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...or why it takes me so long to accomplish anything.  

I'm working on a long-overdue quilt back - piecing it from scraps, which seems to be the latest "thing" in the quilting world.  Hey, I'm all about saving money and using up scraps, which, in theory, is supposed to thin out one's stash.  However, for my somewhat Type A self, this requires me to exercise the creative side of my brain AND combine it with my  nemesis - math.  Both challenging.  So in my world, this is akin to making two quilt tops: one with a pattern I can follow, which is my preference (the top side), and one without (the back).    

More often than not, since I can't visualize things ahead of time, I put pieces together and then decide it doesn't look "quite" right, and only THEN I can visualize what I should have done differently.  The dilemma - to "unsew" and fix, or decide it is "good enough" for a just a quilt back and move on.  The over-thinking, Type A self says, "Redo it.  You'll never be satisfied with it until you do."  The more lazy (rebellious?) side says, "It is just a quilt back, for Pete's sake!  It's not an heirloom piece.  Let it go.  It is fine!"  That brings me to a standstill until I decide which inner voice is going to prevail.  See why I never get anything done?  


Can anyone else relate?  

PS:  This is all meant in fun.  I have actually finished some projects lately - most less than perfect and perfectly enjoyable.  I don't know why this particular quilt project is taking so long.  

We're having unseasonably warm weather for December.  I'm sure Christmas will be here before I know it!  Hope this finds all of you well.  I miss all the chatter that used to be so prevalent here.  However, I realize I'm one of the last few remaining holdouts who doesn't have facebook.  

And now I'd better get back to my quilt project.  I'm determined to get it done TODAY!

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Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE on December 16, 2017 at 5:20am

Oh sure, Joan, we could title it Quilt Procrastination 101:  Journalings of Crazy Quilters.  

A bestseller no doubt.  Do you suppose they'd forward our royalties (is that the right word?) to our padded cells?  

Comment by Joan on December 15, 2017 at 1:32pm

Oh my gosh!  P.Q., you ring my chimes!  Sounds so familiar; we should journal our inner quilt conversations and publish a book.  Well, not all the conversations....

Amen to the 20/20 rule.

And I'll drink to the brain not connected to anything.

Comment by Barbara Graham on December 11, 2017 at 4:16pm

There have been many of us struggling with the front vs the back argument. The quilt I made for my granddaughter had more arguments than answers. Now that I have sent to her, I can remember the front but can't remember what I finally ended up using for the back. Brain not connected to anything.

Comment by Carol Ann Hinton on December 6, 2017 at 4:06pm

Well, I don't have a Facebook page either, PQ!  I swing by here every once in awhile to see who has posted, and I'm always here on Monday mornings to read Peggy's latest blog.  I missed Pam in NY for so long, but I see she's back with us!  Yea! I hope some of the others rejoin us too!

Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE on December 6, 2017 at 8:44am

Janet,  I like the idea of scrappy backings, so I'll keep it up.  It works better for me if they are smaller quilts - like baby quilts.  :)  

Sharon - Thanks for the encouragement.  My Type A self did not win this mental argument.  I just did not want to take out the seam and add the piece I thought needed to go "there".  

Comment by Sharon Reeves on December 6, 2017 at 8:15am

Love reading all these posts about the quilt back. I, too, have used scraps for the backing and figured that it was just the back. But, I really do like them once they are finished. Some look like Dolly Partons, Coat of Many Colors and I do love them. Thanks for posting on what you go through when doing this back, PQ. It gets easier.

Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE on December 6, 2017 at 6:38am

...if they don't take the scissors to them first! :)  (M finds them fascinating, and so far, I've only found a few things cut.  Fortunately, they were not big issues - a string holding the key to a Singer case, and a couple of buttons cut off of a duvet cover.  Grma needs to do a better job child-proofing the house!  

Comment by Janet/MO on December 6, 2017 at 6:36am

I have often heard it said that we really don't want to make a perfect quilt (not that any of us could anyway) because we don't want them to look like they were made in a factory.  Even the quilts that win these huge awards at the big shows are not perfect.  They just have enough quilting on them to hide any of the imperfections. 

PQ, I'm happy you continued with the scrappy backing.  I suspect that if you continue to do that, you will like it more & more.  For one thing, with the high cost of fabric today, we really can't afford to waste any.  As I was hanging my Christmas quilts the other day I could sure tell the difference in the ones I made around 20 yrs ago with the more recent ones.  Now it is more difficult to cut the fabric on the straight of grain and the cost has almost doubled.  If this keeps up we are going to see more & more quilt stores close because people just won't be able to afford it. 

Comment by Pam/NY on December 6, 2017 at 6:26am

Barb, the 20/20 statement is perfect! 

I have not made a perfect quilt in so long...I wouldn't recognize it! I have always made my quilts reversible. 2 for 1...

At this time of year, we just have to get it done!!!

I'm sure PQ that those boys are going to find the imperfections! lol

Comment by Prairie Quilter Jan/NE on December 6, 2017 at 5:45am

Hope the top goes together well for you, Irene, so you can meet your deadline. I find that deadlines are a good motivator for me.  

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