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I didn't even realize there was a Cyber Monday, until I started getting all sorts of e-mails...LOL. the first ones - I thought were viruses. :-)

When my students asked this morning if I had participated in Black Friday, I told them "No, I don't do that. Actually, I make most of my gifts." It was nice that they didn't say I was cheap - they thought it was very thoughtful. And I didn't correct their idea, but the truth is that the money just isn't there to be spent this year. It's a good thing I collect small items all year for gifts and squirrel them away. (Now, if people wanted a pet gerbil, I could supply several.) So I looked around at what I had and what I could live without. Amazing how everyone I know loves Partylite candles and I seem to have an abundance of those. My quilting group members collect pincushions, so I'm making those. I bought a pattern earlier this year that has bird ornaments and I'm hoping to get some of those done too. OH well - everyone who knows me, knows that I spend my money on animal food, candles, and espresso. (I AM from Washington, after all!)

For those of you from anywhere that's NOT around here (the Northwest), Yes - we really do have espresso stands everywhere. Even all the high schools and several churches have them. Wouldn't be the same sitting in Sunday services without my favorite latte. LOL

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Comment by Mary Boyd/MT on November 30, 2010 at 5:55am
Homemade is the best.....even if it is just a plate of cookies! Have a joyous holiday season!
Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE on November 30, 2010 at 5:54am
I always went the homemade route as well, not only for economic reasons, but because I think hand made gifts are so personal and meaningful. I didn't realize the traditions we were passing down until one year my son who was about jr. hi age at that time came home from visiting his cousins. It concerned me because they were always showered with the latest and greatest gifts and we tended to be quite a bit more conservative. I thought he might feel shorted, but when he came home he said he thought it was really sad that they didn't get "even one" hand made gift. I was surprised that he, as a boy, cared about such things. The thing is, now HE is the one who makes all of his gifts.

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