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Halloween is over and the Christmas ads are already airing on TV. Amazing how it seems to get earlier and earlier each year. I think we're doing Thanksgiving at DBIL's home with his family and my MIL. Always a fun day but, with dementia, dealing with DMIL can be difficult. I think we have a lot to be Thankful for this year:

  • Even though I've been unable to find employment since I was let go in April, I'm Thankful that we can get by without my income.
  • While we haven't been able to spend as much time with our horses this year due to weather and economics, I'm Thankful for the peace they bring to my soul.
  • We lost two dogs this year but, I'm Thankful that they both went peacefully without pain.
  • Even though I needed another cat like I needed another hole in the head, I'm Thankful that my DD brought me Tigger. He's an older cat that loves to snuggle with me.
  • While I miss having the extra dollars that my income brought in, I'm Thankful that I've still been able to put good food on the table and keep my quilting stash at the same level :-)
  • Even through the loss of the medical insurance that I carried, I'm Thankful that we still have our Military Medical. 

Unfortunately, Christmas isn't as exciting and happy as it used to be - for me, at least. In 1998, I lost my mom on December 19th and she was buried on December 23rd. She had been wrapping gifts on the 17th when she suffered a massive cerebral hemorrage (sp). So, the holiday just isn't what it used to be; but, life goes on.

This year I will be making the majority of the gifts I'm giving. Grand God-son's are Pittsburgh Steelers & Baltimore Ravens fans so they are getting travel pillows and full-size pillowcases. I'm also making quilted bags in assorted sizes for several young ladies on my list. My lovely daughter will also be receiving Ohio State University pillowcases - Heaven only knows where she got her interest in sports as neither her father nor I care about it. She's a counted cross stitch person where I would rather be drawn & quartered than do that! So, I've picked up some various sizes of cloth, unusual threads, and other miscellaneous accessories for her. DH & I are giving ourselves some remodeling items for the kitchen. I am thankful that he enjoys cooking - much more so than I do! I have a few special items for friends to make and am undecided on my 84 yr old MIL - she's so picky! The only thing she has ever NOT returned from me is the lap quilt I made her 2 yrs ago and grocery gift certificates so, that's probably what she'll get again this year. Heaven knows she doesn't need "stuff".

Until next time...

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Comment by Sheila Craft on November 14, 2013 at 7:59am

No, Janet, she wouldn't. With dementia, she's no longer able to drive. Yes, she's always been a difficult person to shop for. She just doesn't appreciate what people do for her - never has, never will, I guess. It's a sad way to live life, for sure. One year, I designed a T-shirt for my DFIL that he absolutely loved but, she gave it back to me because she didn't like it. She can be so thoughtless and even hateful at times. You could have knocked me over with a feather when she said she loved the lap quilt! 

Comment by Janet/MO on November 14, 2013 at 7:47am

Sheila, I really enjoyed reading your post.  I do find it sad, though, that over the years your MIL would give you back gifts you had given her.  Would she use restaurant gift cards?  If so, that might be another option.

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