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I do come in and read the posts from time to time but then I never get around to posting anything interesting. Well this might not be so different from any of my other posts. :o)

I'm glad to hear nearly everyone survived Sandy.  As I was once told, things are things and they can be replaced, and I may be bent and broken but my feet are still above ground, and I'm glad many of you are as well.

DD is still pregnant and still not doing this pregnancy thing very well.  She seems to go from one thing to another.  After the kidney stone came the kidney infection, and now they tell her she has a cyst growing that they are keeping an eye on.  I think Jr will be born in Jan. and not the end of Feb as her doctor told her. She still keeps me laughing though.  We went to dinner the other night and she likes to shake her belly and wake jr up to see if she can get him kicking.  DSIL told her not to do that. (Shhh, i use to do the same thing.)


Besides shopping here I do shop on Amazon alot.  Hummm I applied for an  Amazon card and they actually gave me one. (Big mistake on their part.) yes I went shopping there. 

As many of you may have read, I was moved into the two really small bedrooms with all my stuff.  I have no room to sew in any of them.  So this weekend the long arm is coming apart again for good.  I find it impossible to stand for any length of time after work and therefore have not done any quilting in oh the last couple of years.  I am going shopping for a table at the scratch and dent furniture store for a table (personally I never do find the scratch and dents they keep talking about. As long as the table is sturdy and cheap, I'm happy.) 

I ordered a Brother 1500 something something with extended table. This sewing machine does straight stitching and free motion quilting.  I read the reviews on others who bought the machine and they loved theirs. Hopefully here in the near future I will actually get some quilts done. All I need to do is get the hands to move instead of the machine, right? Ok this might take a while.


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Comment by Kathy/WA on November 11, 2012 at 6:23pm

Thanks Irene for the dd praying I think she can use all she can get at this point. Last night she called to tell me she has the flu.  LOL I know in the not too distant future she will call to tell me she is having the baby and I don't mean the Feb 27th due date.  All will be well, I have faith in that much.  The Brother PQ 1500 is the machine I am getting.  Just talked to the other half and he has wood to make a smaller table (OK smaller than the longarm's 10 feet).  I am just looking forward to having a table to sew on again. :o)


Comment by enid wellman on November 11, 2012 at 9:23am

I have a Brother PQ1500, & I love it for fmq & anything else I use it for.  I have a grace frame I use it on, and use a drafting type chair to sit on while I quilt on it.  But it does a good job on a sewing table, too.  I hope it works well for you!

Comment by Irene Gallway on November 11, 2012 at 5:23am

It's nice to hear from you Kathy.  I don't post much as I never have anything interesting or "newsy" to share.  I guess I live a boring life.lol  It's too bad having to dismantly your long arm but if your unable to use it do to your health then I can see why your taking it down.  Having room to sew is much more important.  I hope you find a nice table to put your new sewing machine on.  Last night I watched video's on the computer about free motion quilting.  They make it look so fun and easy but I have a hard time keeping the machine at the right speed.  I practice on kids quilts and tablerunners etc.  Getting better at it but as yet, there is much room for improvement.  I will be praying for your DD. 

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