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Have any of you seen the way Accuquilt are selling their own products cheaper than they are supplying them to their distributors,  Brewer and Checker can not compete!!


So what is the inside scope  --- what I hear ------ they are running scared!  They have sizzix taking off like crazy in the fabric cutting world, offer a better product, fantastic selection of dies - thousands!

The new Sizzix Big Shot Pro - Quilters Version  ---- is stronger, takes 10 layers of fabric - yet not as big as their studio machine, it takes all the studio dies except the very large dies.  takes all the accuquilt dies --- we do not have to worry about all those dies not working on a new machine.


Eventually the  Accuquilt GO! gives terrible problems with the handle jamming and after the one year warranty they will not help you.

So when your handle jams look at this better machine to do the job!!

I have ordered one from www.stitchintheditch.com  -- they have all makes of fabric cutters and tell me they are adding a new one shortly. It is electric and they want it for customers who have bad arthritis and find the cranking of the handle too much.  I wanted the BSP machine as my Accuquilt is getting harder and harder to crank the handle even with two layers of fabric.


Not sure I like the way Accuquilt are treating their suppliers, it says a lot about a company when they behave like this ------ can any of us trust them?


I tried to buy direct some of the baby dies --- the postage was twice the price of the die when I eventually got to the finish of the order!  and I decided not to support them in this crazy war against their own suppliers, I have a feeling they are in trouble when they are doing this.

Heard that stores in the states are thinking of boycotting them.


have a look at some of the great dies that are available for the Sizzix BSP Quilter fabric cutter,  there are other versions for scrap bookers --- this is a purple machine that is provided with extension trays for the long dies we use for quilting.  They are apparently bringing out a whole line of new quilters die starting in February 2011, some of the new ones are already on the website at this store.  I had to phone this store to check out information on dies - they made it easier for me to understand!  and they are only putting ones on the website that we can use in their machines.  by the way their is a small Big Shot Pro -- really cheap that will take a great number of dies ---- I did not want a small one, but then it is great to have the option


Nothing like competition to get them running scared!!!!

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Comment by Vanessa Jones on November 20, 2013 at 8:52pm

November 2013

Hi what is the scope with AccuQuilt not allowing our store in Canada to sell the new dies -- have they totally lost it!  They say NO discount policy for the new dies -- yet they offer reward points when you buy from them!  That is Discount!  This company really seem to have issues, the rules came coming out and then they change!  They over look the fact that Canada is not the US and we have different issues. I have friends in parts of the country who have no quilt store for hours driving.

When my best friend and her husband moved to Fort McMurray, she was in shock just no stores to buy supplies -  she flies back every 3 -4 months and buys her fabric. I know she buys her dies from our supplier in Canada.    Lets hope Sizzix waken up and make more dies quickly.  I was told the much awaited Hunters Star die is arriving next week - like it or not Accuquilt - we Canadians are getting our dies!

Comment by Vanessa Jones on October 21, 2013 at 5:00pm

O My!

Accuquilt are selling the new release dies on-line but forbid all others from doing the same!  you had better start looking at the new dies quickly as the on line stores who have them on their website are going to have to remove them.  I ordered some  from Stitch in the Ditch but not sure what is going on - I was told I would have them before the end of the month, shall wait and see, I really will not be forced to buy from the states, if that is what this is all about.  I know of no quilt store carrying the dies, infact they would be pretty silly to do this as they make their money with fabric and all those dies would take up very valuable wall space.  Hope this gives some of you information and time to get your dies before they are removed from our on line sources.

Comment by Pat on October 31, 2012 at 11:03pm

Hi Ladies, I sure hope I do not have all these issues with my Accuquilt Go, because my husband will be sorely disappointed since it is a Christmas present, and I know with the expense of the dies, I will not be purchasing a lot.  I still have my rotary cutter, and hopefully this system will be an asset in getting a fast-easy quilt together.  It's nice to have other comments and input out there:)

Comment by Marie Jacobs on December 28, 2010 at 2:08pm

Hi Myrna  glad to get another position opinion on this store, Nulagh was so helpful when I called her store, no pressure - just honest feed back.  so many people were let down by accuquilt not getting in the new release dies in November - sorry you are one of them.

We in Canada need to have a good store that cares about their customers and gives us good support, - you said you did not get your original machine from stitch in the ditch, sure they will support you if you have any issues.  If you have got plenty of use out of your machine then you are fine, think people who use it every week are really seeing more trouble.

Perhaps all this competition will see prices drop with Accuquilt, if they can sell so cheap on their own website they must be making so much money on our dies and machines, what we need is to see the prices available to us through our suppliers here in Canada - so lets ask accuquilt to pass on some savings to our suppliers!  so we can benefit.  I have a friend who is going to try her sizzix die on a accuquilt machine - will let you know if it works!

Comment by Myrna on December 27, 2010 at 11:05pm
I know Nulagh from Stitch in the Ditch and you couldn't get a better person to try to help her customers.  Unfortunately, I bought my Accuquilt direct from the company in the U.,S. when they first came out.  I am not liking what I am hearing about Accuquilt now.  Nulagh is having a terrible time getting stock and can't service her customers like she wants to.  I ordered some dies the beginning of Nov. and I am still waiting for them.  I certainly don't like hearing there are problems with this machine; it is quite expensive, I feel.

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