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Hi! Almost 4 years ago, I was told by my lawyer to get off the computer.  For some of you who do remember me, might remember when my mom had broke her leg.  Well, that was what had the other lawyers, who I was going after, all crazy.  They wanted to make a big deal, over my going down to care for my mom.  So that is why I wasn't here.  The other lawyers also took pictures that I had on here, and were trying to use them against me.  My lawyer took me off the computer completely for a long while.  7 LONG years and its finally over!   I got a settlement.... and thrilled its over.  I am no better than before... but not any worse either which is great!!!!!! 

I have wanted to stop in before this, yet I have BIG wonderful news for those who remember my son Jeff.  Well, after his wife and him have been together 16 years.  They found out they are having a baby!  In fact this baby is a "Miracle Baby".   They had asked Jeff way back when he had finished with having cancer, 18 years old... he was founded with cancer when he was 8 months old.  If he wanted to see if he could have children.  Jeff said, no I'd rather not.    Well, when Jeff had his Kidney operation, and he has been so healthy for his first time in his life.  There was a baby made, and God has blessed us once again. ( I never thought they would ever have kids.) Therefore, you must know I am so excited, happy, and the first due date was October 14th 2013. Then changed to November 14th 2013, then changed again... to November 6th.  I am sticking with the first date LOL.!!!   I am having a baby shower September 21st.   So even though I am back, I will be really back after this shower. LOL   So much to do.  Oh by the way, Jeff is having a son!    His name is Chase Gammons... after Jeff chasing for the weather channel!     

Kersten, is so excited!   They have a son already JJ, who was a child Kersten had.... when she and Jeff were apart way back years ago.  JJ, is 13 years old.   Big age difference with the baby.. yet this is America!!! This blessing is from God... and everyone in our family is so excited! The Daddy to be is so happy!  It tickles me so much to see them getting ready for the baby.  

Jeff, was shocked by the price!  LOL   Jeff is now 39 years old... and having his first child!  He is doing so well with his health!    Now, I shall drop in from time to time... but I am sewing, crocheting, and just sort of a crazy lady these days. LOL   So much to do!  I want this baby shower to be great!  Many are coming too!   

So.... I have so many other things to chat about... and I am back!   After the 21st... then I will be really back.  

Have a wonderful evening everyone

Hugs Morgan oxoxoxoxo     P.S.  I missed you all so much!   

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Comment by Irene Gallway on September 24, 2013 at 4:28am

Morgan, so nice to hear from you again.  Sounds like the bad things are behind you and great things are happening.  Welcome back.

Comment by Linda "Sue" Robertson, TN on September 9, 2013 at 9:43pm

Morgan this is the best news and I am so excited for all of you.  You all needed this special blessing coming your way!!!!  Glad you are back big time!!!!

Comment by June Johnson/Wi on August 31, 2013 at 8:55pm

So great to hear from you again, Morgan.  And, congratulations on the bundle on the way.

Comment by Terry F on August 31, 2013 at 3:57pm

It's great to have you back Morgan.  I do remember you and your son Jeff, what happy news you bring!  I hope we hear from you often now - or at least after the shower!  Welcome back!

Comment by B J Elder/WA on August 31, 2013 at 2:40pm

So good to see your smiling face here again my friend.  What a fun shower that will be for everyone. So happy that life can get back to normal after so many years. You did great hanging in there!

Comment by Sue S. / OR on August 31, 2013 at 12:36pm
Morgan, Welcome back! You crossed my mind the other day and I wondered how everything was with you. Double congratulations to you! A grand baby and the lawsuit being settled! I hope you post pictures of the new one after his arrival! Such an exciting time....enjoy!
Comment by Connie/KS on August 31, 2013 at 11:14am

Of course we remember you.....you were one of my first friends when I came to QWU.  Glad things are settling down in one area of your life and getting busier in a much happier time. Glad to have you back and will be looking forward to seeing you here again!

Comment by Shannon, ON on August 31, 2013 at 10:16am

certainly do remember you and your lung issues. i hope that is all settled for good and you got some good compensation and have good medical follow up as well. the baby news is the icing on the cake, how wonderful. i had my first at 37 so he is still a baby himself in my eyes. i hope you can all put the "badness" behind you and enjoy this new wonderful addition to the family along with JJ, who must be exited too. i know lots of people with older kids who have a new one. a life change but a wonderful one!! blessings.

Comment by Barbara Graham on August 31, 2013 at 9:33am

I'm so glad to see you back after your extended lawsuit. Congratulations on the new baby! Your son will probably be shocked at how fast a tiny baby, and goes through diapers.

Comment by ranchmom/OR on August 31, 2013 at 9:18am

Congratulations on the new grandbaby! How exciting!

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