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Good morning, Jesus. I'm homesick. I miss my house, my neighbors, and just being able to relax in my own surroundings. Thank you for the blessings of yesterday, dear Jesus. You are so awesome! AmenI

I want to go home! But I have some obligations here in Arizona that I must see complete first. First and formost the QCA/RWYS Luncheon next month. I am so looking forward to that. And Sheri is coming to town and I'm looking forward to getting together with her. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to the Expo with Maggie due to this respiratory infection I've had for the past week. I'm slowly recovering...still have a sore throat. Saw the vascular doctor the other day. I have neuropathy in my toes which is due to the nerve damage from the accident. The swelling in my feet and legs is from the lymphodema...also from the damage caused by the accident. My feet turning blue is another ball game altogether and most likely hereditary. I have to go for testing on Monday and Wednesday and will get the results on Wednesday after that test. The doctor has given two possibilities and either way I will not be happy. Depending which diagnosis she gives may determine whether I have to go home immediately or not. One of the diagnosis is serious. Please keep me in your prayers.

My caregiver and the doctor has said that I need an adjustable bed when I go home. So I've been looking online at adjustable beds....YIKES!!! Do you know how much they cost? Between $1,000 and $3,000!!!!!! Medicare will pay for a simple crank style with foam mattress. I am unable to do a crank style and foam mattresses release gases after a while. So that is not an option for me. I was not going to get any Medicare benefits on this. Yesterday morning I was talking with my neighbor and she said to look no farther. They had a practically new adjustable bed in their upstairs bedroom that I could have. It has all the bells and whistles likes remote control, wave action, vibrate, adjustable head/legs, and it's twin size like I wanted. I just have to find 3 strong guys to move it. It just so happens my other neighbors are guys who for a home cooked meal will probably help out. What a blessing I have received! Our God is an awesome God!

Another blessing I received yesterday....more photos of my little Indy. I can't wait to get home so I can bring him home. I haven't even held him yet and I love him so much!! My vet says he's adorable and a sweet little guy. I had her go over and check him out. She said he will make a great little service dog. Here's the newest photos of Indy...Isn't he a cutie??

I've started my block for the Round Robin. I almost forgot about it and it has to be done by Feb. 1. I will make the deadline. Last night I made the main part of the block. Now I want to add a border on it and embroider a Bible verse on it. The finished quilt top will go to my daughter-in-law, who has been a light of faith and helped me thru a bad summer last year. We have cried on each other's shoulders...long distance. She's in California and I'm in Ohio, but we're there for each other. We haven't been able to Skype since I've been in Arizona. I'm sure Joshua and Mila have grown since I last saw them.

Thank you for all the birthday fabrics. I joined 2 birthday clubs and I don't remember who is from which club. So after my birthday I will post a photo of all the fabrics together. So far most of them have been 30/40s...Yipee!! Perhaps I'll finally be able to make the Eleanor Burns sampler quilit from the "Egg Money" book. I like all the blocks and all the quilts in the book. So the easiest thing to do is make the sampler quilt. I've been collecting some 30/40's fabrics too, so I should be close to having enough.

Need to eat breakfast at least that's what my tummy is telling me. By then the alarm on my cell phone will go off the remind me to take my meds. Finally came up with a way to keep me on my toes about taking my meds. Believe me that alarm gets my attention!

Have a great day everyone! Hugs.

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Comment by Linda Koller on January 27, 2012 at 5:59am

Nichola, Congrats! You're going to be a grandma! Enjoy all the sewing! I was able to do that for the first 2 grandsons but none of the other 5 grands. Boohoo!  Yes young men away from home like home cooked meals and home made cookies. Hope to see photos of those new babies.

Hugs, Linda

Comment by Nicola/De on January 27, 2012 at 5:49am

Linda I am so sorry to hear about being homesick. I am thinking about you and glad to see that you posted here so we can help in our own way. I hope all goes well with your next dr appointments and the news is not so bad.

The new pictures of Indy are adorable and he will be a blessing to you.  What a blessing about the bed! Home cooked meals are always greatly appreciated by the men who will help move the bed, at least that is what I have found to be true! Men and there stomachs! 

Well it is also time for me to eat breakfast and get this day off from work to get working on my future granddaughters diaper bag, valances, crib skirt, etc..... My lovely daughter has enrolled my help in the sewing dept for the new arrivals bedroom set which I am sooooo glad to do!

Here's to a great day!!

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