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The day was pretty much enjoyable and we did not get the rain that was promised. On our way to Sunday brunch we were detoured down a back road (where an estate sale was located it turned that we went to after eating) due to a fatal motor vehicle accident. A motorcycle rider was killed and his bike cut in half by a truck that pulled out in front of him. They had the road closed for hours. Where the accident happened, drivers tend not to look before pulling out into traffic and there have been some really nasty accidents there. This is the first fatality. I feel sorry for the families of both the victim and the driver that caused it. He is going to have nightmares for the rest of his life due to that. I don't know if both people involved were young, old or what. Will have to wait to see what the paper has in the morning.

On the way home from our sunday brunch, we stopped at an estate sale where I picked up a cute handmade basket, a 1940/50's gravy/soup taureen that looks like milkglass but says made in Japan. The made in Japan is actually a part of the bottom of the bowl and not just stamped or inked onto it. Also picked up a sewing cabinet, according to inside bill of sale dates to 1945/50, that was loaded with everything one could imagine. The machine that fit in there was long gone; however, with a few adjustments and creating a shelf for my non-embroidery machine to sit on it will work out great. Has 1 deep draw with a slider, and two smaller drawers, one contains a bobbin/thread holder. The drawers are tongue in grove or dove tail joints. It is real wood and appears to be oak. Needs a good cleaning but will work great. A lot smaller than the desk that the machine is sitting on now and is more the proper height, once I put the proper chair there. Went through all the stuff in the drawers and got rid of a lot of dry rotted thread (some still had price sticker of 10 cents for large spool), polyester thread and dryed out pieces of elastic.

After going through everything, found some lovely old buttons, crochet hooks, hem clips, snaps, needles, lots of old "wooden" sewing thread spool, many with thread still on them and a few that still have the wrappers, laces, an old wooden "darning" bob (looks like a maracca), some patterns for crochet items and some old fashioned blouses, which I like. I paid $30 for the sewing table, but know if I were to get it at the local antique shop I would have had to pay $150 or more and it would not have been in as good a condition.

I also came across the owners manual for National 975 Sewing machine with built in "practical" stitches and stretch stitches. I've never heard of a National so if anyone has or has this gem of a machine and needs a sewing manual, let me know.

Well, need to get some homework done and feed the hubby. Hope all have a wonderful day.

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Comment by Terry F on September 4, 2011 at 7:35pm

Nice find!  Those old wooden thread spools can make neat Knobs on a sewing room dresser or be put on a board or hung directly on the wall to hang things on.

So sorry for the biker tho.  Such an unnecessary tragedy.

Comment by Terri D. on September 4, 2011 at 7:11pm
My only complaint about the cabinet is that the sewing machine was no longer attached :( Haven't a clue where it went or how they would have operated it as it was not controlled by a foot pedal but by a knee switch
Comment by Laurie on September 4, 2011 at 6:58pm

Driving a semi coast to coast, and on the road at least 330 days out of the year, we see alot of bad wrecks.  Sometimes backed up for hours and sometimes they are able to detour traffic.  I have only seen one actually happen.  My heart fills with compassion for the families involved.

I bought my treadle sewing machine from e-bay. When we went to pick it up, the lady said she was glad it was going to someone who would appreciate it. 

Finds like yours are a treasure.  Tho the thread was rotten and elastic dried out, still gives you some insight on what colors she liked and maybe other insight about her.

Comment by ann/LA on September 4, 2011 at 5:28pm
Think of the Lady that sewing cabinet belonged to all her sewing treaeures she had and used and saved to use another day sad that no one in her family wanted it.But thank goodness  a sewer ended up with it and well love and use it injoy.
Comment by B J Elder/WA on September 4, 2011 at 4:27pm
Sounds like you got some real treasures and a great sewing cabinet/table for you!  How fun.

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