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Got a new puppy for christmas. she's a beagle. And she full of energy. I'm watching her pull everything she can reach off my coffee table. She's adorable but fisky. any suggestion on how to calm her. and she also likes to nibble on things especially Me. She thinks I'm her person Chew Toy! HELPPPPP!

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Comment by Linda Richards/N. Ontario on January 23, 2010 at 9:47pm
All I can say Linda is train her now!!! Say No and make it stick and be consistent. You will not regret it. It is like training a child.
Comment by MaryAgnes/NYC on January 22, 2010 at 5:18pm
My puppy is 11 months old today. What a wild ride it's been. Have you read the Monks of New Skete's book on raising a puppy? It's fabulous. I've also got Puppys for Dummies but the Monks is much better. It deals with all the problems you mentioned. Don't be afraid of a crate. They really work. I got a playpen so puppy is contained when I leave but in a space he can move around in. Good luck and enjoy.
Comment by Terry F on January 22, 2010 at 3:59pm
I think that you will have to "puppy proof" the house, as you would for a toddler. Playing with her and walking her will tire her out, making her take nice, long naps. When she chews on inappropriate items (you included), say no and immediately replace the no-no with a tempting puppy chew toy. Those knotted ropes are good, and our dogs still have and chew on Nylabones. There is also a cone shaped toy called a "kong". They are pretty tough and you can fill the opening with peanut butter and a few snacks; if you freeze it before "serving", it will keep puppy busy longer and feel good on their gums. Our dogs, ages 10, 6, & 4 yrs., all have crates and LOVE them. At their ages they are not often locked in them, but often nap and take their treats and toys into them. You've gotten some helpful advice on here, Good Luck!
Comment by ellie on January 22, 2010 at 5:43am
one more thought -- on the chewing... what worked for us with Mickey... if he would chew something that he shouldn't a firm no (with a wagging finger) and then give him the chew toy. (Limit the chew toys till he knows the difference between what he can and cannot chew, too many chew toys may confuse him because then 'everything can be chewed') You have all the time in the world to reintroduce toys to him, when he can handle them all. (love him to pieces but remind him that he is at the 'bottom' of the family "pack" -- and you will have a good dog! If spoiled -- the dog will think of himself as more important than the kids/grandkids/or any visitors.... and this, sometimes, makes for a misbehaving dog....
Comment by Becky Wilson on January 22, 2010 at 5:29am
Potty training your puppy can be easy if you have the time. We use a bell, hang it on one door and only use this door for potty breaks, (ever time it rings even in play you take the puppy out). Take them to the same spot each time and tell them what you want them to do wait................ then give small treat. If they don't go,crate puppy for 10 minutes then try again. You will have to ring it at first to give the puppy the idea but this works you can train your puppy in a weekend if everyone in the house sticks to the same training. We trained 3 puppy just before christmas one weekend and with 2 grandkids in the house.
Comment by linda G Shell TN on January 21, 2010 at 8:51pm
Thanks for all the great info. Missy already has a place in my heart. She's 10 wks old. and she already knows the word sit. I tried getting her to do it but she was too hiper. and I was playing around with her and told her to sit and she did. She has lots of toys a padded she does great with her cage training no accidents. potty traings going pretty good. and she has a petty little choker with diamonds on it ( not real ) LOL. And guess who bought it. DH. She weighs 5lbs now she weighed 21/2 when we got her right befor christmas. She sleeps on the couch with me and she's an angel. she sleeps in the crook of my arm. I know I'm babbling on, but I've waited 5 yrs for her. will take pictures soon.
Comment by Carol Vickers/OH on January 21, 2010 at 4:14pm
A wire crate was our salvation when my son got a cocker spaniel puppy. She learned to love it.....great security for her. Often times we would wonder where she had gotten to and would find her asleep in her crate (her room) with the door wide open but that's where she wanted to be.
Comment by Carolyn Propst/Central Florida on January 21, 2010 at 2:00pm
My sons two beagles are not puppies anymore but they are well crate trained and always get a treat for going into the crate when my son is leaving. There's no "surprises" when you return that way. They are lovable and I miss them.
Comment by ellie on January 21, 2010 at 9:19am
One thing that was my saving grace with our pup was we 'crate' trained him... His crate is his "den"... and his safe spot now. So, with potty training it was easy.... straight from the crate (after lock down) and outside.... then some time to be 'free'... then out. .... then crate etc...
Pups need sleep too.... and I found that when he was little and was always stimulated...he got agitated. His crate is central in the house, and from there he can see everything (it's a wire one, not a plastic one) and yet it's his space... In fact, Mickey loves his crate so much, he'll go there when he is scared (ie big noise, or vacuum cleaner) and at night I just say 'bed time' and he gets up and walks into his crate! For me.. it was the best thing ever to crate him, as he never got into the habit of chewing on things or wrecking things. He's very social and loves to be around us all the time, so the crate has become his 'safe spot' -- for whatever reason. Good luck! (ps... we also asked our vet for tips on training which were great!!)
Comment by Sue S. / OR on January 21, 2010 at 9:05am
Linda, Another suggestion on the potty training that worked wonders with our little Pomeranian is to give your pup treats after every successful outside potty episode. We keep her treat container by the back door and she comes in jumping and dancing after she potties. Good Luck!

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