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High Fiber—Cleaning and Keeping Clean

I knew you'd rather see this than watch me washing floors:


Those are my Banana-oat Waffles. I've shared the recipe before. It's a good use for bananas that have passed their prime.


Now that I have your attention, here's a rundown of my week, other than making waffles.


The Doll's Storybook was scheduled through the time we were gone on our trip, but I had another one in the works. I needed to be written, though, and then photos taken. It's called The Cruise That Didn't Happen. In it, Veronika was going to go on a cruise to the Bahamas before a hurricane destroyed her dream.


Of course, she was disappointed, but Veronika being Veronika, she was philosophical about it. The dolls talk about how to deal with negative emotions and Mandy gives a short lesson on how hurricanes form. I had to clean up my fiber studio before I could take photos.


I'll be cleaning up the knitting docket soon. I'm coming to the end of my "Sunshine in the Rain Shawlette" after all the extra knitting time during our trip. Just one more pattern repeat to go, the bind-off and blocking. I could be wearing it this week.

Friday was the Climate Strike, and our little town of Bend put in a good showing with "hundreds" of people showing up, according to an article in the Bend Bulletin. The local event was run mostly by high school students, and the participants were predominantly young people, but we noticed a lot of other grandparents turned up. It was a good reminder to be good stewards of Mother Earth.


After the demonstration, we stopped in at the Bend Brewing Company for a beer.


On Saturday, I had a visit with my friend Eevi, who came down from Tualatin with her parents to visit her aunt for the weekend. I picked her up and we went to BJ's Quilt Basket. We met online at the Knit Picks Knitting Community about 2009 (?) and stayed in touch after the Knitting Community folded (due to the assault by spammers), primarily through Facebook and Ravelry's The Frog Prince and His Knitting Community Orphans group.

We went to the Old Mill District for a stroll and stopped in at Flat Bread Pizza for lunch, where our wait person took this photo.



After lunch, we went back to Eevi's aunt's home and picked up her dad, before coming to my house for coffee and pulla, an old Finnish tradition. Eevi's dad is Finnish, so we had lots to chat about dealing mostly with Finnish food and our favorite dishes.


Sunday I got to sing with the new choir for the first time, having missed the choir's first time to sing for the new year last week. We have a few new members with the start of the new year after being off for the summer. It was fun singing with a larger group. On Wednesday we had cleaned up the pieces we were singing, so they went pretty well. I think everyone was pleased.


In other news, Zachary has lost his third tooth in nine days. At this rate, he'll need some choppers soon. He says that his doll Zachary Jr. has also lost some teeth, although it doesn't show. The Tooth Fairy had to reward the doll, too. I guess you could say the two Zachary boys cleaned up, money-wise.



The Oregon grandkids participated in a 5K run/walk/skip/jump event on Saturday to raise money for local schools. It was put on by Reed College with a number of sponsors. They were joined by their cousin and everyone's parents. The boys are, from left, Soren, Leo and Johan. Leo's parents are in the middle.



The cast of The Doll's Storybook will be welcoming a new member this week if all goes well. We needed a second boy, so this doll (called Emilia) will get a haircut and become Emil. I'm going to try to do the haircut on my own this time. I hope it will look neat and tidy when I'm done, Otherwise I will have to order him a wig. If he's ready, he will be introduced this week, as he's due to arrive on Wednesday. I think this face will work well as a boy.


He had already left Los Angeles when I got up yesterday morning, so I'm sure he will arrive this week, even if there is a delay.

What's on my needles: "Sunshine in the Rain," a shawlette from this pattern. Also still making some dishcloths to have something mindless to work on.

What's on my sewing machine: Clothes for Emil.

What's in my hoop: Still the Whole Cloth Quilt, but no progress this week.

What's in The Doll's Storybook: The Cruise That Didn't Happen.


What's on my iPad/iPhone: Still A Scandal in Battersea by Mercedes Lackey. Not much progress this week.


What's in my wine glass: Phigment Red Wine Bland 2017 vintage from the Notso Wine Company. Lovely!

What's my tip of the week: You don't have to buy those expensive single-use Swiffer pads for your Swiffer (if you have one). You can make a reusable one. It's a simple knitting project. There are a lot of different designs available, but this is the one I like. Just spray on your choice of cleaners that doesn't need rinsing, or dip the Swiffer into the solution, and you're ready to go. When you're done, you can throw it into the laundry or wash it by hand, if you need to use it again. I plan on having several, so I can try to keep my floor clean, a never-ending job.




It takes 60-70 yards of cotton worsted yarn, such as Sugar 'n Cream, which also is good for dish cloths.


Note: This blog post was produced on the iPad and the MacBook, using the iPhone for some photos and some photo processing. No other computer was used in any stage of composition or posting, and no Windows were opened, waited for, cleaned or broken. No animals or dolls were harmed during the production of this blog post.

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Comment by Peggy Stuart on September 30, 2019 at 10:07am

Joanna, I love Charlene Schurch's books, Sensational Knitted Socks (and the sequel). She tells you how to make any size sock in any gauge with a variety of motifs.

If you're ready to branch out and go down from three needles to two circulars, Cat Bordhi's book Socks Soar on Two Circular Needles. If you find you like the method, Charlene Schurch's book include directions for using two circulars also.

Comment by Joanna liguz on September 29, 2019 at 6:39pm

Peggy,,hi there...What's a good book to get or on the internet for knitting socks...? I have "sockupied by anne Merrow,,,but seems like she doesn't give me details like - taking your stitches and moving them to the other needles. and they don't come out number wise at the end...either I have too many stitches..or less than I'm suposto have--- I'm doing  4 dpns   Please help...any suggestion will be helpful...thanks

Comment by Peggy Stuart on September 23, 2019 at 11:51am

Janet, I agree completely! I don't know why this company doesn't make boys in this line of dolls, other than that they would have to redesign the doll. I need them for the knee and elbow joints and their realistic faces. However, the haircut seems to work as long as the face is unisex enough. The dolls have the beginnings of feminine shaping, but I got around that by making Billy a fleece corset to fill out the area between the waist and the chest. It seems to work.

Irene, I like the idea of using an old terry cloth towel. Some of the knitted pads have elastic to hold the pad on instead of the knitted-in bobbles that get pushed into the holes. It looks like not all of the Swiffers have those holes. I'm sure you could make it work. The yarn I use is cotton. I wouldn't use wool, but there's no need for it to be knitted.

Comment by Irene Gallway on September 23, 2019 at 11:14am

Great post as always. Concerning the Swiffer would taking a piece out of an old sweater work? I could serge it to keep it from raveling. Or would an old terry towel work? I have a Swiffer but like you said it gets expensive using the wet pads for it.

Comment by Janet/MO on September 23, 2019 at 11:04am

Fun blog.  It sure would be nice if there were more boy dolls available.  Even little girls like to play like they have an entire family.  

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