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Horses and cowdogs...

The men saddled up and headed out to a branding early this morning. The horses were feeling frisky and the cowdog was going berserck - could make for an interesting day.

The good news is - I have the day to myself. aaaahhh! No meals to fix and nowhere to go. Yesterday was housecleaning, laundry and lawn-mowing day, so outside of checking the first-calf heifers in hubby's absence, I'm looking forward to a nice, quiet day of quilting. Of course, it would be my luck to have calving… Continue

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One down, one to go...

One of the graduation quilts is finished. I used the Hobbs wool batt ordered from CT during their March Madness batting sale. (Thanks, CT!) One thing to note - I plan to label it "air dry only" on the quilt label, because I note in the batting package that heat dry may cause shrinkage. I really like the feel of it and will probably use it again sometime. With my batting scraps I plan to see how it "needles" with hand quilting. Anyone else have experience with handquilting through… Continue

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Triple Irish Chain - quilted

Hi all,

I just got my Triple Irish Chain scrap quilt back from the longarm quilter. (I can't seem to type LA quilter - for the longest time I thought everyone was talking about a quilter in California.) I think it looks fabulous. It just needs a binding and a label and it will be finished. Right now I'm just enjoying standing and looking at it. It makes me happy.…


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A New Sport

My chatterbox 6 year old niece was playing with her dolls and talking nonstop for each of them, when my sister-in-law overheard her say, "Let's have a talking contest." Then she said, "Talking is my favorite thing. I wish talking was a sport, 'cause if talking was a sport, I'd win every time!"

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A Fun Day

A couple of friends braved our muddy roads and came out to help me pin-baste one quilt and tie another. My mom and a couple of nieces came over, too. We started about mid-morning and were able to get the first quilt pin-basted before time to get dinner on for the men who were sorting and moving cattle. Then we started in on the tied quilt after dinner and finished it mid-afternoon. It was a fun day to sit around the quilt frame and visit. Now all that's left is getting my living room back in… Continue

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Be warned...

I had the opportunity to visit the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, NE, last week and view the antique chintz quilt display. It was wonderful. I knew nothing about the history of chintz quilts before I went in and found the display educational and fascinating. I love antique quilts and their stories. The oldest quilt on display was from 1809. The artistry in the applique and the quilt designs were amazing.

Everyone knows that touching the quilts it strictly forbidden. When I… Continue

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Quilt Fever

The second graduation quilt top is finished and I'm already itching to get started on another quilt. The graduation deadline doesn't seem so intimidating now. One will be tied and the other one machine quilted. I'm looking forward to using the CT wool quilt batt for the first time. There is snow on the ground and the wind is howling, so it will be a good stay-inside-and-quilt day.

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Stuck in the Kitchen...

I'd hoped to spend the day quilting, but it wasn't meant to be. Right now I have pies baking in the oven. My men are moving cattle home from cornstalks tomorrow (their winter grazing feed ground). They will be glad to get back on grass. It is probably a 10+ mile cross country cattle drive, and I will have extra men to feed. I knew my oven would be busy in the morning, so I wanted to get the pies made today. They will saddle up before dawn, so breakfast will be early, early. I won't have to look… Continue

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Grace Snyder exhibit

There will be an exhibit at the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska, from April 10th through June 14th titled "Grace Snyder: A Life in Extraordinary Stitches." For more information, you can visit this link:


It will feature many of her show quilts, including the Flower Basket quilt and the Mosaic quilt. Just something worth seeing if you are in the area or want to plan a quilt trip.

Let me… Continue

Added by Prairie Quilter/NE on March 19, 2009 at 11:48am — 5 Comments

The hardest part

Okay, ladies, I'm in between graduation quilts and the clock is ticking with mid-May as the deadline. I have decided on a pattern...finally, and my fabric combinations...finally, and now all that's left is actually cutting into the fabric. I don't know why, but making that first cut is always the hardest part for me! After I've agonized over the pattern and fabrics, you'd think that actually GETTING STARTED would be a piece of cake. Once I've made that first cut, I can usually whip out a pieced… Continue

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...or is it fabric-aholic?

My husband shuddered one day when he overheard a quilter say she was a fabric "collector." He was horrified, because I think he has a sneaking suspicion he's married to one! He is very supportive of my quilting habit, but my fabric "inventory" causes him some concern. The thing is, I'm a very conservative girl, so I'm not a compulsive spender. But...

...I love quilt fabric. Flannels, plaids, homespuns, cottons - I like it all. And since I like… Continue

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One down, one to go...

I've just finished up one of the graduation quilt tops whose deadline is May. This one is a jewel box quilt made with jewel-toned flannels for my niece who likes bright colors.

I think I'll start cutting out the second one. It will be made from leftover flannel woodsy, masculine plaids and denim for my nephew. I'll probably piece this second one before quilting or tying the first one, whichever the case may be when it comes down to crunch time.

But for the moment, I'm… Continue

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Raining in western Nebraska

Good Monday morning. I have stalled out a bit on both posting and quilting. I have a home-based medical transcription business that takes up most of my days. It is supposed to be part-time and for the most part it is, but sometimes it eats up more hours in the day than what I'd like.

There are two graduation quilts that need finished before May. One just needs set together and tied and the other one started, although I do have the backing fabric for the second one. Does that count as… Continue

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Ushering in the New

Hello everyone. It will be fun to see where this leads. I am a traditional quilter from Nebraska. I am a ranchwife and mother of two nearly grown children. Scrap quilts are my favorites, but I confess that I agonize over color choices - even on my scrap quilts. Also I am terrible at math - not a good thing for a quilter to be... Happy New Year everyone & happy quilting!

Added by Prairie Quilter/NE on December 31, 2008 at 8:41am — 2 Comments

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