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I wouldn't call it a rude awakening but come on its my day off work.  DD sent me a text message this am telling me she was having contractions and that she was going to take a bath to see if they stopped.  I think about this as I'm having my morning cup of coffee and prying my eyes open.  Yesterday we went to the mall after her Doctor appointment to do some shopping and lunch.  They have switched her blood thinners and told her to go walking swimming whatever to induce labor, she is good to go with delivery of baby Aiden.  I of course bought a few baby things that she didn't get at her baby shower and ended the afternoon with a tired momma to be.  The point of all that walking was to get labor started and she takes a bath to see if they stop? Only my daughter!

On a more quilty note I bought a brother PS 1500 sewing machine so that I could sit and quilt.  I was as many of you, ok everyone who read the posts knows, I was having problems with wearing the gloves and moving the fabric ect, ect.  I was on Amazon a while ago and ordered some finger tips that I thought might work. These are micro gel grips by Tippi. I have tried them the last couple of days and they work pretty darn good except that they are a bit larger than my fingers so they don't fit snug.  I will probably order the small size and see how that goes but I do like the way they fit and they have ridges that stick lightly to the fabric.  I did have to rinse them off as fabric fibers made them not quite so sticky.

I just thought if any one is interested that they can order a box of gelly fingers. They come in a box of ten. The medium size that I ordered fit my thumb and index finger well enough. I hope that the small size will fit the rest of the fingers and I should be good for a while with these.

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Comment by Carol Wadkins on February 7, 2013 at 8:49am

Cute fingers, glad to hear they are working, something I have to look into!

Congrats soon, hopefully! Can't wait to hear!!

Comment by Barbara Graham on February 7, 2013 at 8:33am

I busted a gut laughing at your comment about daughter soaking in the bath to stop the labor you're trying to start! I hope she is in labor now.

Comment by Debbie Snyder/WA on February 7, 2013 at 7:28am

YIKES!  I remember those days....crossed fingers...and praying for all to go well.

Love your new manicure....give "tips" a new name  lol

Comment by Shannon, ON on February 6, 2013 at 9:50am

fingers crossed...await the news!!

Comment by B J Elder/WA on February 6, 2013 at 9:34am

Ooooh -- sounds like we'll have news of an arrival soon (despite the warm bath, LOL).  I do hope delivery goes GREAT.  

Those 'fingers' look and sound really interesting. Glad they are working for you.

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