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And I don't have any pictures to share :o(

This being my weekend I finally decided to get some serious house cleaning done today. As many of you know we have the puppy herd here. Keep in mind, I really have tried to keep the beasts confined to one area but Zeus the retriever opens all doors which is why I have the second litter of little devils. So there is Zeus the retiever, Yoda, pappa yorkie, Ivy, momma yorkie, yes I still have Pearl, who by comparison is much calmer than her younger siblings, lilo and stitch. All six dogs have free reign over the house while I'm gone at work or out shopping. While home and during the warmer days the back door stays open so they can go and take care of business. Most of them understand this rule and comply. Every three months the house carpet gets cleaned simply because I can't keep the dogs from getting it dirty. IT'S ONLY BEEN A MONTH AND I CLEANED THEM AGAIN, TODAY!!!!! whew, I feel better now. No I won't kill the beasts although I'd like to. For thoughs of you still checking on Stitch, he is doing much better with the infection that he had.

Now all I have to do is give all six of them a bath and I'll be happy for the night.

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Comment by Linda Richards/N. Ontario on September 14, 2010 at 6:59pm
Oh, Kathy poor you. No wonder you have no pictures. You are too busy cleaning and chasing dogs and dealing with infection and bathes, and...... and ........and..... You don't even have time to quilt I am sure!!!!

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