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I'm dawdling getting my next quilt started.  I have the sketch ready to be blown up at the copy shop.  Cash is so tight right now that it just feels indulgent to start on this piece.  I'm going to be making 2 copies of the same quilt, the first will be going to auctioned for Alzheimers at a convention in a few weeks. 

The design is of an orangutan, a character from the Terry Pratchatt "Discworld" fantasy series.  The orangutan had previously been a human librarian wizard.  He was turned into an orangutan by accident but found that he preferred to retain that form it makes getting up into the stacks far easier.

I've been studying orangutans and their fate is just heart breaking.  We humans all for the pursuit of MORE consumables wipe out whole environments.  I've never been partial to apes but I have seen how lovely these creatures are and it is so sad.  Most likely these emotions are what are preventing me from attacking the project. 

I've ordered hay to be delivered tomorrow, that broke the bank.  Because of the RIDICULOUS government funded ethanol industry farmland that would have grown hay has been growing corn.  This limits the availability of hay so the price rises.  I've already sold one of the horses and started to feed 1/3 of their ration as Bermuda Hay. Tomorrow afternoon I have a friend coming out to ride with me so they will at least pay for themselves in entertaining me LOL. 

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Comment by Laurie on June 11, 2011 at 6:24pm
I've heard others say it makes no sense to grow corn for fuel when we have so many people without enough food.....guess that limits animals food too.  Should use the oil in reserve and eat the corn.  Can't eat the oil nor anything made from it.

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