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I'm a costumer typically for stage and renaissance fairs.  Here are some web serials that I got to do the costumer.

This is the 3rd episode out of 6 and it really is rolling very tight right now.  This is based on an audience participation play that we have been producing in Hollywood for the last 10 years called Dungeon Master (www.the-dungeonmaster.com).   The stage show is like playing a D&D style game and the actors are all of the players in the fantasy world. We pull 6 members out of the audience (they pre-entered characters and actually WANT to get onto stage) and they go on an adventure trying to solve a puzzle or complete a deed

I've been making costumes for this show forever.  This year we added an actress to the cast who spirited us into starting a web serial and here is the result!  The really cool part is the now I too have an IMDB page because I'm in the credits!  THAT makes breaking over a dozen needles on that leather elf vest worth the effort LOL.  With any luck next season we will use some of my horses and my donkey in those episodes.  Note: You won't catch me in front of the camera by choice.

My husband has been playing in this show forever back to it's original incarnation in the early 80's in Chicago.  So when it opened up out here in L.A. we immediatly dragged everyone we knew and will that was just ten quick years ago.   When I see my costumes having a life on stage it is such a great warm fuzzy!  I had a quilt made up of rabbit skins as one of the props but I haven't seen it in a while...wonder where it crawled off to?

So if you happen to know anyone who enjoys fantasy role playing games please pass them this YouTube...  Please if you like it make sure to rate it on YouTube as well.  It will help with our getting corporate sponsors in the future. 




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