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A little late

I'm a little late with Merry Christmas blessings to all of you.  Hope your celebrations were wonderful!  Ours were.  Since Christmas Day we have had 8 inches of snow.  Beautiful trees all covered with snow.  Lots of shoveling!!!  Our best news of late is that my youngest sis and her DH from Kentucky have moved back "home" after being gone for 30 years.  What a blessing for us 4 other sisters.  She now lives about 4 miles from me.  She is so happy to be back "home".

Happy New Year to…


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July 4th celebration


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Happy Independence Day to all of you!  May we never forget what the day is all about.  Sent this early as we have a wedding tomorrow and likely will not be online.

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Birthday cards

My b.d. was a month ago but was looking at my cards before I put them away.  Two of them were especially funny!

First one on front was photo from the 50's of 2 elderly ladies standing in front of the car with caption:  "You and me...We're gonna be friends until we're old and senile!"

Inside of card:"...and then we'll be NEW friends.  How great is that?!"

Second one is a little lengthy but hilarious:

While shopping for a birthday card, I made the mistake of…


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Dear Jane

Finally started my Dear Jane; I guess I'm now called a Janeiac.  While making some of these blocks I felt like a maniac.  A couple of the blocks I made a mistake and left it; no one will know that they aren't exactly as Jane's.  I didn't use just piecing technique; also used paper piecing and machine applique.  Some days I wish I never started but most days I'm glad I did. …


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Good news again

Today I saw the radiation oncologist.  I do not need radiation for the breast cancer.  I already knew I don't need radiation for uterine cancer nor do I need any chemo for either cancer.  I only need frequent followup in years ahead.  God has blessed me so many times on this cancer journey and I am so grateful.

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Best news ever!!!

Doctor called with final pathology report of hysterectomy.  NO cancer outside the uterus.  Thank you, Lord.

Added by June Johnson/Wi on May 14, 2015 at 2:25pm — 12 Comments

Surgery update

I'm back home from hospital already.  Had surgery yesterday morning and home by 10:30 this morning.  No pain at breast lumpectomy site; soreness in pelvic area from hysterectomy, etc.  600 mg Ibuprofen relieves that pain.  Anesthesia has worn off and I'm able to eat.  By DS brought mashed potatoes, meatballs, and gravey for supper.  So good!  I am so blessed.  God is so good!

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Biopsy update

On April 14 I posted that I was waiting for breast biopsy report.  Had biopsy of both breasts.  Left side shows DCIS stage 0 (ductal carcinoma in situ); cancer is contained in mammary duct and has not spread at all.  Right side was negative for cancer.  The next day I saw OB/GYN doctor for vaginal bleeding; she did a biopsy of uterus which showed early endometrial cancer grade one of the uterus.  Sometimes when it rains it pours.  Because both of these cancers are caught early, the outlook…


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Just chatting and prayers

Yes, we have been quiet here for a while so guess I'll put in my 2 cents worth in.  Here in NW Wisconsin spring is 2-3 weeks earlier than usual.  The first "salty" has arrived in Duluth/Superior harbor 2-3 weeks early.  Snow has been gone for 3 weeks; there's a bit of frost still in the ground.  DH attempted to pull out 2 dying shrubs with the 4 wheeler but frost is holding the roots in ground tightly.  He does yard work and I do flower beds and veggie gardens; all are done till wind blows…


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First is basket I made…


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Time out

Took time out from quilting to ride snowmobile on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday; it was our first ride of the season as we have not had enough snow on trails to ride.  Finally snowed 5 inches last week so out came the sleds.  Rode with kids and grandkids.  Over those 3 days we put on 240 miles.  By the time we got home yesterday the trails were well worn so the sleds are back in the garage till next year unless we get a snowstorm soon.  Temp today was 56, 15 degrees warmer than normal.  Snow…


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Advice needed to start a Dear Jane quilt

I'm pretty sure I'm going to dive into doing a Dear Jane quilt.  I bought the book from a quilting friend and have started collecting appropriate fabrics.  Need advice:  Do you hand piece the blocks or machine piece?  Do you cut and piece or do you paper piece?  Does paper piecing offer more accuracy ?

Thanks in advance.

Added by June Johnson/Wi on March 2, 2015 at 7:00pm — 7 Comments

Photos of recent completions

#1-Basket is good size so will use for hats, gloves, mittens, etc.

#2-Tablerunner for my coffee table.

#3-Winter Wonderland from…


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Daughter update

Just an update of my post of 2 weeks ago.  DD saw oncologist regarding carcinoid cancer of small intestine.  Outlook is very good; docs feel they got it all.  He said she likely had this cancer for a long time; it is slow growing.  She needs no chemo nor radiation; she will have followup lab work and scans every 6 months for 2 years and then annually for 10 years.  God is good!  He does answer prayer.  Thanks a million for your kind tho'ts and prayers.

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Prayer request

Prayers request for our dear daughter.  Will try to make a long story short.  Last April she was discovered to have a "mass" in the mesentery, tissue that holds the intestines in place to the back of the abdomen (best way I can explain mesentery).  I have never heard of this before even though I am a retired nurse.  "Mass" was found to be benign in 2 places; plan was to "watch" it and do periodic CT scans.  Scan in July revealed "mass" was shrinking; continue to "watch" by CT scan in Jan. …


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Happy, Happy, Happy

Happy New Year to all; have a safe and fun celebration.  Normally, DH and I would have gone out for a nice dinner, perhaps lobster even.  But, we have been ill for the last week.  Have had it all---sore throat, headache, runny nose, stuffy nose, cough, night sweats, etc.  Maybe going out for a real celebration would knock it out of us or just make us feel worse.  I've never had a cold like this one!  Enough already!!

Last 2 nights we watched "Revelations"; excellent and true to the…


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May all my QWU friends have a blessed Christmas and, remember, Jesus is the reason for the season.

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Completed projects

First 2 photos are wall hangings I made for our church.  Purchased panels from Keepsake Quilting and added batiks from my stash.  Each…


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Photos from the chatter


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