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Cat Lady triggered my memory...

While watching the evening news last night, the anchor said to the weatherman that he should bring her flowers on May Day. I thought, huh - why? I didn't ever relate May First with flowers.
And, I don't have a spectacular May basket story but I did remember that we used to use the witches hat (a very tall metal pole on the playground with an upside down basket attached). Every year some miracle worker, probably the janitors, would take the basket from off the witches hat. We never knew who took it down but every year it was miraculously replaced with dozens and dozens of long beautiful ribbons. Those also were back in the days when girls wore dresses to school. We loved to wear our best dresses and dance around the Maypole with the music playing. We were always so careful to get them wound around the pole so the colors would lay perfectly and then turn around and go back the other direction to repeat the layering as the music played...What a great memory for today.

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Comment by Cat Lady--MO on May 1, 2009 at 1:24pm
I'm glad I could bring back the memory. We never had a May Pole when I was growing up, but I have seen it done in books. Always seemed intriguing to me. The rites of spring are fascinating.

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