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I hear ya on the cold, Edith! it's 18F here in mid michigan, but the wind chill is only about 7. I have to drive to JoAnn's but think I'll give Mother Nature time to warm things up a little more first. For some unearthly reason, I woken up about 5:30 this morning.. no way I'll make it through the day without a short nap. Have to stay out of the sewing room at least til I get back from JoAnns.. I keep finding more ideas for quilts and my to-do list is already tooooo l o n g (and that's not counting my somewhat shorter UFO list, which I NEED to get back to).

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Comment by Sunshine/Mi on February 28, 2009 at 12:28pm
well, I'm back from JoAnn's... and have to correct my earlier statement about not having any sunshine here in mid Mi... we have LOTS of sunshine.. it's beautiful! still COLD but beautiful. While at JoAnn's, I was asked if I wanted to make a pillowcase for kids with cancer; I said SURE... made a pretty one with pink fabric that had 'glittery' butterflies all over it; The fabric was cut and there was a separate piece for the 'border' and I used one of the sergers they have right there in the store; went about my shopping after that and then stopped and asked if I could make another one - and this time I made a NASCAR themed one. On the way home, I passed a field with at least a dozen wild turkeys in it.
It was a good thing I went to JoAnn's when I did... last week when I bought the mottled green fabric, they had two bolts of it... today, there was only one bolt and, although I bought the last of it, it was a bit shy of the 3 yds I was hoping to get. Bought some of the Kona that's on sale, too... got the end of the bolt on that one, too... but for the better... I wanted 7 1/2 yds.. there was slightly over that amount, so I got the rest of the bolt (less than a yd) for 50% off. Had to grab some fat quarters since they were on sale, too lol. Ok, off to serge the green mottled so I can wash & dry it so it will be ready when I'm ready to sew later.
Hope everyone is having as great a day as I am!
Comment by Sunshine/Mi on February 28, 2009 at 9:15am
Hi Carol... if you're talking about me sending some sunshine your way, you'll have to wait... right now, we can't find any here in Mi. We've had the ups and down in temp here, too, but the weatherman is saying that we'll hit normal and higher sometime next week. He'd better be right this time! I am soooooooo ready for SPRING, flowers, birds chirping, etc etc.
I've had my nap now and am ready to head to JoAnn's.. the temp is up to 21, which isn't warm but is a little more bearable.
Poor baby... hope she is over the worst of it.

Edith... if I had the fabric for some of these 'to-dos', it wouldn't seem so bad, at least then I could be using up some of my stash, not going out and buying more to add to my stash. I'm not one of those that loves to feel and smell and just generally revel in my stash - I'd much rather use it up and move on to the next.
Comment by Carol Wadkins on February 28, 2009 at 7:21am
Hi Sunshine!
Send some our way, PLEASE!!?? Yesterday it was a dreary wet 53 degree at one point. Today it is waking up to more snow and 17 degree........... Yes we know we have more winter out there, but it's such a tease when the temp goes up so hi, then hits near bottom once again................. I understand Edith just where it is with the cold, it's high time for some sun and warmth. It's not 11 am yet and I am ready for that nap also. I think we all are today, the little one was up in the night and even though Momma took take of her, we could all hear her cry. Poor little thing was up chucking for the first time and I am sure it was scary to her. She is doing much better this morning, but we are all still half asleep I think. Her Mom is in a chair dozing, her Poppy is yawning in another chair and i am thinking of stretching out on the bed once again........... how sad is that!?!?
Have a great day everyone and I will try also...........
Comment by Edith Lean/Ont. on February 28, 2009 at 7:07am
I hear ya as well Sunshine, as I was playing amongst my fabric yesterday and getting reaquainted with bygone purchases, I kept coming up with new ideas for material that I had long ago forgotten what I bought it for. Keep warm!

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