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I am working on quilting a Cal. King quilt. Any hints on working with such a large quilt when quilting on a home machine? The quilt will be beautiful when I am done with it. I was thinking, and I wish I had journaled while I was working on this quilt. Many problems have been faced while working on this project. The resolution of each problem created a new design element in the quilt. I think each one has made the quilt better. Do you journal when you make your quilts? What kind of lables do you put on your quilts?

Well, Easter and a few weeks have raced by. I know I haven't lost weight (gained :( ). I don't have scales at home. I get my weight from my dr. or from my sister's scales. Pants aren't as baggy. It is amazing how much harder it is to breathe just by gaining a few pounds. My elliptical sits with dust on it.
It is time to get moving. Tomorrow I have to move some boxes and take pics of items I want to sell, My yard is blooming and needs attention. One large, cal. king, size quilt needs to be quilted. Also a jaunt to the grocery store. Time with my dogs. Hmmm...squeeze time in for the elliptical. YES! How many calories will I lose?

Does anyone keep track of calories? I think it helps in losing weight. I always believed in the diet and exercise only program. My father had a lung transplant. Prior to his lung transplant he had to lose about 30 lbs. We had to track his calories. We didn't at first. We got in trouble with his nutritionist. Then we kept track of his caloric intake. He seemed to lose weight easier when we kept track of his caloric intake.

Does anyone have a problem with portion control? I see food; I eat food. Does that have anything to do with the "...there are children in China who are starving..." comment? What does a portion look like?

I must say I will be excruciatingly happy when I finish this current quilt. I have many projects to work on. I am looking forward to each one.

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Comment by Connie/KS on April 26, 2010 at 4:59pm
What can we say about losing weight? It is one of the hardest challenges anyone can face! Hang in there, and someday it will happen. I have had a weight problem for years, but one of the best things I have done is join TOPS. Everyone there has the same problem and is a wonderful support group. We count calories or points, try to get alot of exercise (which isn't always easy, especially when we want to sit and sew), try to drink more water, plus support each other. Keep trying...that is all we can do!
Comment by christi on April 23, 2010 at 10:32pm
losing weight is hard work, portion control no matter how you do it is best whether you count calories or points as with weight watchers. this idea of volumizing helps (eat plenty of high fibre low calorie food) to help you fill up. most importantly with it is to make sure you follow the food guide to ensure you get enough of each food group. logging your intake along with your progress sure helps in fact alomost a necessity. since the begining of march i have lost 20 lbs. the weeks that I follow these rules I show better progress. Having projects on the go for the times that you think your hungry but know that you aren't sure helps. really hard to mix eating with sewing unless you don't love your fabric. lol best of luck!
Comment by Terry F on April 19, 2010 at 8:16pm
Dear ArtQuilter, Sprinkle some sugar and crumbs on the floor. Wait a day or so (for the ants to show up), and make sure the lighting is good. Now get out your magnifying glass. See the size of the crumb the ant is carrying? That, my friend is a portion, or so it seems. :0(
Comment by Jennifer Evans on April 19, 2010 at 10:51am
So many topics....so little time! There's a great book by Marti Michell called Machine Quilting in Sections that may be helpful. She has not just 1 idea, but many, many ideas on how to tackle big projects on a domestic machine. I am currently using a technique from this book on a queen-sized bed quilt for myself!

As for weight loss thoughts, I am presently on a program that is overseen by a Dr. They did a body composition analysis so they can actually see how much lean body mass you have. From there they can recommend how much and what to eat. It's targeted just for you. The rest of the program is fairly simple. For me it was increasing lean protein and reducing much of the carbs I was eating, eat whole fresh foods instead of processed stuff including fresh fruit. Also, the consistent inclusion of legumes and nuts in my diet as well.

As for portion control, I find if I eat snacks (usually the fruits and nuts, plus some hummus and veggies) in between my meals, the portion control stuff takes care of itself. You are not starving when you sit down to eat. It also helps keep your blood sugar on an even keel, making you crave less stuff.

I have banned all drive thru activity which was another of my downfalls...I love me a cheese burger! In 10 weeks, I have lost 20 lbs which is just the right speed for permanent weigh loss. I have a long way to go, but I'll get there!
Comment by Mawna24 on April 19, 2010 at 7:24am
Calorie counting is hard for me...I've recently been trying portion control and it is working out better for me. I figured a portion is the size of my fist and that is what I dish up. Or if eating out I always ask for a to-go box when I order then use it when the meal comes I figure if it is not on the palte I won't feel guilty for not eating it. I have lost about 5pounds in the last month doing this...I hope that helps.
Comment by Sharon Reeves on April 19, 2010 at 6:59am
I've done 3 kings, the 1st one in 2 parts and the other 2 in 3 parts. After I machine quilt each part, I put them together and it sure makes it easy to do the kings. I do the queens in 2 parts, also. I'm sure someone can help you since it's all one together. Good luck. I've always been on the thin side and never had to count calories, but my DH is trying to lose more weight and I don't have a clue how to count calories. We eat lots of salads, grilled meat, mostly chicken and fish and lots of veggies.
Comment by Irene Gallway on April 19, 2010 at 4:10am
I fully believe in the calorie counting way to lose weight. I always lost weight this way but having gone to TOPS, Weight Watchers and listened to people who were losing weight on fad diets my head is whirling with confusion. Since I have been trying these other plans I lose a few pounds but can't seem to get past the 8 pound mark. I'm going back to the calorie counting. It's the calories we stuff in our mouth that causes weight gain so I am going back to the way I once had success. We'll do this together. lol

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