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This is a wall hanging I need to complete.  The mountains, trees and elk are all one piece cut and ironed to the background.  Does anyone have ideas how I could quilt this?  I'm hesitant to begin as a lot of work to cut the scene and I don't want to ruin it.  Thanks for…


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Finished projects

Oops!  Please…


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My granddaughter's high school mascot is a tiger.  I am looking for pillow/quilt panels with tigers on it; either one, two, three, or four.  I want to make a mascot quilt for her to take on the bus when she goes to her sporting events.  I've looked several times on line but no luck; have found "cartoon figure" tigers but that's not what I want.  I want real looking tigers.  An all over tiger print would be good, too.

Thanks ahead of time for the advice.

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A couple photos of completed projects:

First is a quilt my 14 year old granddaughter, Allison, made for her 2 year old…


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Yeah!!!  Seattle is going to the Super Bowl.  What a game!  I don't follow football too closely other than Green Bay Packers.  Since they lost in playoff guess I'll follow Seattle since QB Russell Wilson was a Badger. 

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Happy New Year

To all my QWU friends a Happy New Year.  I made it to "Drop the Crystal Ball" in New York and sort of made it to New Year here in Wisconsin----opened eyes at 12:04 a.m. to greet the new year.  No resolutions; jus t try to be kind to all and keep on quilting.  Maybe to finally finish a few UFOs and buy a little fabric for my stash.

Weather has been way to cold.  Last Friday was about 30 degrees and returned to the deep freeze ever since.  This Sat will be 24 degrees and back to the…


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Recently while in Branson, Mo I purchased 2 Crabapple Hill patterns.  Instructions say to back each piece of fabric for embroidery with muslin so that you will be embroidering through 2 thicknesses of fabric.  Does anyone out there know if this is absolutely necessary or is 1 thickness sufficient?  One of the patterns says this is "optional".  What do you think?

Thanks for your input.

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87 miles

Today, my DH and I took our first snowmobile ride for the season.  A perfect day---32 degrees, sunshine, lots of snow, groomed trails!  Stopped for late lunch.  Had to get a ride in today or tomorrow as the deep freeze sets in again on Sunday for next several days.  Brrrr!!!  We don't ride when temp is 15 degrees or below.  The highs will be lucky to reach 0!

Had a great Christmas Eve with family at our DD home; there were 12 of us.  Then Christmas morning back to DD for the…


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Been a while

Has been a while since I posted anything; not that I would have anything interesting anyway.  Had a great Thanksgiving with 15 at our home; no mishaps as some of you have had. 

Sunday after Thanksgiving we left for Branson, Mo with my sis and her husband.  Attended one of those meetings where they try to convince you to purchase a timeshare which they said was not a timeshare; guess they do not consider it a timeshare as you actually receive a deed.  Sure seemed like a timeshare to…


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Need ideas

In November my quilt for charity group will be setting up a table at a couple bazaars to raise funds to purchase supplies.  We are looking for project ideas (not just quilting ideas) to make that are quick, easy, and low priced to make to sell at the bazaars.  Any ideas out there you are willing to share?  It is so hard to know what will sell;  inexpensive items usually sell best.

Thank you.

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Have been absent for about 2 weeks.  Went to quilt camp on 10/9 and came home 10/13.  Just checked in with you all tonight so took some time to catch up.

Forgot my camera at home so didn't get photos of quilts to show you.  I made 2 pillowcases for my hairdresser who is continuing to battle breast cancer with metastesis to liver.  Then I worked rest of time on  a king size quilt for my DD stepson and fiancée; not done yet.  Will post photo when finished.  They…


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Here in NW corner of Wisconsin we have been blessed with great weather since late snow in spring and slow to start summer.  We still have had no frost; usual first frost is end of August or early September.  I covered annuals 2 nights but no frost.  By now I usually have dismantled all the annuals from pots and clipped most of perennials.  Both are still blooming!  A few have kind of "petered" out but most still beautiful.  Grass is still green and DH is still mowing weekly.  Guess Mother…


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What to do with old shoes and more

Below is a pic of my deceased son's shoes.  I kept telling him that he should get new shoes; his reply, "Mom, there just broke in."  When he died I told his wife I wanted those old shoes; after 11 years of planting in them they look a lot worse than when he last wore them.  I've tried a variety of annuals in them but these hens and chicks work the best; I think I can just winter them right in the shoes outside.…


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More latest projects

Made the tablerunner and matching placemats for my DD; her DH likes coffee and she likes coffee and wine.  So I made them reversible in a quilt-as-you-go technique; one side is coffee and the other is wine.




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Latest finished projects

Below are pillowcases I made for my sisters and their sig others at family reunion

First are Karen the bird lover and George the pheasant hunter.


Next are Marsha the artist and Ted the hunter


Next are…


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Consider the lilies of the field

Just some photos of my flowers; sure makes a believer in Divine creation!…


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Last week my DH, DD & her DH, DGD, DGS, and DD's DMIL vacationed in the great state of South Dakota.  Hit all the usual hot spots:  Badlands, Wall Drug, Needles Highway, Bear Country, Sylvan Lake, Custer State Park, Devil's Tower in Wyoming, water park, and Mt Rushmore.  We spent eve of Independence Day at the foot of Mt Rushmore for the program and lighting ceremony; impressive.  Must have been 10,000 people there; standing room only.  Hiked in the Badlands; climbed the ladder on The…


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Empty Nest

Update on the robin family:  Previous posted photos were the beautiful blue eggs and then the new hatchlings which looked like skin with fuzz; that was only 2-3 weeks ago.

Above:  Mom protecting her brood; she never blinked an eye at me as I stood 2 feet from her.…


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Surprise visitor

While trimming shrubs a couple days ago, I saw this snapping turtle on the edge of the lawn.  Not much more than an hour later my DH saw him behind our out buildings headed for the swamp; distance he hiked was probably about 75 yards, quite a distance for that slow mover.  He has prime choice of where he wishes to live as we are surrounded by swamp on 2 sides and lake across highway on front side.  He was about 16 inches head to tip of tail; glad our dog didn't spy him first.  Here are 2…


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Latest projects

My DSIL plays bunco in which I was a sub one eve.  To muffle the sound of rolling dice she laid out tabletoppers to roll onto.  So I found "dice" fabric online and made these 3 tabletoppers.

Above is pattern out of "Let's Do Lunch" called Taco Salad.



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