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bias binding

As I made some bias binding this afternoon, I was thinking it was somewhat tedious and awkward, but rather satisfying as I'm cutting (with scissors, even) what seems like miles and miles of binding.  That a smallish piece of fabric can just go on forever is rather mind boggling.

And as it turns out, I have about 100 inches more than what I need!   How did that happen?  Since I'm mathematically challenged, I used a chart.  It said for x inches of binding cut at x width, I'd need 2/3 of…


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Why they should never let me leave the ranch...

We went to town today and saw some neighbors at the restaurant.  The wife is retiring from teaching at the local ag college and my mouth engaged before my brain.  I said something like, "Hey, didn't I see where you were retiring?  When's the big party?"  Aaaaand that's when my brain caught up with me.  The party was to be a surprise.  Her husband redirected well and we just went on, but I'm still MORTIFIED that I spilled the beans.  (She's a sharp gal.  It won't take her long to figure it…


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Brag alert, the newest GS

The newest grandson (#3) - 5 months old today.

This was taken last week - he's all bundled up helping Grandpa feed the calves.  DS's house is surrounded by pasture, but the calves are fenced out of their yard.  …


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Inner quilt arguments...

...or why it takes me so long to accomplish anything.  

I'm working on a long-overdue quilt back - piecing it from scraps, which seems to be the latest "thing" in the quilting world.  Hey, I'm all about saving money and using up scraps, which, in theory, is supposed to thin out one's stash.  However, for my somewhat Type A self, this requires me to exercise the creative side of my brain AND combine it with my  nemesis - math.  Both challenging.  So in my world, this is akin to…


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Cute poem to share

I pray someday at heaven’s gate I may in glory stand,

A crown perhaps upon my head, but a needle in my hand.

I never learned to sing or play so let no harp be mine;

From childhood to my dying day, fine sewing’s been my line.

Therefore accustomed all my life to making useful stitches

I’ll be content if asked to mend the little angels’ britches. 

Author unknown.

Added by Prairie Quilter/NE on September 4, 2017 at 7:00am — 6 Comments

A little birdie told me...

A little birdie told me it is Pam Nieman's birthday today.  Is that right, Pam?  If so - Happy Birthday!!!!  Have a great day!  (The world's a little better place just because you were born.) 

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the hardest part...and dithering

For me, the hardest part is making a decision on a pattern and actually making that first cut.  It seems like once that first cut is made, I'm committed, and then things progress.  

I've been dithering over my grandson's train quilt since forever (well, about 2 years now), and I think DD has given up on me ever getting it finished. Just getting it started seemed to be the hurdle.  Of course I didn't have a pattern in mind before I bought the fabric.  I've looked at it and petted it…


Added by Prairie Quilter/NE on February 2, 2017 at 1:29pm — 9 Comments

general straight of grain question

So this morning I'm ironing and prepping fabric, making sure it is straight (on grain) before cutting, so I have time to ponder - sometimes a dangerous pastime...

Let me preface this by saying that I'm not a hard n' fast stickler for quilt rules.  I tend to fall somewhere in the camp of "I want know what they are and why, so I can decide which ones I follow (or not) on any given project."  I realize there are variables that come into play.  Some things I'm very…


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My dad

Hello, all.  Some of you know my dad was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in Nov. 2015.  He was given 4 months to live - they said he might see the grass turn green in the spring.  He accepted the news with grace and courage and opted to forego chemo or any treatment at all.  That was the last time he doctored.  He knew where he was going and was determined to live well whatever number of days the Lord granted him.  He certainly did that.  No rocking chair or moping for him.  He not only…


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Shannon cuddle blankets

The airplane one is for baby Ian.  (Yes, Grandma is a little late getting it done.) 

This one…


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Flannel baby quilt.

My sister-in-law ordered this baby quilt for a friend.  She wanted something big-block, flannel, woodsy, reds/blues/greens, with parent/baby silhouettes.  Started from scratch and came up with this.  Borrowed the elk track idea from one of Carol Ann's quilts - the raspberry chocolate mousse quilt.    

I used a…


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Baby Update

New grandbaby Ian is now over 5 lbs, off all supplemental oxygen, nursing and taking a bottle (both) well.  He may be ready to go home next week, but only time will tell.  He has come a long way from that 27 gestational wk, 2 1/2 lb preemie.  Lots of prayers answered along the way, and we're thankful.  

His big…


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Pam visits Nebraska.

The earth shakes.

Coincidence?  Mmmmm I don't think so.  If there's excitement to be found (or thought up), Pam is there!

Added by Prairie Quilter/NE on September 3, 2016 at 12:45pm — 16 Comments

Public apology

I would like to publicly apologize for posting a photo that I'd seen on social media to this main page.  I thought it was a humorous staged photo that was poking fun at quilters.  It was not, and it caused pain to someone.  For that I am truly sorry.  I meant no disrespect and would never intentionally want to hurt someone.  I hope CT Admin would pass along my sincerest regret.  

Added by Prairie Quilter/NE on August 15, 2016 at 11:33am — 9 Comments

Sweet boy

Our daughter was expecting a little boy in mid-October.  Well, he apparently decided he didn't want to be a fall baby and made his unexpected appearance July 25th at 27 wks, 5 days.  

I received a call at 2 a.m. Friday (July 23rd) from DD saying her water broke and she needed me to come stay with Son…


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appreciating the small things...

No fireworks on the ranch tonight, but the lightning bugs are giving us a show unparalleled!  

Added by Prairie Quilter/NE on July 4, 2016 at 7:35pm — 11 Comments

(sheepishly) this is me sometimes...

But it still made me laugh.  Happy quilting everyone!  Protect those scissors!

Added by Prairie Quilter/NE on July 2, 2016 at 3:43pm — 11 Comments

mini rant

Don't you just hate it when you KNOW right where you put something, but when you go to retrieve it, it isn't there?      

About a year ago, we had a large amount of hard rain in a short amount of time, which caused flash flooding.  While our house sat above the floodwaters, we had seepage in the basement.  This, in turn, resulted in major cleaning, purging, reorganizing, etc.  You would think that would be a good thing, right?  Except for one thing...



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Treadle cabinet restoration

This week seemed like a good time to start in on the treadle cabinet restoration project for a 4 drawer cabinet that will house my Singer 66.  I bought the cabinet from e-bay, knowing it needed some TLC.   It was missing the center drawer, but I was able to replace it with one found on e-bay.  The drawers all had their original hardware, which is somewhat unusual for vintage pieces, but the case was missing a piece.  The price was very right, so I figured I could put some elbow grease into…


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Seeking advice on braid borders

Any tips or tricks to share on braided borders?  Strip sizes you prefer?  (One source said 2 1/2 x 7 1/2.)  Anything I should be aware of value-wise?  (Do I need to keep one side neutrals and the other med/dark or does it matter?)  Any help is appreciated.  

I've been awol on posting for awhile, although I read and comment on posts, so here's an update.  

In December, my 82 year old dad was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer that had metastasized to the liver.  He opted…


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