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Wow, here I thought I literally had not posted anything on here in a year, only to see I actually posted a little over two months ago!  That's still not great, but better than I thought!

I do still read posts, even if I don't comment on them, it's been nice knowing what all of you have been up to.  Seems like the talent is getting bigger all of the time by the looks of all of the gorgeous quilts I keep seeing on here! 

The last couple of months were quite busy.  There were rounds of sickness going on throughout our children's families and between DH and I.  That seems to have finally settled down.  Then we had another cancer scare with my mother, which turned out to be a false alarm.  Quilt jobs are picking up again and I'm slowly catching up on old projects and finishing them, then usually giving them away or donating them to charity.  It feels good to feel like I'm moving forward in my life again!  I know that many of you understand this feeling, seems we all get hit with 'life' every so often and things get out of hand.  Of course with all of the grandkids we've had baptisms and birthday parties galore!  It's been fun though, DH and I say every day how blessed we are to have such a wonderful family and to have them living so close by! 

DH and I are thinking a lot about our near future now, figuring out what kind of place we want next and where we'd like to live. We will stay in the area, but we definitely need a bigger place!  Family gatherings are getting quite large and this place is a bit cramped for 19 people.  We are both in agreement that wherever we are, we'd love a big yard again, with a lot of the 'fun stuff' our old place had.  I didn't know if I'd feel much up to dreaming again after everything we went through a couple of years ago, but it feels good to know that I can and actually want to! 

Keep up the great work, keep posting so I can see what you all are up to, and take care of yourselves!

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Comment by Trudy/WI on May 22, 2012 at 10:20am

I can't say I totally stopped dreaming, I think part of it was just that it was the last thing on my mind for a while and we needed to do some healing after everything we experienced. 

I LOVE having our kids and their families close by!!  We lived near DH's parents and loved it, so did our kids.  I want to experience something similar to that again, but for now they're all reasonably close by that we see each other often. 

Comment by Jennie Steward on May 22, 2012 at 6:08am

I heard a song on the radio this morning..."keep on dreaming even if it breaks your heart"....were the words I heard.  Like Pam says...never stop dreaming.

So glad to hear that all has "settled down" with the illnesses.  It is wonderful to have family living close by isn't it?  All of my children live within 1 mile of me...I cannot imagine it any other way!  God bless.

Comment by Pam/NY on May 22, 2012 at 4:14am

It's good to see your post...sounds like the family keeps you very busy. Good to hear your quilting business is growing. Never stop dreaming....

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