotted off.  I have new ones but cannot for the life of me figure out where or how they go on!!!  The contact person - email -…


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It's been a long time.......

I've been soooo out of touch, haven't even been on the computer too much.  I get on and read when I can, but rarely take the time to comment.  Thirty lashes for me!  Sewing time is also short, and I don't feel like I accomplish much.  I am working 5-6 hours a day, I don't know how you full timers find time to sew/quilt!  Kudos to you!

    I do have an embroidery machine now, and enjoy that very much when I get the chance.  I never thought I would have an embroidery machine.  I always…


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No good deed goes unpunished.....

Hope everyone's Easter was good.  I enjoyed it very much with family and friends, and the weather was perfect!  I'm on school/work break this week, trying to "catch up"  (I know, hysterical, aren't I?) on some sewing.  I'm especially trying to use up fabric that I already have.  Made a pair of PJs for Piper that she won't wear because they're "too loose, Gramma!".  I like loose PJs, Piper likes hers tight!  Who knew?  I'll see if the little girl down the street likes them.…


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First time for everything?

Just completed a little "experimental" dress, a way for me to learn my machine embroidery without investing too much $.  But, for the first time EVER my blue water disappearing marker did not disappear!  I've been using these markers since they first came out and have never had this happen before, even when I've ironed over the marks.  Glad this wasn't a terribly important…


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New Grandson!

Here is my DGD Piper (4&1/2 now) with her new cousin Jordan.  Jordan was born March 7th and today My DD Brooke and DSIL Nick brought him to the house to meet some aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a wonderful day!…


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And I bought how many yards of this for what?

The baby shower is over and I'm back to trying to organize my fabric.  Folding and stacking cotton yardage first, less than one yard pieces and scraps will stay in their boxes until ??? who knows when!  DH put up shelves for said boxes yesterday.  Excuse my mess.   5 & 3/8 yards!!!  I still love it but don't know what I bought it for, but I do still love it.…


Added by Terry F on January 21, 2014 at 4:20pm — 9 Comments

We've (I've) only just begun.....

Well gals I've started my fabric organizing. So far I'm moving along at a turtle's pace, but as I said before it's a very busy time here. I checked out Bonnie Hunter's storage/organizing tips - thanks Lynne! - and decided to fold my yard or more pieces like she does. BH has several nice matching cabinets to stack her stash in, I have a newly acquired two drawer chest that I am trying to make work. Just separating the yard or mores from the smaller pieces will help me, I think. I will keep… Continue

Added by Terry F on January 14, 2014 at 6:46pm — 6 Comments

Fabric sorting tips?

  My fabric is starting to scare me.  The (dreaded) time is coming to sort and organise it - again.  How did it get this way?  Evil Fabric Fairies come in the night, toss a few things around and leave?  I guess I can blame my embroidery machine and applique for some of it.  I'm enjoying the applique, but I have to search all possible boxes for just the right piece every time.  (Probably takes me longer to find the right pieces than to actually do the applique.)

  So, what…


Added by Terry F on January 12, 2014 at 8:22am — 12 Comments

What would you do?

I don't know where I've been but I haven't checked in in a few days.  Lots of catching up to do here!  I'm working on an appliqued baby quilt for my DGS who is due in March.  The applique is pretty picky/detailed - for me.  In "auditioning" background fabrics, I have a couple whose color is right, but quality not so great.  Do I sacrifice quality (lots of work going into this, but it is a baby quilt) and go for color, make do with good quality even though colors are not quite right,…


Added by Terry F on January 3, 2014 at 2:59pm — 14 Comments

On "Vacation?" again.

Thank you all for your condolences on my mother's passing, and your good wishes for my health. I escaped from the hospital at 1:30 on the day of the wake, and the calling hours started at 4:00! The next day was a simple burial and a gathering at my brother's house, about four houses down from mine. That was good because I was able to go home when I needed to, and I wasn't hosting. After a few days I went back to work (right now my job is pleasant and low stress). But I found that just doing a… Continue

Added by Terry F on November 1, 2013 at 10:13am — 15 Comments

Sparkles warning

Just finished Piper's Rainbow Unicorn Halloween costume.  A word of warning to anyone considering "sparkly" tulle (actually sold as Glitter Tulle at Joann's) - - -  you will NEVER EVER and I mean NEVER live without sparkles again!!!  Silly Gramma, choosing the sparkly tulle.  I've been vacuuming for the last 1&1/2 hours and still my sewing room sparkles!  And not because it's so clean either.  I haven't even gotten to the rest of the house/couch/chairs/stairs yet, and won't today.  It's…


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All my bags are packed and I'm ready to go......

Quick as I can update. I've had a horrible time with this virus(?) we've had. Tuesday I had terrible pain when inhaling, then passed out and ended up here in the hospital. Heart and lungs are good, and it's not the flu. Still not sure what happened. From the way I felt on the way here I thought I had a collapsed lung or something! I never thought I was a "sissy", but apparently I'm not as tough as I thought I was! Looks like I get out today, which is good because my mom passed away last… Continue

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

My Deco on my $13.99 Goodwill desk! My first "solo" applique and my first embroidery (done at my lesson).     I'm still plodding along on my Halloween quilt kit.  Somehow I thought that I was going to whip right through it, but many days I don't make it into the…


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The Elusive 1/4" Seam

Ah, the elusive 1/4" seam.  Seems no matter what I do I can no longer sew an accurate 1/4" seam.  Why, you ask?  I do not know.  Could be the old eyes, I've had two cataract surgeries and one scar tissue removal (the last scar tissue removal to be done next Monday).  How I miss my old (never 20/20 but still better than this) eyesight.  I used to do a lot of hand embroidery too - now the eyes protest!

I am working on "Spooktacular Row Quilt", a kit from CT.  I may have to rename it…


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Ah, it's Saturday - no school/work for me.  So why am I up, you might ask?  Because of Liza, or "Eliza", as Piper calls her.  I used to do foster work for the local cat coalition.  I would foster batches of kittens until they were "fixed" and ready to go to a local Petsmart for adoption.  A lot of work, but a great gig.  Then, two years ago my and DH's boss called my…


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Inspiration :) and distractions ;).

Inspired by so many of you finishing up your unfinished projects, I vowed to finish up one of my own.  See, you're a good influence on me!  The project i've been working on is a child's sailboat quilt.  I made the top years ago just because I liked it.  The pattern had a simple looking quilting diagram, but when I tried it I couldn't quilt it as instructed.  So I quilted it any way that I could, reasoning that a poorly quilted quilt in use is better than an unquilted quilt forever…


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Three Weddings and a Funeral

Pam's comment on making a memory box for her grandsons reminded me of this one:  6 yr. old Abby to 8 yr. old Ahren,  "What's a funeral?"  Ahren's very serious answer,  "It's when you get married."

Added by Terry F on May 24, 2013 at 12:50pm — 7 Comments

Pole dancing, anyone?

All excited and out of breath, 9 year old Ahren told me that her and a friend were going to perform a dance for the K-2nd graders at school.  She asked if I would be willing to help make their costumes.  Needing a little more information, I asked what kind of dance?  Well, it was something to do with "Old England" and all she knew was that they had to dance around a pole!!!  Then she drew a sketch of a black and red and white dress.  Still confused, I told her to see what her mother was…


Added by Terry F on May 23, 2013 at 7:41pm — 11 Comments

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