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before xmas, I was commisioned to do 2 lap size quilts. One was to be a cat quilt, and one was to be a red hat quilt. I had some fat quarters for the cat quilt so I made sort of a scrappy cat quilt, got it finished, found a little lapel pin of a cat and added it on to the label. Then I started the red Hat quilt, looked for fabric everywhere, but could not find any, so again, I improvised. I found a catalogue that had ladies with hats in it, so I decided to make templates of some of the different styles by tracing them and enlarging them on my computer. Not to bad so far, so then I traced them on template plastic, and cut them out. I had already purchased fat quarters of different red, and different purple fabrics, and cut out the pieces. I them appliqued them on some background fabric that was a light beige with a light beige rose embossed on the fabric. I thought this would really be pretty and I could quilt around the roses in the background. I was thinking grand, but I looked at it after I had sandwhiched it, I decided it would be more work than I wanted to do, so I meandered on it, and it turned out really nice. Now all I had to do was embellish the hats, one hat was to have a lot of feathers on it, so I started going back and forth in different directions to get that feathery look, my thread kept breaking on me, and I thought I would never get past the first hat. I did get that one done, but told myself that I would not do that to the rest of the hats that were that same style. I was getting exausted just thinking about all the other hats I had to do. So............. I'm still working on it, and have almost all the red ones done, then I will work on the purple ones. I'm using red thread to embellish the purple hats, and purple to embellish the red ones. It's actually starting to look pretty good. I also have a lapel pin I found with a hat with a red brim, and top of just glass stones, that I will put on the label. You know, the idea was really good, and I wanted it to be outstanding, I guess in theory, I had thoughts of granduer, but in reality I toned it down a bit. I know that It will be just as nice as the cat quilt, except I don't like all the different colors of thread on the back as much as I thought I would, because it's kind of like looking at an embroidery piece before you put a backing on it. If I do this kind of thing again, any suggestions on how I might do that type of quilting so that you don't see it all on the back? Maybe I should have quilted it before I sandwhiched it all together, just the hats, and then gone around the hats after I sandwhiched it. I've never done that type of quilting before, so this was a first try at it. It looks really good, but I'd still like to see if there is another way to go about doing it. Everyone have a great day or night, wherever you may reside.

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Comment by Jane on February 1, 2009 at 5:11pm
Hi Carole, I got some Red Hatter material a couple of years ago in Joann's but haven't seen it lately. I have seen some though on Ebay as Dot said. I now pick up anything I see with reds and purples and just mix them all together. Anything goes when it comes to Red Hatters. There are no rules. Just have fun. - Jane
Comment by Teri on January 31, 2009 at 8:53pm
Sounds like a fun project. What color is the backing fabric? Are you using the red and purple threads in the bobbin? Is that what is making the back look like embroidery?
What I do, is use a thread in the bobbin that matches or blends in to the backing fabric. That way my stitching doesn't show on the back of the quilt. I hope this helps.
~ T ~
Comment by Dot on January 31, 2009 at 8:12pm
Hi Carole, Whenever I do anything of that type, I use fusible interface on the back of the material, do all of my thread drawing and then sandwich the piece to the quilting. That way any "oops" that might look icky on the back side, but only seem to add to the top, are hidden from view. The interfacing makes the thread painting flow a lot easier. I do it both with the feed dogs up and the feed dogs down, depending on how much freedom I want. OH and you can pick up red hat material at quilt shows from time to time, and you usually can get some on eBay, also. Have fun and keep playing. :0) Dot

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