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I may have gone around the bend...

I've decided that sence Pearl gets to stay and drive me nuts, first of all I am getting her fixed. (I couldn't begin to explain to my Vet's office why Pearl's father also became Pearls mate and fathered more puppies) So having settled that, I have also decided to repair my double wedding ring quilt, the one the little monsters have been clawing at. Surprizingly, I found the same material at Joann's this afternoon that I used some 20 years ago. While repairing said offending quilt I will add more batting for the little monsters in hopes that this will satisfy their need to claw at the quilt an make it puffy for them to sleep on. If not they may yet be relocated to another house!!!!! I couldn't find the blue that I used in the quilt but then it is a patch work quilt and it will bear a true patchwork in repairs. :) I am off to take a picture of the damage and when I've finished the repairs I will post my show and tell.

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Comment by Linda Richards/N. Ontario on April 9, 2010 at 6:51pm
If you have to relocate her, remember me, Kathy!!
Comment by Ruthann on April 9, 2010 at 8:00am
ha ha ha, feel for you, have 2 monster dogs too. some days want to wring their necks, other days are so sweet and cuddly. sounds like good idea, make the quilt all puffy for them,I have 2 dog bed baskets in the living room, one upstairs in sewing room and 2 in the office as they come to work with me, they have their own blankets in each, also have a blanket at end of the bed they sleep on as they have to be in our bed too at night.

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