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Yes I would like to know, what sewing machine do you use? What likes and dislikes. I can't afford a new machine yet, I wish I could but the bills dictate other wise, that and the dentist office. I guess no ones told them we are in a reccession. I have a Pfaff 2042 made for quilting but here lately it just isn't getting the job done. Seems that I spend a lot of time ripping seams to realine my edges in this quilt I'm working on and it's getting very frustrating. The sales lady said that it would sew through layers of denim which it probably would but for lining up the edges I'm working on not so good. As you can see from the picture it's not as good as it could be. My material shifts as I am sewing through intersections where there is more than just two pieces of fabric coming together even when I pin them.

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Comment by Annie Zipser on November 30, 2010 at 4:56am
Are you pressing your hems so that they go in opposite directions from each other and form a "lock" for the material? That might help you out if you aren't. I sew on old machines. I have 2 Bernina 730's (one from 1965 and one from 1972), a Singer 201 (from 1940) and a Singer 301 (from 1953). I love them all...but I will admit that the "65 Bernina 730 is my go-to machine. I just got the newer 730 off e-bay this summer...they have come down in price a lot...I paid $150 and got mine from a guy who works on sewing machines.
Comment by Pam/NY on November 30, 2010 at 4:39am
I just bought a viking sapphire 875...love it. It has a 10-11 in throat! The quilt is beautiful...
Comment by Irene Gallway on November 30, 2010 at 4:35am
I have a Kemore that is 31 years old and still sews like a dream, a serger and embroidery machine that are both Husqvarna/Vikings and a Janome 12 pound quilter. Other then when my embrodery machine went to be serviced and came back broken, I have never had any problems with any of these brands. Is your machine fairly new, or very old? With allot of work they do wear out after awhile. Have you had it to a service center to see if you need to have it adjusted? It is very annoying to try to sew with bad results so I hope you can find a solution soon.

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