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The "rescued" bunnies are back home in their outdoor habitat ... well, except for the one that seems to have escaped the safe box during the night. There WERE 3 when I went to bed last night because I checked the box which I'd put up high so our kitty wouldn't bother it. This morning ... there were two. Oh, boy.
We've literally torn this house apart looking for No. 3 with no success so far. I'm leaving food out tonight hoping that at least it'll come out and eat.
We can corral the dogs well enough, but the kitty is another matter. But she's been very calm all day so if the bunny's in hiding in the house, she's not aware of it. She's not crate compatible for more than about 2 minutes, so that option's out.
We'll just do the best we can and keep looking.

Very sincerely,
The Bunny Hunters

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Comment by Sognstitcher Lana/MN on June 6, 2009 at 10:41am
Lock her in the bathroom with her litterbox. We've had luck with that. BTW, you haven't found any loose fur around, have you? I'm not being mean, but you know......

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