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Earlier this month I posted about trying to make a circle larger than the plates I have on the shelf. The answer was the yard stick with a twist. My other half suggested getting a yard stick and drilling holes for the size of the circles I wanted. This of course lead to the discussion of adding the seam allowance ect, ect. Ok I got the yard stick, he went camping. Because of the injury to my shoulder, the yard stick sat on the table. He has now returned and eyed the yard stick all evening. A brick does not need to fall on this mans' head. He came in tonight and made that remark "I suppose you want me to drill the holes." I simply smiled. He knew the answer. I still can't get much use out of the arm, although it has improved greatly, so I showed him where I wanted the holes. It took a little more explaining as to why I wanted them every quarter inch and why I needed them across the yard stick. Now I can make any size circle with a seam allowance. If I could scan the stick I could explain better. Trust me it worked for me.
As for the shoulder, I saw the dr. today and he asked if I would see and orthopedic surgeons. That one is still in debate. I see so many people who say that it did wonders for their joint or it totally screwed everything up. I like my arm, I've had it all my life!!!! I need my arm, not only for doing everyday things, it's also a major component in my job. It does take two hands to run a register and bag groceries, not to mention making my quilts. I have another two weeks light duty and another visit with the dr. before I decide.

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Comment by scroogie/MD on July 21, 2009 at 11:17am
If you go to the orthopedic dr. just make sure its one that you like. I got sent to one about my back several years ago and he was great. Personality wise too.
Comment by Carol Wadkins on July 21, 2009 at 7:49am
My S O was sent to an ortho about his shoulder. He checked him out and in the end, besides giving him some pain med. He gave him certain exerises to do for a certain amount of time. It really did help him and he only seems to have a twinge now and then, if he does something extreme with the arm.
Good luck to you. Seems that the best thing is to go and then decide if that's the route you wish to take or not................
Comment by Debbie Snyder/WA on July 21, 2009 at 7:42am
great idea. Sure beats using string and marking pens. (the string always seem to stretch) Take care of that arm.

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